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07-24-2008, 12:33 AM
the awsomest text based mobster game is torn city! http://www.torncity.com/register.php?XID=641864
(go here to signup)

so whats this game got to offer? just look at this list!

train up in the gym to become strong, and even attack other players for exp and cash!

do one of many crimes like hacking the fbi, shoplifting, pickpoceting, or larceny!

get a job! with many benefits, this can defiently add to your gaming expirence.

buy new houses, and with work maybe even own your own private island!

start a company or gang!

go to war with other gangs!

try your luck at blackjack, slots, or even russian roulette!

race your car at betting matches!

travel to other countries for rare and exotic tems!

and at the end of your long first day, why not sit down and smoke a shot?

so wat are you waiting for? sign up today! contact me (damaster6) for money to start you out and beggining advice!