View Full Version : KotOR II Manual Request

07-26-2008, 08:15 AM
I live outside of the US and Europe, so I can't always find my preferred versions of games. Because of this, I had to buy the UK version of the game, though I would have preferred the US version - I'm very particular about that. (No offense to anyone, I'm just insane like that) My game is already heavily modded, including my dialog.tlk, so I can't install the patch for the fixed manual and just let the region thing slide (I've already tried restoring a backup I had - the patch just doesn't like me or something :xp:). Could someone send me the manual PDF from the US version? If I'm not supposed to be asking for something like this, or if I'm posting in the wrong section, sorry. Please don't :smash: me. That would be painful.