View Full Version : What MMOs are you with?

07-24-2008, 12:14 AM
i think it should be sticked. lol.

just put down every MMO you are with and a username. we could trade sometimes, or whatever.

um... im with an embarrisingly lot! yeah put anything else your with that you wanna share up.

Runescape(i never play like once every 2 months, i just give stuff away) Coleburnosky lv 70 , i lik cows, lv 30 lancerhawk lv6

neopets: oh god. its been so long i dont know.

bethesda softworks forums: {Squid pen}
guild wars: da sir gold
torn city: damaster6
brutal impact: damaster6
ratchet deadlocked online: Stupid cube 13 (look for a game called "gagstergunoflail" lol its supposed 2 be gangsters guns no flails, but it just really dosent fit.)