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The year is 1,222 BBY, eight years after the SICTIS WAR'S end. The NEW SITH WAR is eight centuries in, and the galaxy has been greatly affected by the damage caused. DARK LORD OF THE SITH, BELIA DARZU, was recently poisoned by the MECROSA ORDER on the command of her fellow Sith Lord. Both sides of the war are all but scattered; Jedi and Sith are separated and diminished.

On the planet BESPIN, recent activity in BESPIN'S BOUNTY HUNTING CULT has been stirring. The company has received work from a strange client whose identity is unknown. The bounties that he sets are suspicious, but regardless to say, he pays well. The client's missions target Jedi, Sith, and local no-names. Threatened, the JEDI ORDER and the SITH AFFILIATION set out groups of their own to track down the client and stop the killings....

Rules of Play:

All rules and regulations of LF Role Playing apply.
All players wishing to enter must submit a completely filled out character sheet.
Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. No "txt tlk" or "l337 $P33K."
No godmodding: your character is not all powerful, and you do not have control over other characters. Ask for permission before controlling a character's actions or putting a character to death.
No creation of or assuming of super-technologies, abilities, or weapons beyond the reasonable scope of your character and not without approval through submission of your character’s bio to the GM.
Your commitment to the other players is to read the thread at least once per week and respond when your character(s) have been TAGGED accordingly. Please respond in a timely fashion to your pms as well, with regard to requests from your fellow RPGers. This is not particularly enforceable but is a matter of personal commitment, which we ask you consider before entering the game. Frequencies of more than 3 failures to respond within a 2 week period to a TAG will result in relinquishing control of the character failing to answer the TAG.
Disputes are to be reconciled in a gentlemanly and amicable fashion. Absolutely no public posting of grievances will be allowed. Often such postings are regretted, contribute little to solving problems, and are disruptive to the game. If solutions cannot be reached between players, then you must make an appeal to the GM.

Role Play Specific:

Your main character must be a part of one of the factions provided below.
You may have two minor characters that do not consist of being a part of any of the factions (such as droids, locals, etc.).
You must follow the timeline that I have provided. The year is 1,222 BBY, and the millennium of the New Sith Wars can be viewed here (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Timeline).
There is no Dark Lord of the Sith at this point, nor is there a Jedi leader.


Jedi: The Jedi will contain a small group of five players. Each of the group are highly trained in the Jedi teachings, and are well prepared for such a mission. The Jedis' objective is to find out the anonymous source, FIGURE OUT HIS INTENTIONS, and take him into custody. This can be accomplished by interrogating bounty hunters, and by other means.

Sith: The Sith will contain a small group of three players. Each of the group are ultimately trained in the Sith teachings, and are well prepared for such a mission. The Siths' objective is to find out the anonymous source, and put an end to them by any means necessary. This can be accomplished by interrogating bounty hunters, and by other means.

Bounty Hunters: The bounty hunters will contain a group of unlimited players. Each of the group are provided with information on their bounty to be well-prepared for their mission. Each bounty hunter works for a company known as Bespin's Bounty Hunting Cult. While a large amount of percentage of the reward goes straight to the company, the individual who fulfilled the bounty gets a small portion. The bounty hunters' objective is to complete ALL of the bounties provided by the anonymous source. I will be playing the bounties given out.

Bounty hunters are the main focus of this RPG. Each bounty hunter will be given one thousand coins to start out with. If you're the one to complete a certain bounty, then you'll be rewarded with more coins (which you'll need to buy items and materials needed for further missions), and possibly other things. There is a shop which I control the shop. The shop will be updated in the role play thread every time a new bounty is set. Weapons from the shop are needed to complete missions successfully.

Character List:

???: KotO[REvan]
Ameo Crex (BBHC Owner): KotO[REvan]



Character Sheet:

For Jedi/Sith:


Force Powers:


For Bounty Hunters:


Force Sensitive (Yes or No):

Personal Ship Name:
*-Class: BESPIN STARTER RANKS MODEL 00-44-57-32-11-25-62-57
*-Exterior Description: Old, worn-out, gray outside with loose metal scraps
*-Interior Description: Old, worn-out, hard furniture, and little space
*-Crew Members: None
*-Hyperspace Capability: Minimum

Sections marked with *: YOU CANNOT CHANGE!

You can get new equipment through the shop! Yes, you NEED new ships, weapons, and armor eventually! More old ships will not be able to take you as far as more modern models, which means you will not be able to earn money!

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