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09-20-2008, 07:32 AM
Hello all!
I've been gone for some time and thought of how many good times I've had roleplaying with my great friends here at lucasforums. So, I decided I'd like to try and start a new one. This roleplay is set during the period in The force unleashed. Beware! This Roleplay sometimes might alter the actual time line a tiny bit, but will try to keep the main events the same. All I need is some basic information, which would be:
eg, this is mine:
Name: Trask
Species: Zabrak
Faction (Team eg. Empire or Rebel): Imperial
Roll: As a Famous commander of the Empire
Age: 43
Force Sensitive: No
Description: Trask is one of the few alien species that ever get into the imperial ranks, especially at such a high one. He's skill with a blaster matches his ability to command large armies. He has a personal Star Destroyer assigned by Darth Vader himself, and he enhanced it's turbo laser capabilities to a unbelievable state. Even though with this power he would be nearly invincible, the weakness is that it turns off nearly all power sources including shielding to activate. He has had many incidents where his Star Destroyer fell to the surface of the planet he was orbiting, but with extra shielding because of it's hazard, him and his crew normally survive. Trask is a Zabrak that enjoys testing things. He has tested many things including the Mutant Rancor. He was planning to unleash upon his enemies, but it got wild and destroyed his facility. For this he was at high charge with his fellow imperials, but decided he'd go there himself and destroy the being. He did it with his powerful star destroy, with a capability to hover close to the ground, up to 3 ft above the ground from it's deepest bit, but also disabled all his defense, which makes him vulnerable while in combat. (lol by the way, you don't need it to be this big :lol:)
The time period this is in is in the rise of the empire. I hope that you make a character and join this roleplay.
May the force be with you!

09-20-2008, 04:03 PM
Ok, I know that this is basicially double posting but I'm just posting this to get the rp started. So when peeps join they can get going lol.

*Darth Vader plans the attack with Trask on the attack of Kashyyk.*

Darth Vader: Kashyyk is a critical location in the galaxy. *Trask not knowing there is a jedi on Kashyyk when they attack, for reason being They're are attacking it*

Trask: So you want me to capture it?

Darth Vader: Yes. And then begin building a Sky hook to stop people comming in and out of Kashyyk.

Trask: Oh, all right then, I'll begin the Assault.

Darth Vader: I will be comming later on in the battle.

Trask: Oh... right.

Darth Vader: Dismissed.

Trask: Yes Lord Vader. *Bows*

*Trask sets up his fleet and a few other imperial officer fleets to go to Kashyyk.*

Trask: So are we ready?

Stormtrooper: Yes sir.

Trask: Good, get the pilot of the ship to begin calculating coordinates to Kashyyk.

Stormtrooper: Yes sir! *Runs to the pilot*

Stormtrooper: Begin calculating coordinates to Kashyyk.

Pilot: Right.

*Trask's fleet and a few others Hyperspace their way to Kashyyk.*

Trask: Begin the attack!

*So yeah, of course you don't have to write as long as me either, but any way, this is just the start off, there can be more jedi at kashyyk if you want to be a jedi or a sith what ever lol. But yeah, I won't continue it until someone posts*

09-26-2008, 10:18 PM
I don't this this area has a roleplaying section. Go to the Jedi Knight series are or Kotor series area if you actually want to roleplay with people.