View Full Version : The Badshire Betrayal

08-28-2008, 12:43 AM
In the midst of muck and mire, there were two little Shires,
Right in the middle of the Moorhead.
Oh, Goodshire was good. It was very, VERY good!
But Badshire? Oh--it was HORRID!

Once upon a time, several wayward little misfits wanted to get out of Badshire. It was a terribly awful place to live in, if you hadn't already guessed by the name! The thing was, the Badshire Brawlers, headed by the sinister Sir Treads Onyurfaice, wanted to capture the exiles and send them to twenty years at a menial hard labor sentence, which was like a holiday in the country to most people in Badshire, but that's rather beside the point. Will our renegade rogues find their way to Goodshire? Will they be welcomed in? Will some monsters come and eat them all up for a midday snack? Will love be maded and traded and lost? We shall see! Post your character here!

Name: Ty (as in "tea", although you can try to do the y as "uh-ee"...)
Gender: Female
Archetypal Fantasy/Sci-fi Race: Plain Old Boring Human
Age: The Big 3-0
Archetypal Fantasy/Sci-fi Adventure Class: World's Worst Bard
Primary Residence: Badshire (which I leave as a misfit exile)
Stupid Talent: Giving Russian lessons to monsters so they run away!