View Full Version : Small differences between the PSP and Xbox versions of BF2

11-08-2008, 01:51 AM
Small differences I noticed in these versions of Battlefront II:

- Invincibility is yellow (instead of blue in the Xbox version)
- The heroes and villians command posts are reversed when playing Assault on Mos Eisley
- Aayla Secura has a purple lightsaber along with her blue as opposed to the Xbox's green one
- There are no medals
- Some of the maps are missing (Courscant, Jabba's Palace etc.)
- No videos for background in main menu
- No Galactic Conquest or Rise of the Empire (instead replaced with bonus missions)
- 10 units per team at a time instead of the Xbox's 16

Though the same glitches apply :D

If anyone else knows any other differences (small or major), please add it here!