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10-06-2008, 08:26 PM
This was a thread once used in the Dantooine RP forum but I think it would be a good idea to start one here.

Here people can list information of planets they have used in previous fics so others who want to set their story in a particular time and place can do so.

General format is:


Any other information is up to the person posting the planet.

To start off, I will list the system that I created in my trilogy Heart of the Guardian.

Name: Avalon
System: Avalon
Capital: Tyan-yu
Language: Avalonian, three main dialects, numerous tribal dialects
Terrain: Lush green forests, grassy plains and cities
Economics: Science and technology, herding, agriculture
Bio: The main planet in the system, Avalon has a long history of producing great Jedi and warriors. Based upon the tradition of Bushida, the honoring of female warrior, Avalonians are a warrior people who carry a fierce sense of duty and honor.

Population is generally classed as the city dwellers and the tribesmen. Those who trained in what is called the Jedi arts in the Core Worlds are classed into either but respected for their knowledge and talent. All Avalonians are trained in the art of defense but can pursue a trade if they wish. The highest class of warrior are the Bushida warriors and are generally the last line of defense with their main duty to defend the Lord Governor of the system.

The Avalonian governing system is that of a governorship that meets in a council with the Lords of the Tribes to decide Avalonian affairs. Strange enough the governship has taken a sort of hereditary turn though leaders are elected to office.

Avalon is most noted for advances in spacecraft technology, producing some of the fastest and most durable ships ever seen in a fleet. Traditional weaponry is that of the sword. The swords are shaped like the Japanese katana and made of the cortosis weave and another element known only to the master smiths making it a durable blade against a lightsaber. Avalonian Jedi have been known to carry both the lightsaber and katana and are well versed in both weapons. The blades are made to stay sharp and have been known for cutting through steel though those have been considered fairy tales. Avalonians don't usually use blasters or droids, finding it rather unsporting. This goes to the belief that an adversary should be met face to face and that true skill came from the sword. However they are trained to use blasters and wil use them if the occassion warrants it.

Traditional lore of Avalon states that it is where the Force began. It has been conjectured that it was the reason why there were so many Force sensitive individuals, many who were not Jedi. They could draw upon the Force though not trained for it. Lore also states that Avalonians settled what is now called the Republic and they taught the Force to what became known as the Jedi. Lore also teaches that the from the Avalon came that which is known the Sith. The originals however were the outcasts called Rashikians. These foul creatures had a lust for power and stank of death and were cast out for wanting to conquer.

Name: Andorra, The Sister Panet
System: Avalon
Capital: Tyan-Tai
Language: Avalonian, three main dialects and tribal dialects
Terrain: same as Avalon
Economics: Similar to Avalon
Bio: Andorra is called the sister planet since it is similar to Avalon in appearance and even in its modes of governing. It's main specialty is in swordcraft. Along with Aztlan, the best blades come from their masters, some seeming to lust for blood more than others.
Most interestingly it is a home base for the sect of Jedi known as the Shi-Cho order. The academy is used to train Bushida warriors and Jedi in advanced techniques that only the oldest of masters use.

Name: Aztlan, The Water World
Capital: Raidenai
Language: Avalonian, the three dialects and Aquarnus, a water dialect
Terrian: One land mass but mostly water
Economics: Underwater mining, fishing, flight technology and swords smithing
Bio: The Water World is best known for its swords and ships. A world mostly of water, the people here work minor agricuture but imports most food from the other worlds. Off shore landing pads dot the oceans to keep the fumes away from the city and villages. The creatures of the sea are hunted or used to help in fishing and underwater mining.

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To finish my system I will continue here:

Name: Mikkado, The Grasslands
System: Avalon
Capital: Pretora
Language: Avalonian, numerous tribal dialects
Terrian: Mostly savanna grassland plains, cities dot the plains
Economics: herding main staple, other forms of trade and some farming
Bio: Mikkado is unique in that during the time of KIrabaros' boyhood, a system of segregation had been elected into power and was maintained by the Argonons, one of the oldest of the city dwellers.
The savanna grasslands make it idea for herding and agriculture but the real chance for money lies in the cities like Howesian Port. Merchant vessels provide a rich trade of goods from the Republic and the other planets. Legend has it that this planet was where the Heart of the Guardian was born.

Name: Belos, The Warrior World
Capital: Xao Lin
Language: Avalonian, tribal dialects
Terrain: Mountainous, forests and plains
Economics: Geima, maiko, geisha, agriculture, merchants, warrior academies
Bio: Belos rightly earned the name the Warrior World. It is home to a majority of the Bushida warriors and has some of the best warrior tribes, the elite being the Haida tribe. Belos is very traditional in Avalonian ways and in time s of great trouble have led the armies to defend Avalon. Techology is minimally used here. Also located here is the best warrior academy, Tosjin.

Name: Amshrey
Capital: Mando'a
Language: Avalonian, Mandalorian, Shreyite
Terrian: forests with huge tree, similar to Endor, some meadows and plains, rivers
Economics: unknown, some trade, warrior academies
Bio: Amshrey is the youngest of the system. It joined Avalon after the war that occurred between the Rashikians and the Avalonians under the guidance of Kirabaros. It became a new homeworld for the Mandalorian clans and over time Avalonians appeared with Mandalorian blood.
The Shreyites are native to the planet. They are short and furry with their own dialect that is not similar to the tribal languages of the other worlds.