View Full Version : Requesting Psychonauts Cover Art

10-29-2008, 02:28 PM
Hail, fellow Psychonauts.
I have just started playing this game, and indeed I have been stunned by its visual design — although the technical side of the graphics is surely not up to date.

One image in particular I am trying to find is the original Psychonauts box cover art, without the neon-glowing title, the gruesome review score lettering, etcetera.
Unfortunately, my research seems to be unsuccessful. I have stumbled over many websites featuring wallpapers or supposed-to-be-wallpapers, images, concept arts. I have also found a comprehensive image gallery created by a kind user of this same community. Still, there's no clue of the art I am looking for.
I fear that it may had remained developer-accessible only material. In which case, I will go straight to the DF Forum and ask for it, staring everyone with almighty sheep eyes.