View Full Version : Do you get different Force Powers on Different Consoles? (Spoilers Herein)

Karl Gone Gin
09-22-2008, 07:47 AM
Just wondering.
I have the Wii version and finished it last night.
Reading some of the other threads, it sounds like you get to do some different things with the force depending what you are playing it on.
One of my favourites was Sith Seeker, where you hurl a baddie away with force push, then send a ball of lightning chasing after him. If its powerful enough it also electicutes anyone who was standing near where he landed.
Is that on Xbox/PS 3?

What about Maelstrom?

Any others anyone can think of?

Darth Eclipse
09-22-2008, 07:51 AM
No, but that may be a combo that I don't know of. Maelstorm is Force Repulse. :rifle1::blaze6:

Karl Gone Gin
09-22-2008, 08:00 AM
Maelstrom & Force Repulse are listed as 2 different powers on the Wii, and you can upgrade both seperately using the points you acrue.

Karl Gone Gin
09-22-2008, 05:56 PM
Full force powers list on Wii
1. Force Push
2. Lightning
3. Lihtsaber Throw
4. Repulse
5. Aerial assault - jump in air & create force wave
6. Aerial shock - jump in air & elecrocute
7. Choke
8. Sith Strike - slam enemy into ground with force
9. Storm -power lightsaber with lightning
10. Detonate - elecrocute enemy then push towards another creating small explosion
11. Saber whirlwind - dash forward & slam saber creating shock wave
12. Saber Assault -slam saber into ground creating force burst
13. Ground Slam - slam saber into ground creating powerful shockwave
14. Dark Rage - power up with the dark side
15. Pummel - grip enemy in air and pummel with nearby objects
16 Maelstrom - sucks everything nearby towards you then releases powerful explosion outward
17. Sith Barrage - hurl bolt of lightning towards target
18. Sith Scorcher - 2 handed lightning attack, hitting multiple targets
19. Power Slam - launch all nearby targets into the air
20. Sith seeker - fling an enemy away, and chase them with a lightning ball

These are all upgradable in their own right using points accrued during the levels.
I get the impression that these may be available on other consoles, but as combos
Can anyone let me know how the force works on Xbox 360 or PS3. Do you get told how to do the moves when you earn them or is it you have to work them out yourself? Can you string different force powers together in a chain?
Is it comination of button presses?