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11-07-2008, 11:22 AM
I have played Outcast and Academy for some time. As I'm playing on laptop and I have gotten tired of having basically the same game I plan to get "rid" of the other game.

So far I'm thinking about leaving Academy on shelve. But I have a couple of things I'd like to have cleared out.

First: I love the Jedi Master mode in Outcast, beats Power Duel and Siege any day. Is there any way to have Jedi Master gametype in Academy?

Second: The charachter creator of Academy is a neat addition, but there are very few options I like. So can I download and use some Academy skin combinations for Outcast? If I can, where from?

And finally: I looked around for saber mods that give Outcast dual sabers. Apparently the dual blades are just cosmetic and I imagine there is no more concretical option available. Am I right?

Thanks. Any opinions of which game is better are welcomed too.

11-15-2008, 02:50 AM
Both games have their special aspects. Outcast has a rich and variety story line, and fine qualities. You can play Outcast levels and style on Academy but it is a bit complex. My own experience is that I enjoy both, and play them both for their own qualities. If you research some of the mod, map and model archives you may find the mods and skins you want for Outcast. There was a lot of modelling done for it. Glad you are enjoying and playing JKO, it is an outstanding game that stands up very well to the very latest in bellls and whistles in modern games indeed, and to a large degree due to the excellent engine that is very playable, allowing you to enjoy the story and the content.

11-25-2008, 08:09 AM
Well I'm playing on an year old market laptop so there are no that many options on it, though I have consoles too. But it's completely different from what nearly everyone said when I asked about computers in some forums: "It can only run Solitaire", but funnily it can run even Far Cry quite smoothly on highest settings. People don't settle to anything less than Crysis these days.

All my games are rather old: Halo, Sims, Quake2, Grand Prix4, NHL2000 and a couple more, besides Jedi Knights's oblivously. Little this and that to be entertained everywhere. Don't take much space and run perfectly on highest settings. That's why I'd like to combine both Jedi Knights.

Outcast is like Halo1 compared to Halo2 and 3. It has less fancies but everything you need for a solid and balanced game.

I guess it's off to scroll through mods.