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The Doctor
09-01-2008, 09:04 PM
Star Wars
Scion of Darkness

After nearly 200 years of mass lawlessness, plague, and starvation, the Galaxy is slowly crawling towards a new dawn. The GALACTIC ALLIANCE OF WORLDS, a benevolent government body, has taken shape on the core world of Retalia, spreading to many of the surrounding systems.

The knowledge of the old times, the period before the Great Dark Age following the collapse of the second Galactic Empire, is slowly being recovered and re-distributed through one of the most important places in the entirty of the new Alliance: the Galactic Doctryna Academy.

Now at the dawn of a new age of peace, prosperity, and re-education, the students of the Academy carry the future of the entire Galaxy on their young shoulders - a responsibility they will be forced to bear far sooner than any of them expect...


Basically, this RP takes place in the same time period as the political RP I mentioned a few weeks back (and am still working on, btw, to those who were interested). The year is 350ABY, and the Galaxy has recently come out of a centuries-long Galactic recession, not unlike the Middle Ages of European history. The Galaxy has reached Renaissance, and for the past two generations has slowly begun to rebuild - without the aid of the Jedi Order, which was completely wiped out by plague, war, and faminie during the Dark Age (referred to in-universe as the Second Galactic Dark Age). The period has spawned a new calendar, marking Year 1 at the beginning of the Second Galactic Dark Age and referring to dates prior to and following Year 1 as BDA (Before Dark Age) and ADA (After Dark Age), respectively.

Now, I've already done some behind-the-scenes recruiting, and I have a limited number of cast positions availale. Because of this, I only need one more person, for now, to take the part of a student at the Academy to complete the five I need. The character's age, gender, and species will be restricted somewhat more than most might be used to, but the author is free to give their character any history, personality, and appearance that they wish. Luckily, I've had one player who's already expressed interest say that she'll move freely from male to female and vice versa, whichever is easier - that means you can take either gender, and Jasra will take the other. Much appreciated Jasra. :D

The fifth and final player will be selected by myself from amongst any and all applicants who post a character. For an idea of the character profile I'm looking for, take a gander at my own profile, or that of the following people:


These three have already expressed interest in the idea, and have all submitted to me character profiles and even (unintentionally and unknowingly, in most cases) given me a few ideas for later plot and character developments as time goes on.

No Jedi character will be accepted. I can't stress this enough. Don't worry, you'll get to see some lightsaber play later on, but for now, no one gets to throw objects around the lecture halls or mind trick their professors into giving them an A on a badly written paper.

As for my character...

Name: Tawnos Rashel
Gender: Male
Age: 21 standard years
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 186 lbs
Hair Colour: Dirty blonde; clean shaven
Eye Colour: Brown
Clothing: When not in his standard Academy uniform, Tawnos wears simple, durable blue slacks, a black jumper, and a slightly battered black leather jacket.
Equipment: Tawnos carries a small, lightweight blaster pistol, usually concealed by his jacket. He also wears a mid-sized gold ring on his right hand, and a timepiece on his left wrist.
Personality: Tawnos is a private, reserved man, preferring the company of either himself or a handful of close friends to a larger group of "acquaintances". He is a very moral young man, who becomes quickly outraged at bigotry, injustice, and mistreatment of sentient beings. He is wary of giving his trust lightly, and is no stranger to loss and betrayal. This makes it particularly difficult for him to make friends. He is especially wary of women, though when asked about it he merely remarks that he "has his reasons", and refuses to say more on the matter.
Biography: Tawnos was born in a small, out of the way planet in the mid-rim to a fairly average, upper-middle class family, one of the first families to begin to recover from the Dark Period two generations ago. The planet, named Gwellin, is a clean, somewhat better-off planet than the others in the region, with a Moderate planetary government and a well-to-do economy. His father was a financial advisor to a modest number of people on the continent on which they lived, and his mother was a teacher. He attended public schooling, where he established his social patterns early - forming a mere handful of close relationships with a select few people, and distancing himself somewhat from others. He formed an especially close friendship with one Teshmet Jarel, a child of his age who lived across the street from him. Tawnos was a slightly above average, but not particularly remarkable, student through to his early teens. A great deal happened to him over the course of two years, however, and his personality and outlook changed drastically. None of his current friends or acquaintances know exactly what happened - for that matter, his parents aren't quite certain either; all that anyone really knows is that a rift formed and grew between himself and Teshmet, eventually leading to an end to their near thirteen-year friendship. They spoke again a handful of times, but their friendship never recovered. Tawnos's other friends joined Teshmet, leading to Tawnos's current trust issues. After a fairly lonely five years later, he applied to the Academy, and was accepted into their history program. Tawnos is particularly interested in studying the ancient Jedi and Sith Orders, and after nearly two years of both academic and personal study of the Orders and their histories, considers himself an expert on the subject.

09-03-2008, 12:42 AM
Not rockin' the boat with this one, Doc... not really :p

Name: Samira Yelizaveta

Age: 22

• Height: 5 ' 5"
• Weight: 115 lbs
• Hair Color: Brown
• Eye Color: Brown
• Clothing: In direct rebellion against her family’s wealth, Samira makes a point to dress herself in casual attire. Unfortunately, her idea of ‘casual’ relates to the rest of the galaxy’s ‘semi-formal’. See photo for example:
• Photo: Image: Samira Yelizaveta (http://i123.photobucket.com/albums/o281/wildjedi/SamiraYelizaveta.jpg)

Personality: Samira is the quiet type, which may seem a little odd when you consider her chosen education path (acting with a minor in script writing). Though not a complete recluse when it comes to other people, she does enjoy her time alone. On the other hand, she is often willing to attend social events and is quite at home conversing with people she has never met before.

Biography: Samira Yelizaveta was born on Retalia. Her parents were young, but they were the eldest children in their respective families. For this reason, Samira was the first grandchild ever to be brought into the family, which promoted a great deal of spoiling. At every age, she had almost everything she could ever want, for some of her family members were fairly well to do, even in this newly arising Galactic Alliance.

Samira has always been something of a dreamer. Even as young as four years old, she could be found sitting alone, staring at nothing in particular... just day dreaming the day away. This behavior changed only slightly after she entered school. The school work got done (most of the time), but there was still a lot of day dreaming. As her school years progressed, she was enrolled in several classes which provided creative outlets, both in art and writing. In her junior and senior years, she also tried her hand at acting and found she loved that as well.

By the time she graduated high school, Samira was already heading down the path to becoming an artist of some sort, though whether it was through writing, art, or acting was still undecided. Entering the Galactic Doctryna Academy, she began ticking off the core, and throwing in classes from each of her three interests. Finally deciding on acting with a minor in script writing, she applied him/herself with enthusiasm and fared quite well.

By her calculations, Samira will finish at the Academy in two more years, and will then pursue a career as a writer/actor of holonet productions... if any will take her, that is.

09-03-2008, 04:20 AM
Name: Kyan Alssios

Age: 21
Sex: Male
• Height: 5 ' 11"
• Weight: 165 lbs
• Hair Color: Dark Brown
• Eye Color: Dark Brown, with thick dark lashes
• Clothing: Conservatively dressed, but in quality clothes

Personality: Kyan is the type of person that can talk for hours about technical things, or the latest gossip, or what’s happening on the social scene, but not when it comes to personal feelings. Never had a long-term romantic relationship, but being a good listener and fairly sociable there are always plenty of friends about. Kyan is always first to offer help, and the last to ask for it.

Biography: With a Corellian archeologist for a father, and a Coruscanti-born chemo-geologist for a mother, Kyan was immersed in the elite world of science and research from the very beginning. But, preferring the 'live' sciences, Kyan’s chosen to take the medical path.

A quick learner, Kyan has exceeded with the academic and technical studies, but somewhere along the line, Kyan’s interests shifted from the traditional healing arts to the technical ones, predominantly biomedical research and the functions of medical droids. This shift in the academic degree program has added an additional year to Kyan’s graduation date.

Kyan’s physically fit, likes the martial arts (more for exercise than self-defense) and is an avid rock climber. Carries no weapons (doesn’t feel the need for any) but is proficient with martial arts sticks in mock combat.

The Doctor
09-06-2008, 01:58 PM
I've got one other character worked out with RR2K. We're just waiting on FFWM to post her character, and we can get started.

09-06-2008, 03:22 PM
Name: Talon San

Gender: Male

Age: 24 standard years

• Height: 6’3”
• Weight: 200 lbs
• Hair Color: Black, cut short and untended
• Eye Color: Sapphire
• Clothing: A light set of khakis and a t-shirt

Equipment: Cybernetic replacements of the spinal cord and both of his arms, along with half of his face. He has built a little handheld unit with multiple functions such as communications and having a holoemiter, and he has also designed his own light-weight, rapid-fire blaster pistol that he keeps in a compartment in his left arm.

Personality: Talon is an explorer at heart and unafraid to venture into any territory or any subject, even those that should be definitely left alone. He is outspoken and hotheaded at points, but is generally very friendly and more than willing to help anyone who needs it. He is also very creative and occasionally unorthodox, something that has gained him a reputation at the Academy that could go either way.

Biography: Talon was the son of a high-profile mercenary growing up, always on the move since his mother died having him. That being the situation, he had both a lot of free time as a kid and a lot less supervision than most kids get, resulting in both his amazing technological ability and his eventual injuries that resulted in him getting prosthetic limbs and half a face, the prosthetics manually replaced by himself with cybernetics when he got the resources to, in an incident that he will only enlighten upon in the most modest of moods.

When Talon turned 14 his father adopted a six year-old girl by the name of Seira, whom Talon took under his wing to protect and teach everything he knew to. At the age of 18 Talon’s father died, his body turned up mutilated in a Nar Shadda sewer system. From then on, he’s worked in various mechanic’s shops and maintenance bays full-time while taking care of his sister, eventually ending up on Coruscant, where he learned about the Academy and decided to try to get in, to make help him make more of himself.

While he had no degree stating he was qualified to enter, Talon was able to work out an arrangement where he would take classes, work, and still be able to take care of his sister, now 16 and in a public school. He takes classes in the day, works at night, and spends time teaching his sister about various things at dawn and dusk, and is currently three years into both his galactic history degree and droid construction and development degree.

((Seira is an NPC character free for anyone to use))

Name: Seira San

Gender: Female

Age: 16 standard years

• Height: 5’6”
• Weight: 109 lbs
• Hair Color: Blood Red, long and flowing
• Eye Color: Emerald
• Clothing: A black jumpsuit equipped with a electric shock mechanism that can be activated at will, a present/safety precaution from Talon.

Equipment: A set of daggers that deliver an electric shock similar when making contact with flesh and a handheld unit with functions similar to that of Talon’s.

Personality: Seira is fiery, intelligent, and perhaps maybe a bit too arrogant of her abilities until she needs Talon to fix her mistakes. She loves her brother Talon very much, but feels he’s too overprotective, and will more often than not do something that’ll get Talon spun up just to laugh at the reaction. She is a good person though, willing to stick her neck out for those in need at her own expense.

Biography: Seira doesn’t even know where she comes from, her memory of the time before her adoption non-existent. That being said, she has no interest in the past and only the future and what she can learn from Talon.

From the point she was adopted she didn’t like her new father much: he was never around. So instead she grew on Talon, whom she considers both her brother and almost her father in a way, given he was the one to teach her right from wrong and keep her from messing with the hyperdrive when no one was looking, play with her and comfort her when her pet Gizak went to Gizak-heaven. Being under his wing all these years has made her tech savy, though no where near the level of Talon, so she specialized in close-quarters combat instead, to deal with the sometimes dangerous environment of lower Coruscant and help ease Talon’s over protectiveness at times.

Seira did not like the concept of Talon going to the Academy. She preferred life on the move, moving from place to place, being able to talk to Talon whenever she wanted, and more importantly, no school. But he did choose to go to the Academy, and she ended up being forced to school where she’s bored through class, beats up boys after school, and then goes to the apartment where Talon meets her and they do their homework together.

The Doctor
09-09-2008, 01:30 AM
Alright, so we're going to start without FFWM for now, and let her jump in when she's ready.

09-10-2008, 05:14 PM
Sorry about being so late with this guys...Real Life can be a bitch xD

Name: Kara Jensen
Gender: Female
Age: 23 Standard Years
• Height:5' 7"
• Weight: 120lbs
• Hair Color: Bleach blonde
• Eye Color: Blue
• Clothing: Kara is most happy when she's comfortable - so basically, she'll wear anything casual. Her only real criteria is that she looks good.

Personality: It doesn't matter where in the galaxy you go - every school has them. It doesn't matter what time period you choose - they've always existed. And Kara is happy to be a part of them. Kara Jensen is a rebel.

She's never had too much of a taste for authority, and tends to make a name for herself as the girl who's always getting written up for something or other. She doesn't much care - it's almost as if she doesn't have any fear for consequences. Not afraid to speak her mind, she'll freely object in class, or carry on an argument with a teacher over some point or another - and it is never a surprise if and when she actually wins. Kara isn't stupid - she does, in fact, have a great mind for reasoning and problem solving. She just doesn't enjoy being "repressed", as she often calls it.

Biography: In all honesty, Kara never really cares to tell her story to others; it isn't something that interests her, and she doesn't think that others would find it any more so. She really is - and has been - just your average Joe. Or Jane, rather.

Growing up on Berrun, she wasn't even out of the norm for the population - indeed, the planet is dominated by humans. Sometimes considered to be a 'second Naboo', Berrun's surface is very temperate, changing with four seasons and made up of several different dominant continents. However, Berrun is also a very mountainous planet - and the mountains aren't always the easiest places to inhabit. It was in a village nestled into the peak of one of the largest strings of mountains on the planet's surface that Kara was born. Her father was a merchant, her mother toiled in the small garden that they had - but even so, life wasn't exactly...comfortable.

Her father's business was often smothered by larger merchants and caravans that would travel through the mountains en route from the larger trading ports to the nearby capital and beyond, and the mountains weren't the most fertile land in the world. Due to the family's hardships, her parents forced both Kara and her younger brother to work at a very young age - she was only ten, her brother only eight, when her father found jobs for them on a plantation down in the foothills. Every week they would make the journey down, and every weekend they would make the journey back for a two day break. It was back breaking labor, as the owner seemed to differentiate little between the children and the slaves - and Kara grew to hate her parents for what they were doing to her and little Isaac.

They didn't seem to take any notice of the blood or callouses, however - not until, that is, Isaac fell ill. For two months he was bed ridden, and the doctors - whom Kara grew to despise as well, for she loved her little brother like no one else in the world - couldn't seem to find what was wrong with him. It wasn't until he was on his deathbed that they finally realized that it had been a fairly common disease, unrecognizable because it had transgressed so far that it was not only painful, but incurable - and it had been delivered to him by one of the animals he tended to on the plantation. He died when Kara was twelve.

Ever since his death, Kara has grown to be a very dark, sarcastic, and cynical person. Due to the experiences of her youth, she has grown to resent authority and will easily ignore any command given to her, if she doesn't agree with it. As one can guess, that particular detail has gotten her quite a reputation - and in no small amount of trouble - at the Academy.

09-10-2008, 08:56 PM
*kicks self* Is it absolutely too late to join this roleplay? It's the best RPfic I've seen...!

The Doctor
09-10-2008, 09:05 PM
Hmmm... I can't make any promises, but I might be able to work you in. I'll drop you a line via PM to discuss it further.

Thanks, btw! :D I'm rather proud and very excited that this RP is getting off to a good start! :D

EDIT: Check your PM box, Tysy. If you have any questions, let me know. We'll probably need you to come in fairly soon - at the very latest, early next week.

The Doctor
09-18-2008, 06:00 PM
I'd like to get moving on with the story fairly soon, guys. Tysy's character is going to help out. I'll make out a post to get it started after the exchange Tawnos is currently involved in, and you guys will follow my lead - it won't be hard to gather what I need you to do/have done.

The Doctor
09-24-2008, 09:26 AM
Posts would be appreciated, ladies and gents. I swear, we're getting close to the good part. :P

The Doctor
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... ok. If we don't get someone other than myself and Writer posting by the end of the week, I'm closing it down.

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Considering that it hasn't been posted in since Monday and you've kinda left us all hanging...>.>

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... You're telling me you can't see where I need you to go? Writer seemed to pick up on it...

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I will try to post tomorrow, I've just been busy with more than a few stuff so I apologize there.

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Ok. It's been almost a month now since anyone other than Writer or myself posted. I know you guys are all busy, and I was hoping for a little more activity than this, so I'm going to scrap the current thread and start over with a more available cast.

If a moderator could close both threads, so I can re-open a new casting call, I'd appreciate it. People don't always think to check an OCC thread for an on-going RP.

If anyone currently involved in the story would like to remain, send me a Private Message and we'll talk.