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10-09-2008, 03:46 AM
On March 1st, 2010, the first recorded incident involving the Solanum Virus occurred, in downtown Toronto. Within a matter of hours, this outbreak spread to unmanageable levels, with the Infected spreading throughout Toronto. All efforts by the police and local military forces to destroy them proved ineffective, and it wasn't long before the Zombies escaped the attempt at quarantine and spread throughout the Canadian Countryside.

Toronto's two and a half million inhabitants were left to fend for themselves while the world fought a losing battle against the Zombies.

* * * * *

Welcome to Solanum, what would maybe be the first Zombie Apocalypse RP on this forum. Or maybe not, I didn't check that far back. I've always liked the genre, and I think it has some interesting potential for RP.

The players would be a small group of survivors, trapped in Toronto a few hours after the infection started, with two objectives.

One: Survive.

Two: Escape the city alive.

We're not using standard Zombie Rules on this. Players of the game Dead Rising might find them familiar, though.

During the day, the Zombies act like fairly classic Zombies, moaning and slowly shuffling forward, fairly easy to outrun. You need a headshot to kill them, but it's more than possible to slow them down by blowing out a kneecap or something, and they don't regenerate, being dead.

During the night, however, the Zombies speed up, becoming able to run as fast as a human without fatigue, and they're mildly smarter during the night, although still undead and slow-witted. Roughly the same rules as above, otherwise, headshot kills, injuries don't heal. They can't run with a blown out kneecap.

Anyone interested?

Character Sheets:





Equipment on Hand:




11-28-2008, 07:15 PM
Name: Sam McNeal
Age: 15
Stuff on Hand: a handy-dandy M1A1 Carbine. one Desert Eagle , .50AE rounds. and a Trench Knife, like the ones used in WW1, ( I've read the Zombie Survival Guide). a back pack full of ammo, and at least 10 magazines for each, he a major hunter.
Gender: Male.
Appearence: a tall kid, About 6"2 or 6"3, and easily 250 pounds. not a clue what that is in Kilograms. Blonde , short, hair and blue eyes.
Personality: Very optimistic, albeit at certain points. very tired at points, and tends to be more outgoing and headstrong than is preferred. he is a zombie nut ( like me) and is actually a little happy someting has come to shake his life up a little.
skills: expert shot, quick mover, and strong. not real quiet though, is not as cautious as he should be.
History: coming from a Drunk home, he took drugs quite often ( note this is not me, just similar in every way except the history) until the zombies hit town. his dad was a cop who was devoured on live Tv. he can't say it made him happy, though he's not going to cry at any point either. he broke into his dads gun cabinet and "borrowed" his weaponry, the ones he didn't have on him when he died.