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Greetings! And welcome to...

The Haunted House! Bwhahahahaha!!!

Inside, are Cade Skywalker, as Victim #1, and Lyna Honso, as Victim #2. We will see who will go inside with bravery... or fear. Find out in this chilling event! Enter... if ya dare...

Entering the Haunted House...

Lyna Honso: Cade, I'm scared. Hold me, please. *Holds Cade with fright*

Cade Skywalker: Tsk! I ain't scared of nothin'! Let 'em try and scare the kriff outta me!

Lyna: Cade, don't be so boastful about it! The monsters can hear ya, you know.

Cade: SO?! Let 'em hear me! I'm tellin' ya, this might be Krayt or Nihl's idea of trying to capture us! Well, I'm not falling for it.

In the First section of the Haunted House...

A spooky looking blue Twi'lek comes out and makes scary noises at Cade and Lyna! Lyna holds Cade with fright. Cade is almost to the point where he's scared, but tries to be the big man.

Cade: That wasn't scary at all. Take a hike, ya bum!

Lyna and Cade continues to walk down the dark corridors, but Lyna is crying loudly.

Lyna: I hate this place! I wanna get out!!

Cade: Shaddup! How can you be scared of that lame stuff?! A Jedi ain't never afraid, Lyna. Isn't that right? Hmmm?

Lyna: *shrugs* Well... I guess.

Cade: Okay. Now... stay close to me.

In the Second section...

Cade and Lyna are surrounded by zombies, that resemble Deliah Blue, Jariah Syn, Azlyn Rae, Antares Draco, and Ganner Kreig! Cade and Lyna runs out of there, and the door shuts.

Cade: Phew! That was too close! I mean... aww, bantha fodder! I can do better than that! Give me you guy's best shot!

Entering the last room...

Cade and Lyna stops in a large room of darkness. Suddenly, they hear a disembodied voice.

Voice: Cade Skywalker... are you afraid yet?

Cade: *hiding the fear, not knowing how the voice knows his name* No. Not really.

Voice: Well, be very, very, very afraid on what you're about to face...

All of a sudden, a female ghost appears in the air, and screams with a spooky tone. Her hair pops out and her eyes are glowing red. Shocked, Cade screams like a girl.

Cade: *runs away, crying* Get me outta here! I want my mommy!!!


Lyna: Ha ha! Great job, gang! Shado, you did really great in the first part. The zombies, guys... priceless!

Deliah Blue: Thanks, Lyna! Boy, this is gonna be a night Cade will never forget. The first time he got scared and screamed like a girl! *starts laughing with the others*

Lyna: And the ghost? Great effects!

Shado: Uh... ghost?

Lyna: Yeah, the ghost. *everyone looks confused* What a minute, if you guys didn't do the ghost... then who...?

The Ghost appears in mid-air, and scares everyone. Lyna screams, along with the others, and runs out of the Haunted House.

The Ghost, Sasha Honso: Ha ha! Should we tell 'em, dear?

2nd Ghost, Jasten Honso: Nah. Let the kids figure it out themselves...


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:lol::lol::lol: Great Fic!

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Nice work.

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:lol: A fun read. Good job.

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Thanks, guys! :D

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lol fun reading. Ah, the memories... I wonder whatever happened to that old rp of yours...

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It's still there. Just that Jedi Atomic hasn't replied in a while. But I'm glad ya enjoyed this "haunting" fic, PK! :D

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Your welcome. Do you have any others, like that?

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Well... I did make a RP based on the characters. And I made this fanfic. You can see it here. (http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=180025)

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Thank you. :)