View Full Version : Elder Jedi looking for new home on chilastra

10-26-2008, 03:32 PM

i am only CL80 Elder jedi atm. I quit playing before the CU back in 05. it is different for sure. im currently on ahazi but there is no one there..very light. I do have a CL80 Bounty hunter there too that i unlocked when i got my jedi back in 05. so i got 2 chars on one server looking to move. currently on a trial but thinking im coming back to play. I quit WOW, got tired of the never ending BS and long play that it had. done many raids and pvp on wow.

im looking for a good rebal guild, all jedi or mixed. thats into pvp and pve. not looking for a small guild. barelmosi is my jedi name and sealth is my BH name.

hope to find a new home soon. thanks