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07-29-2008, 04:41 AM
Here’s the basic pitch: I want a couple of modders to help me out with expanding the Black Vulkar Base Restoration that was done by DarthJebus05 and Seamhainn (I've already got Seamhainn's permission). I will need about two other helpers to ensure that the mod is done quickly and easily, and they will need to be skilled in various areas of scripting and file manipulation.

What is to be done:

At first glance, the mod is quite unpolished. Virtually every door needs to be bashed open, the footlockers are empty, and the level itself feels very…misplaced. What I propose is that this level is in fact the first level you come into from the sewers. It would make sense, since most of the people on this level don’t recognise you as an enemy, at least at first. The basic goal of this level would be to get to the level below and into the major area of the base.

There is ultimately only one way of doing this: gain access to the main control panel and activate the elevator. There are three ways of doing that:

1. Hack the door control panel, kill everyone inside and the extra guards that appear once you activate the elevator without proper authorisation (its hard, but doable, some DS points and average XP)
2. Do a deal with one of the mechanics so that he’ll go and activate the elevator for you (requires you to win a few games of pazzak and do an assassination mission for some DS points), this will involve the spice and some blackmail to get your hands on a access card since this mechanic’s one has been flagged
3. Disguise yourself as one of the mechanics (by breaking in to one of the dormitories), steal an access card [from the locker room, not the dormitories], bluff you way into the control deck and activate the elevator for yourself (LS points plus a nice XP bonus, since its quite hard – possible puzzle to open the locker room)

Other things that need to be done:

Ø The elevator needs a proper name
Ø Adequate XP for kills need to be given to the troops on the level
Ø The troops on the level need to be armed properly
Ø The mechanics in the cantina need dialogue
Ø Most of the dormitory rooms need to be sealed off permanently (since there are a lot of rooms that are completely empty) and/or used for another purpose
Ø The main control room door needs to be unopenable except from a console
Ø Dialogue for the main characters needs to be written
Ø Items need to be made (mechanic’s uniform) – possible reskin needed

Bear in mind that its been a while since I played Taris, so I may need a refresher course on the exact goings on in the Vulkar Base.

This shouldn’t be too hard, and it will provide another nice addition to Taris. If anyone has any contributions, that'd be great!

Gargoyle King
07-29-2008, 07:12 AM
After playing the restoration by Seamhainn i do agree with you that it could do with improving. For the empty rooms, items could be added into the vast empty footlockers and various NPCs could be added (alien; to provide VO's) in the empty rooms - with maybe a sidequest or two. It saves those rooms going to waste IMO. The main thing is to complete the unfinished quest with journal updates etc. as i thought Bioware made a good start on the module; but with the right modders this could become something worth adding to Taris (which is painfully boring as is IMO).