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08-14-2008, 09:18 PM
I like to write and I like to draw. I like many things, but among the top ten is Loboto. Who can blame me, I mean he's awesome! I'd show you my drawings of him, but I misplaced all but one. And that one is bad, as its my first.

So here's a couple quick little faux-poem about random people from Psychonauts.

The Hatter whom dabbled in mercury
Truly went mad at last.
His arm was as broken as his mind,
So it was put into a cast

Dr. Loboto. Can't help but think his 'pepper-shaker' arm is a cast or replacement for a broken limb.

Fearful child lost within a fairy's tale
Frail head shrouded by steel
Mind steeped in fear with might unmatched
Denys the truth strangers reveal.

Dogen, by the way. To clarify things a bit, he can hear squirrels' thoughts (which, speaking with animals, is something out of a fairytale, and these squirrels are the 'strangers' referred to).