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10-29-2008, 09:57 PM
Just out of curiosity (and pure boredom) what interesting things happened to you today? Here are a few of mine that happened to today so far.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Went to school.

Went on the SS Free (http://www.xgmx.net.tc/).

Went on Explosmertacular (http://www.explosmertacular.net.tc/).

Went on GameSpot (http://www.gamespot.com/).

Went on Planet Mac (http://www.planetmac.cz.tc/).

Went on Trollz (http://trollz.aceboard.com/).

Played Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition.

Went on Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org/).

Played Tribes 2 (http://www.tribes2.com/).

Played Quake II (http://www.quake2.com/).

Played StarCraft (http://www.blizzard.com/starcraft), the multiplayer Use Map Settings map "Star Wars Coruscant" but it sucked because I got stuck with a bunch of leavers.

Played Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (http://www.swgalaticbattlegrounds.com/).

Played American Revolutionary War (http://americanrevolutionarywar.zoomshare.com/).

Played Prussia.

Played Prussian Revolution.

Played Star Wars Rebellions (http://z13.invisionfree.com/SW_Rebellion).

Played Frank Herbert's Dune Online.

Played Alien versus Predator Online.

Played Stargate Annihilation.

Played Star Trek Annihilation.

Played Stars' Empire (http://www.stars-empire.com/).

Went on LucasForums (http://www.lucasforums.com/).

Went on Lucasfilm (http://s1.zetaboards.com/lucasfilm).

Played DnD The Sunless Citadel.

Played three Battlestar Galactica MMOs that I forgot the name too.

Went on the Wookieepedia (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page).

Checked by e-mail (http://www.xgmx.net.tc/mail).

Watched Star Wars Episode I: A New Hope (http://www.starwars.com/).

Got a rather interesting phone call from Barrack Obama (http://www.barrackobama.com/).

Studied for a safety test in beginning woods.

Laughed at Saturn, the founder of Team Kindred (http://www.teamkindred.com/), because of his doomsaying hate speeches.

Discussed a really stupid topic with my friends, the Russian Federation, who the hell brought that up? Oh wait, I think I did.

Prevented a fight between two of my friends.

Sat with Katelyn Davis ("oh yeah" -Kool Aid guy).

Recalled a conversation I had yesterday about koolaid (that's odd).

Watched my binder rip more damn, I need to get a new one.

My worst enemy in real life (Teresa Chapman) didn't show up at school.

It was a block day at school.

Got a new pair of shorts (which is rather pointless considering it's going to be Winter in less than a month).

Told one of my 2 best friends (Matt "nightmare" Beumer) to **** off because he made fun of me.

Wished Stargate SG-1 (http://stargate.mgm.com/) didn't get canceled.

Almost went on GateWorld (http://www.gateworld.net/) and the GateWorld forums (http://forum.gateworld.net/) but decided against it (thank god I didn't go there).

Realized I couldn't make fun of Tim anymore by calling him gay (as a joke) because he got a girlfriend (guess I'll have to pick on someone else, jk).

Got so extremely bored that I decided to make a topic about my day.

10-29-2008, 11:25 PM
I was with my ladies all day...

10-30-2008, 11:28 AM
I got into a fight, got a black eye, and bruised the other guy between the pipes.