View Full Version : how do you activate mods and can you use mods for swbf2 on swbf1

08-30-2008, 08:18 AM
like it says in the question how do you activate mods saved to your computer and can you use mods for swbf2 on swbf1:confused:
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08-30-2008, 12:42 PM
Um...mess with the post? No idea what you're talking about, but OK. If you're asking how to put mods for SWBF2 in the game, it's pretty simple. Go to SWBF2's directory; the default is C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II. Go into GameData. If there is not already a folder named "addon" then create one. Without the quotes, obviously. Go into that file. The directory should now be:

C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\addon

If you downloaded a mod, there will probably be a folder with three letters as the name inside the download folder; we'll call it ABC. Put ABC inside addon. Run the game. If it doesn't work, I don't know how to help...it might just be an installer.

Delta 47
08-30-2008, 10:35 PM
If you have the game installed on another drive than It'll be in a different directory and you can't run SWBF1 maps on SWBF2 (or the other way around). The two game files are setup differently. The only way to get them to work is with the SWBF2 Mod Tools but you still need all the source files for that map and when I say source files I mean all the files that are put together into the LVL files. There are the shipped SWBF1 maps converted to SWBF2 though, that is what you want right? Since this is the SWBF2 section. The SWBF Conversion Pack (http://www.gametoast.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=39) is a mod that converts the SWBF1 shipped maps to SWBF2 with a lot of additional features. The latest version of the mod is here - SWBF Conversion Pack (1.9) (http://files.filefront.com/swbf+conversion+pack+19/;7731354;/fileinfo.html) and the final version will be released in a month.

Note: This mod is still a WIP (Working in Progress) so it will still have bugs in it.

09-07-2008, 03:20 PM
how do you activate mods for SWBF1 not 2 ya nut

09-07-2008, 03:22 PM
and im not talking about maps for swbf2 on swbf1 im talking about useing swbf2 soldire mods on swbf1

09-07-2008, 06:42 PM
You cant. That simple

Delta 47
09-08-2008, 05:00 PM
how do you activate mods for SWBF1 not 2 ya nutYour the nut this the SWBF2 section! If you wanted to know how to activate SWBF2 "Side" mods than you should have asked in the SWBF1 section since it is SWBF1 that you are asking about and NO it is impossible to activate SWBF2 side mods on SWBF1 because their game files are set up differently. You can however convert a SWBF1 map to SWBF2 or a SWBF2 map to SWBF1 but like I said its impossible to convert side mods, there's only one way to fix that BUY SWBF2! One more thing try using proper English, it might just get you somewhere.