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Darth Kalverys
10-09-2008, 07:00 PM
It is 1,500 years before Sidious ordered Order 66. The Jedi have just discovered a cult reintroduced by Revan when he was the Sith Lord. They call themselves the Necromancers... led by a revived Sith Lord by the name of Darth Rache. The Jedi Grand Mistress, along with the Jedi Council, has ordered that these cult members be put down, immeadiately.

Character Limit: 3

Color of Lightsaber(s)*:
************************************************** ********

Name: Javen Light
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Jedi Knight/King of Onderon
Appearance: Look at my avatar
Weapons: Two Lightsabers, the Force, Onderon's military
Color of Lightsaber(s): Violet
Personality: Talkative, sensitive, and outgoing
Bio: Javen Light was given over the the Jedi Order by his mother, the queen of Onderon. His father was angry with her, when he found out that his only son was gone... eventually he came to forgive his wife, and began sending gifts to Javen at the Jedi Training Complex on Dantooine. Javen befriended a girl named Semala as an apprentice, but grew far away from her. She was killed on a mission that the Council had sent the two on together, but he was able to resist the Darkside. Javen took his father's place on the Onderonian throne at the age of 17, when he was murdered by an assassin. However, the coronation took place in private, so as to divert attention from the new ruler.

((sorry my Bio is so short and choppy, I don't want to reveal too many plot spoilers from my fic.))

Name: Garzulan "Jakob" Lithan
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Miraluka
Occupation: Jedi Knight/Seer
Appearance: Garzulan (http://i465.photobucket.com/albums/rr13/Javen_Light/GarzulantheMiralukan.jpg) (In the picture, he's not wearing robes or a cloth over his eyes, but imagine that they are there. It's an actual person in the picture too... the best one that I could find where I could edit his twin brother out, though I find it quite revolting that he's shirtless.)
Weapons: Lightsaber, the Force, Mercenaries
Color of Lightsaber(s): Gold
Personality: Humerous, laid back, easy going
Bio: Garzulan met Javen when Javen was searching for a Miralukan Seer. He promised Javen to tell him what information he wanted if Javen would take him with him. Garzulan, is the owner of the only cantina on Katarr, he has his own Mercenary army at his disposal, should he need them to dispose of an enemy if he is busy. His parents were killed four days after they had opened their cantina, and so therefor, Garzulan took over the buisness at the age of 12. He hired a man by the name of Janka to run the bar below his home on the upper floors. Janka has kept Garzulan safe, by revealing his presence to no one, until Javen came along. Garzulan had told Janka to allow a Jedi to see him, for he knew that Javen was coming in search of a Miraluka. The bar man refused to allow Javen entrance to see Garzulan, and told him that only if he had enough credits would he allow him to see him, but after Javen emptied his credit pouch and pockets, did Janka "see" the lightsaber hanging around his waist, and so he shoved Javen up a concealed staircase to the upper levels of the building. Garzulan tested Javen to make sure that he was the Jedi that he was waiting on, and only after Javen had defeated his best mercenaries, did Garzulan reveal himself to the Jedi Padawan... to sneak out of the city, Javen and Garzulan pretended that they were brothers, while Garzulan had a cloth over his eyes because "he had just gotten out of eye surgery." They called him Jakob... which over time became his nickname.

10-13-2008, 12:00 AM
Name: Tead Keyson (tay-ad kay-sen)

Age: 21

Gender: Male.

Species: Human.

Occupation: Rogue Jedi Knight.

Appearance: Tead has short brown hair and light blue eyes. He is the average height for a 21 year old, but his limbs are a little bit too long. He usually wears long brown jedi robes accompanied with knee-height black boots.

Weapons: Lightsaber, the force.

Color of Lightsaber: Silver.

Personality: Tead is ruthless, to say the least. If someone disturbs him, he can get angry very quickly. That said, Tead has only ever killed two men in his life. He is actually a nice guy on the inside, but comes off as generally mean and uncaring.

Bio: Tead was born to two farmers on Dantooine. When a fire engulfed Tead's house, killing his parents, he was brought to the Dantooine Jedi Temple. There he trained until the age of seventeen, when he was sent out on his first mission. The mission went horribly wrong, and Tead ended up accidently killing his master and another apprentice. The news was brought back to the temple, and Tead was meant to be exiled. Instead, he escaped, taking his lightsaber with him.

Tead still lives on Dantooine, but he's remained undetected by the Jedi for a whole four years. He grows fruit for a living, but still keeps a strong connection with the force. He has heard rumours of the Necromancers, but is still in no affiliation with either side of the force. You could call him neutral - he stands for only himself.

Darth Kalverys
10-13-2008, 10:10 PM
^ Awsome Blossom!

We still need two more people though, before I'll start.

Anyway, this is up for grabs for anyone... there are two characters who are kinda crucial to this RP. They are both girls...

Leah Wolffe- 19 year old human Captain for the Midnight Hawk (aka Javen's flagship) and Javen's love interest... her homeplanet is Taris.
Arygr Lalon- Half-Miraluka female, 17 years old, and Garzulan's love interest. Her homeplanet is Kamino...