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I'm not entirely sure what these do, although I am relatively certain I have a general understanding. They mark whether or not certain conditions have been met, right? If that's the case, does anyone have a list of what each one, maybe with an example of what number you have to put in to get a certain result? If not, then is it possible to change whether or not Revan is Dark/Light and Male/Female, so that I can see Carth and Bastila?

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Oh wow. I noticed that there wasn't a search function when I was logged off, so I just assumed that there wasn't one, period. My apologies and thanks for the response.

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No problem. Welcome to the forums! There's plenty of features like social groups, albums, and blogs here so feel free to explore. :)

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Bah, I'm going to feel bad if I make another topic with a similar question. I'll revive this one anyhow.

So, now I'm on to the original KotOR. I've been looking at some save files using the KSE, mostly regarding conversations and romance options. Here's my question: What's Bastila's romance global? I'm about 95% certain that it's K_SWG_Bastila, but I'm not certain on how it works or even if there's something else I need to be looking at. Currently, it's set at 1 on Dantooine just after I've become a Padawan. What does this numeric mean? Is it the conversation progression? I know that once it's set at 12, you're officially Bastila's lover and that another conversation changes it to 13. Again, I'm fairly sure that I've got this spot on. Most of my questions are just to check my progress.

Moving on, is there any other Global that I need to look at in regard to romances? I know Carth has something named along the lines of CARTH_ROM_END, but does Bastila have the same thing? Also, I'm using the Bastila & Female Revan Mod (http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/file/Bastila_Female_Revan_Untold_Love_Story;73255), will this enable me to romance Carth at the same time as Bastila, or will following one disable my chances at starting another?

My final question is in regards to K_SWG_Bastila_LEVEL... What does it do? Just curious.

I hope these questions aren't too bothersome or obvious. I don't intend to mod or anything of the sort, but KSE's a fun little toy to mess around with and if I'm going to use it, I figure I might as well broaden my understanding of its capabilities.

11-10-2008, 12:01 AM
Can`t tell you which variables to look for as I don`t have the game with me but you can use findrefs (http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php) to look into the dialog files and the scripts attached to the romance convo options to easily find the related global variables and their progression.

11-10-2008, 12:22 AM
What's Bastila's romance global? I'm about 95% certain that it's K_SWG_BastilaYou are right. but I'm not certain on how it works...Is it the conversation progression?Yes.

I'll walk through my thought process. I remembered that when romancing Bastila she said some like "kiss me, you fool". With that breadcrumb, I opened up FindRefs and set the Search Term to "kiss me" and to search only dialogs files in K1 and only use TLK file references. Eventually it discovered this dialog existed in templates.bif/k_hbas_bastila.dlg, Entry 47. I extracted this file and opened in DLGEditor. I pressed Ctrl+G and entered E47 to jump to that branch and began walking up that dialog tree until I found how that part of the dialog began (R66, "When we last talked you said you needed time to think. So?") and noticed the Script that Determines Availability was k_swg_bastila11. Going back once again to FindRefs, I entered k_swg_bastila11 as the search term, clicked the checkbox for Search Filenames Only and set it to search only for NSS files in K1 with No TLK References. When it was found I extracted the file and opened it in Notepad. //:: k_swg_bastila11
The Bastila romance dialogue is in its eleventh exchange
and the third starmap has been found
//:: Created By: David Gaider
//:: Copyright (c) 2002 Bioware Corp.

#include "k_inc_debug"

int StartingConditional()
int iResult = GetGlobalNumber("K_SWG_BASTILA");
int nLevel = GetHitDice(GetFirstPC());
int nLastLevel = GetGlobalNumber("K_SWG_BASTILA_LEVEL");
int nPlot = GetGlobalNumber("K_STAR_MAP");
if ((iResult == 10) && (nPlot > 19) && (nLevel > nLastLevel))
return TRUE;

return FALSE;

So what's going on in this script? The comments at the top help. We can see that the script reads in K_SWG_BASTILA global number, the current level of the PC, the last level of the PC when the last romance occurred (K_SWG_BASTILA_LEVEL), and the plot progression value. So if we've reached the 10th progression in the romance, and we're a level greater than we were when we last romanced Bastila, and if the 3rd star map is found,


You can find more details about the each romance progression by browsing through the k_hbas_bastila.dlg for other similar conditional scripts (press F2 and look for k_swg_bastila## files) or use FindRefs again to find the exact the Entry branch for a specific progression step.