View Full Version : A Fresh Year

07-22-2008, 07:58 PM
Lol, I wanted to make a RP topic, that okay? =]
So, its a new year at the camp, and new people need to arrive! So, heres a template to follow for your character, then start RPing.
Don't forget: its the begining of Summer, so you character is new!

RP Name: What's ya name??
Physical Discription: What do ya look like??
Personaliy: What is yhoou like?
Specialty Power: What can ya do?
Notes: Anything extra. Something random: pregnant, gay, domented...etc... lol

So, have fun!!!

RP Name: Faylinn
Physical Discription: Red, long hair. Short. Ice blue eyes, big smile. Pale skin color.
Personaliy: Nice, weird, shouty, excitable, different, space obsessed. Loud. Outspoken.
Specialty Power: Levitation // Telekinesis
Notes: Can go crazy and demented at times. Likes the idea of killing people xD