View Full Version : Sunrider's Destiny (untuned)

08-13-2008, 08:42 AM
Server: Gorath
In Game Name: Hellpain
Item for sale: Sunrider's Destiny
instant sale
Item price: 250 Mio credits
Method of contact: ingame (Hellpain) or PN

I sale the great crystal sunrider's destiny. Off course UNTUNED

For people who don't know: Sunrider's destiny is a pre-NGE quest reward from Aurillia. You can't do this quests any more. The special of sunrider's destiny is the colour, which you only can have with this cristal. Untuned it's a very rar item, because the most people have tuned the cristal and so you can't put it into YOUR Lightsaber.

kind regards