View Full Version : UniWS Causing Problems?

08-01-2008, 10:50 PM
Hello everyone. First time poster here on LucasForums. I recently won a new, pc version of KotOR on eBay. I ended up spending at least a week just trying to get it to run correctly, and then I started installing all the mods I had already written down. This is the first "real" modding experience I've had as EaW was just a joke with its XML files :p. Over the past couple of weeks I've come across these forums while researching, though the bulk of my downloads were on kotorfiles, and, in my travels of the web, I've been stumbling on endless claims insisting Holowan Laboratories is Grand Central to the KotOR modding community. I've been registered to Bioware's forums for several months, but, due to their stringent "no talking about anything modding" policies, I haven't felt very at home there. So, I have decided to defect to the prestigious Holowan Labs, if you will. While most of my issues have slowly ended up resolved, I do have one problem that I'm hoping to fully address here. I'm hoping I'm just stupid when it comes to modding and this will be an embarrassingly easy to resolve issue.

I am playing on a 22" widescreen, and, since Bioware hasn't bothered to add widescreen support for KotOR and I don't want to play with a fat jedi in squashed surroundings, I downloaded the UniWS fix by Wogg so I could play at my monitor's native resolution of 1680x1050. So far, I love how the game looks (much better than xbox). However, I've noticed a negative side effect of this. All of KotOR's movies are playing at a much lower resolution (I assume it must be 800x600) than the in-game resolution. The movies also tend to have continuous, lowered, framerates and occasionally skipping audio that can last for intervals of over ten seconds. Setting the resolution back to one of the game's standard resolutions seems to make things even worse in that, while the movies look better, they experience freezes on top of the aforementioned problems. I know my graphics card/system is not the cause of this because, before I implemented the widescreen fix, the movies were perfectly fine (albeit squashed, of course).

So, I come to the experts of Holowan Labs for assistance, assistance that Bioware's forums can't offer. I suspect most people with a widescreen monitor have at least tried the UniWS fix? Has anyone experienced this before? Did I install it improperly? Is there some way I can manually fix this? I'm open to all ideas and suggestions. Keep in mind, though, I'm a "consumer" of the modding community. I don't create mods, and the most complicated thing I've done is probably the uninstalation of Inyri's Male Head Pack -,-, so try not to get too fancy.

Thank you for your help, and, sorry if this was a little long? Guess I'll go poke around in one of those cantinas or...the Taris Tourist Board or whatever it was called :).