View Full Version : Cut content (partly) mod

08-04-2008, 05:15 PM
Would it be possible to make a mod that adds these items to Forces of Corruption?


*Kyle Katarn


*Mara Jade
*Force Adepts


*More piracy missions

Galactic Conquest:

*Pirates and Hutt Cartel added in, with Venator and hero Jabba for Hutt Cartel

*Republic gunship, STAP and Battle droid for both factions

Skirmish mode:

*Venator-class cruiser, V-wing fighter, available at Pirate dock for all factions

*Republic Gunship, Battle droid and STAP available at Hutt Palace

General gameplay:

*Nightsister indigenous species for Dathomir
* The ability to board and capture enemy ships (And keep them permanently)

You may notice some of these items are cut content from FOC.