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08-03-2008, 03:23 AM
He drove his sword into the black-armored man, dropping the last of his enemies to the ground, dead. Looking up, he saw a cloaked figure concealed by mist, fleeing from him. He pulled his blade free and charged after the man, screaming his battle-cry as he passed through the mist. Then, suddenly, abruptly, the figure was gone, and the mists cleared before his eyes. He was in another place. This was not his home, and the Mists were now impassable.

He was trapped.

* * * * *

Ravenloft...the unknown realm. Few are even aware of it's existence. Even the Gods, powerful and wise, cannot find it and do not know it's name. Of the many thousands who have been taken by the Mists, only a bare handful have ever escaped it, and of those, only a few retain the courage and foolhardiness to speak of what happened there. But every day, the Mists appear somewhere else and take away someone, or a group of people. They vanish without a trace, and rarely are they ever heard from again on their home plane.

The Powers that rule Ravenloft draw a collection of pathetic mortals to their realm on this day, drawn from various planes, but all sent to the same Region, or Domain, of Ravenloft. What shall happen there is in their hands...

* * * * *

This RP is based directly off the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Ravenloft, a Gothic Horror setting. So, before we start this, I want to lay some ground rules.

1: Your character is in my, The DM's, hands. I'm not going to be sadistic about it, but Ravenloft is a pretty nightmarish place. The odds of you dying, or having worse things happen, is existant.


2: Anything goes, as long as you obey the standard rules of RP.

Character Sheet is pretty simple.


Age: (Over 16, below 70. And keep your age in mind when you're building the rest of your character.)


Race: (Standard D&D Fare. PM me if you want something odd.)

Abilities: (No limit on what you can do. I have confidence in the RPers of this community.)

Appearance: (Picture or Written)

Bio: (Personality and History)

After we get four players, we will begin. I'd prefer it if you were not all part of a pre-existing group, but some of you being friendly or at least acquainted would be fine with me.

Also, the guy at the top is just an anecdote of an arrival in Ravenloft. He will not be appearing.