View Full Version : Tattooine Jedi Guild

11-07-2008, 05:18 PM
Hey all,

I have decided to make a Tattooine Jedi Guild, starting with me and anyone who wishes to join, PM me their email address's or tell me and i'll add them on SWG. The main reason for this is I need some help to become a better player. The requirements for the guild:

1. May not be a Non-Jedi
2. Must be a strong fighter
3. Under level 7 or more not accepted (sorry if this offends people)
4. Must have a load of weapons
5. Cannot die more than 2-3 times
6. Must be willing and able to stay online for long time periods.
7. No Hackers or Hacking of others accounts, computers, or anything whatsoever!
8. Stay with each other

If anyone thinks of something else please quote these guidelines in your posts.

Other than that I will post the name of the server soon, so keep your selves patient and keep the posts coming.