View Full Version : The Perfect Wirless Headset for The Force Unleashed

Jacob Nion
08-23-2008, 11:06 PM
Hey all I just wanted to say that tonight I went to out local Best Buy and bought this really awsome wireless headset. They were $99.99 but trust me it is worth it. I plug them in and started playing the demo. I swear to god I thought I was watching a movie with the best surround sound there is. I mean not only can you feel the hum of the Starkillers lightsaber but you can also feel force push when you charge it up and relese it. The centimatic sequence when he is talking to Vader is just awsome.The wireless headset is called Ear Force x3. I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to get the full Force Unleashed Expirance.

08-23-2008, 11:18 PM
$100 for that? I could get 2 (or more) games for the same price. Few games, if any, are worth spending $100 for a headset, plus the game itself.

Oh well, it's your money, spend it how you please! :)

Jacob Nion
08-23-2008, 11:21 PM
Well it is not just for this game but all of them. I needed a new headset anyway. But like I was saying not only can you feel the force push but it sounds like you are right there in the game it is that realalstic.

08-23-2008, 11:24 PM
It's that realalstic is it? I don't know what realalstic is, but it sounds a bit like realistic. Wonder if they have similar meanings. :)

Does TFU even support all these new fancy, digital sounds (you know, like Surround Sound 1.0-10000.1) that are coming these days?

Jacob Nion
08-23-2008, 11:28 PM
Sorry I meant realistic. I can't really explaine it. It is one of those things you have to experiance. It sounds like Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound that is how great they sound.