View Full Version : Requested Map Thread Idea

Splatah King
08-21-2008, 03:26 PM
I couldn't Find anything like this is in the forums so i guess ill start it.
My idea is simply to have anyone that knows how to make maps, try to design the maps that people request, (if they want to).

If you want to make the maps please use this,

Land or Space Specialization:
How long you've been making maps:
And your name (avatar or real):
You can also post some way for them to contact you directly if you wish.

If you want to request a map please use this layout,

Land, Space, or Galactic:
How many players:
(Either specific dimension or the standard small medium and large)
Description of the Map layout:
(using something like paint to create the rough draft picture would be great)

Ok now that that is done i can give mt first request for a map.

Land, Space, or Galactic: Space
How many players: 4
Size: Medium-Large
Description of the Map layout: I want the map to be over Alderaan with the space stations in opposite corners. in between the two stations i want a lane of asteroids and nebula's.
Near the space stations i want three satellite defense station and in the corner i think you can put mining pads outside the map slightly if you could put anywhere between 5-10 mining pads that would be great.

I couldn't get the paint idea to work so i hope i explained it well enough.
Ill try to update this every week. it'll be a new post each week