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10-29-2008, 01:00 PM
It is said that there are two sides to everything. Light and dark, harmony and chaos, and woman and man. To exist all sides must be balanced. That is the way of things. Balanced can lead to greatness and too much of one can be damning. When you have eternity to dwell over things, you can discover how well or how little you know the world.

Los Angeles, city of Angels, and to some the cesspool of hell. People from all walks of life come and try to live, others to survive. It is a jungle and they are the beasts. It is also a jungle for other kinds of beasts.

In a world of cell phones, laptops and technology the world underneath is largely ignored except by those who have had a taste of it. There are creatures that go bump in the night though humans prefer to largely ignore it. They ignore it and live because they have a protector.

Angela has lived the last 260+ years seeking vengeance againt the one who damned her, living her life in bitterness and anger. Forty years into that existence she reached out to help those that would have been lost to her kind and others like her but never losing sight of her goal. She eventually teams up in 2003 with Detective Andrew Colby as a consultant to investigate homicides of mysterious circumstances.

Together they find out that they have been chosen to fight an ancient evil and to stop it from destroying humanity. One the dark warrior and the other the light warrior. They are joined by a witch, demon hunter and scholar and together they seek to push back the forces that seek to bring the evil.

Bautista is the vampire who seeks to bring this evil and rule the earth. He is actually the one who turned Angela to the creature she is. He owns a nightclub called the Nightcrawler, popular hangout for both humans and vampires. He rules his underworld forces from there and won't stop at nothing.

If Bautista is not stopped from summoning the ancient evil, humanity will be at his mercy and eventually destroyed...


Ok that is the background of the story. A little different but worthy of a good imagination and is based upon a story I wrote. Any character is welcome but there are some that need to be filled. I will take Angela and the others are up for grabs. Colby and Bautista I'll provide and whoever wants it can take them. Standard character sheet.

Name: Angela
Species: Vampire
Ages: 260+
Appearance: usually dresses in all black with long sleeve shirt and pump style boots; waist length dark brown hair and grey-blue eyes; wears leather jacket and occassionally sunglasses even though it is night and has a black motorcycle
Special Notes: the dark warrior
Bio: Turned at the age of 18, Angela came to resent the life that her maker gave her. Refusing to murder her family to quench her thirst, she turned on her maker. Defeated in battle but not broken, she traveled the world, seeking her maker in a quest for vengeance. Refusing to drink human blood, she drinks the blood of animals.
In LA, Angela became a PI and helped the hopeless, mostly the kind of stalking and spousal abuse. Occassionally she came across the creatures of the underworld. She met Detective Colby when she helped him out of a jam with some vampires intent on killing a cop.
Angela is the kind of person who doesn't reveal her thoughts and any feelings she has she banishes them as if they are forbidden. She feel that any bit of humanity is undeserving of her and feels that only by finding and killing her maker could she be free. Redemption is a dream that she could never hope to attain.

That is mine here are Colby's and Bautista. The bios can be developed how you like.

Name: Andrew Colby
Species: Human
Occupation: Detective LAPD
Age: 35
Special Notes: the light warrior; nickname 'Creepy Colby'
Appearance: dark hair, brown eyes; wears black jeans and a dark colored top and boots; well built and toned (ex Marine)
Personality: Logical, believes that every crime has a perpetrator, not given to believing in fairy tales and ghost stories

Name: Bautista
Species: Vampire
Age: 900+
Occupation: club owner of the club Nightcrawler
Appearance: dark Italian suit, dark hair, blue eyes
Personality: Frivolous in terms of clothes but methodical, cold-blooded when it comes to killing men; prefers virgins to drink

I also need people to be the witch, the demon hunter and the scholar. On a side note, these three were originally human in appearance. Other characters are welcome. Just indicate if it is human or a demon and you can get specific as to type of demons. Thanks for playing! :)

10-29-2008, 05:33 PM
Colby sounds like my kind of guy. Can I have him?

The Doctor
10-29-2008, 06:27 PM
I'm interested, though not sure of what kinds of characters are available. Is Colby the only police officer you want/need, or can others be created?

10-29-2008, 06:59 PM
I might as well do a bio for Colby

Andrew Colby never truly believed in the supernatural, and to a degree, still doesn't. He simply accepts the existence of supernatural beings because he has seen them first hand. He has encountered the paranormal before as both a marine and a detective, but always remains scientific about it. However, after a number of paranormal experiences, he began researching various supernatural creatures, specifically how to fight them. To that end, he will typically douse the bullets for his gun in garlic juice, and aim for the heart when he is dealing with vampires. Most of his cases tend to be paranormal in nature, so not unexpected for him to be dealing with vampires. Unlike others who deal with the supernatural, he is an Atheist, and he prefers to take a scientific approach to fighting them

10-29-2008, 07:02 PM
Alkonium you can have Colby.

Doc: He is the only cop that is actually named but there are others so you can create a cop if you want or even a fireman. Up to you.

10-29-2008, 08:14 PM
Name: Simon Valdemar, alias Samuel Colt, Daniel Wesson, Gabriel Remington

Species: Human

Age: 29

Occupation: Demon Hunter by trade, Thief by necessity.

Appearance: Rather nondescript. Just below average height at 5'10, clean-shaven, with short brown hair and pale blue eyes. He's rather wiry, and tends to blend with the crowd. He's typically wearing a plain black shirt and jeans, typically with a jacket thrown over it. Under the jacket is his sidearm, a KA-BAR, two stakes, and his favored weapon, a heavy steel chain inscribed with dozens of holy Christian symbols. The chain is scorched black, but the symbols still gleam silver, despite the marking and scratches upon it. If he can't wear the jacket for some reason, he leaves everything except his knife in it's boot sheath and his Glock 17 in a safe hiding place within easy reach.

Personality: In spite of the fact that Simon's been hunting Demons for over a decade now and has seen horrors that most people wouldn't even dream of, he maintains a stiff upper lip and a sense of humor, possibly attributable to the fact that he's been training to do this since he was old enough to understand what the word 'Hunt' meant. This has resulted in some interesting things. He's not very well in touch with the rest of humanity and doesn't really share the same perspective on right and wrong, being very much 'ends justify the means and not hesitating to steal to finance his hunting. Simon enjoys indulging in black humor, sarcasm, gambling, and long walks on the beach so he can take your credit cards and bail.

Bio: The Valdemars are an old family, although not one that's especially well known. For centuries, they've done their best to combat and control the paranormal and the supernatural, with minimal success against the superior powers and abilities of their supernatural foes.

The fruitless hunt was eventually turned around on the Valdemars, as Demons and other monsters fell upon the family like wolves on a carcass, decimating the Hunter family until finally, only one small branch remained alive - Johnathan Valdemar, his wife Katrina Valdemar, and their infant son. They fled Britain as fast as they could, making their way to the United States with the meager funds they had available, and making their way across the United States in a ponderous, random pattern for the next seventeen years, teaching their son as they went and fending off the few demons and other supernatural creatures that bothered to hunt them.

The chase nearly ended in the Nevada Desert, as a pair of Vampires ambushed them. Johnathan passed on the ancestral chain of the Valdemars to Simon, then went to his death as Simon and Katrina fled.

It was then that Simon took on his role as a Hunter. His mother was no warrior despite her strength. It shifted from her protecting him to him protecting her, until two years after her husband's death, she died, the grief having broken her.

Without anyone to protect, Simon cut loose as a Hunter, and for the next decade, established himself as a thorn in the side of the supernaturals, as well as rather well known for theft and credit fraud, although the manhunt for him is hampered by his skill and the inability to get a decent sketch of him, and the fact that nothing about him exists in any database.

He arrived in Los Angeles last year, ahead of his rather numerous enemies, and is setting himself up a network of contacts and allies among the few who are aware of what is really going on.

* * * *


10-29-2008, 08:21 PM
That's good Corinthian. How would like accelerated healing powers? I was just reading another story that had demon hunters and they have accelerated healing. they still age but you know. Up to you. What you have there is good.

10-29-2008, 08:31 PM
Sure, I'll take that.

11-05-2008, 01:29 PM
Since I have been asked, I will go ahead and start the RP. I will take on Batista until such a time if someone else wants him they can. I can do the same for the other characters. With that said I'll make bios for the witch and the scholar and we'll get under way.

Name: Patience Manning
Species: Human
Occupation: Government employee for state department, witch
Age: 27
Appearance: At her day job, she wears a pants suit the color of charcoal with the shirt in dark colors like blues, reds or purples. Auburn, short, curly hair, grey eyes and always wears a pair of blood red amber studs. As a witch, she wears a triquetra or pentacle star. She stands at 5' 6".
Personality: Outwardly friendly with people, always wanting to help as instilled by the Wiccan rede or doing what she wills but shall harm no one. She is strong in that she would tolerate pity from anyone and likes to have her own way. Oftentimes she is too proud to ask for help. Gentle by nature she can get a fierce temper which greatly amuses the demon hunter.
Bio: Since she was a little girl, Patience had been taught the art of witchcraft often under the watchful eyes of her grandparents. The Manning family had been a family of practicing witches until her mother forbade it from being taught to her daughter. Her father, a Manning and a full fledged witch, allowed his parents to teach Patience since it was a part of her heritage.
Being like any child she enjoyed the opleasures of childhood and went to school. She graduated with honors from college and a profound ability to learn languages. With that she was able to become employed at the state department. She enjoyed her work but never forgot to spent time practicing her craft.
With the State Department she was able to become attached to diplomatic offices. Her current assignment is in Colombia. She returns to Los Angeles when she senses tell tale signs of something happening.

Name: Ramon Hassan Salazaar
Species: Human, maybe some demon blood
Age: 32
Occupation: professor of history and lore, the scholar
Personality: A bookworm for sure but he is very observant about the world around him. A silent watcher and very intelligent, he could have a soldier's attitude should the occasion call for it. The epitome of appearances can be deceiving.
Bio: Born a military brat to a Spanish Arab father and Persian mother, Ray has lived with half his life in one world and half in the other. With his father a Christian believer and his mother a practicing Muslim, life was never easy. It was easier by the fact that his father was a former Marine and he spent most of his childhood on one base or another, some in the Middle East. As of such, he became fluent in Arabic, Farci and Spanish.
Having a thirst for knowledge, he joined the Navy to help pay for college, and later went to OCS. His specialty was in history and he taught himself other languages and even some ancient languages.
After his tour of duty, he went into teaching, mostly for ROTC but when it became known that he was a history and lore specialist, he was asked to teach some history courses.
Ray still teaches history. In his spare time he keeps himself fit by going to a gym to practice martial arts and in particular kendo. He always was aware that there were some things that couldn't be explained in the scientific terms that people tend to believe in. His love for lore and the occult kept him rooted in a position that there was a chance there were things that couldn't be explained by science or faith.

Ok I'll get a thread started.

11-10-2008, 12:08 PM
Ok. I learned that Corinthian is banned so I need someone to take over as the demon hunter. Anyone want him?