View Full Version : [Star Wars] KotOR II TSL - The Graphic Novel

08-24-2008, 01:49 PM

I was tweaking with Windows Movie Maker, Fraps and my copy of KotOR II, and I found some interesting visual effects in WMM. With even more tweaking, I was able to create a "graphic novel" effect which is very Frank Miller-esque. After applying it to a clip from KotOR II, I got some very nice results, especially with the "Kreia's Fall" scene. This is the result:


I'm planning to possibly create more, but I'll need some suggestions, criticisms, and comments, since I belive I need some improvement on the effects.

Thanks! :)

EDIT: Disregard the thread review request; when I previewed the post after I unticked the box, I suppose it automatically ticked itself. Sorry about that.