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This story is an alternate history of World War 2 that I've been toying around with for a while now. I actually had the idea a little before the game "Turning Point: Fall of Liberty" was released, so I might have a couple of similarities with the game. This is very much a "what if" story, but that's what alternate history is. Some of the characters are real, many others are not. So, without further ado, I present...

"The Last Line"


The year is 1940, one year since the invasion of Poland. As we know, Nazi Germany moved fast and conquered numerous countries all over Europe within a year. France was decimated, Russia held on barely, and Britain had a knife at her throat. Most of Europe had been conquered and the world watched waiting for Adolf Hitler's next move.

In history, Hitler launched an all out assault with his battle hardened Luftwaffe {airforce} at Britain in the spring of 1940. At first, Germany's aircraft nearly ruled the skies. But the tide turned and Hitler's airforce was no longer able to continue the destructive campaign. What if they didn't stop, though?

That is where history changes.

Hitler, after a couple months of intensive bombarding of British airfields and cities, prepares his army for the final strike. The Kriegsmarine {navy} has deployed itself in a defensive screen across the English channel. German paratroopers in places like Calais or Cherbourg prepare for their mission of destroying communication and capturing key roads and bridges. German Wehrmacht and their panzer support await the order to deploy into their landing craft and barges to land on the English coastline to capture cities like Southampton, or London. Then Hitler gave the order.

British forces had been greatly downsized after the defeat and evacuation at Dunkirk, France, so resistance was minimal. The British Home Gaurd tried its best to hold back the first wave of the invasion, but to no avail. Britain fell quickly, but the British government survived. Luckily, a massive evacuation of civilians and troops were conducted as the Germans invaded. So Winston Churchill and much of the Royal family were brought to Canada, to conduct the war from there. America remained silent in its isolationism and had concluded not to fight Axis forces.

Europe had been conquered.

Russia, now alone with Germany, continued to fight the German attackers. But now, the attacking force had doubled in number and experience, forcing Russian forces to give up Moscow. The Russians didn't just simply let Moscow go, though. Russian troops recieved order to burn anything and everything of value, and to let the Germans suffer in the cold of winter in a burned capital. Shortly after Russian forces moved out, the Germans came into Moscow and found it mostly destroyed.

At this, Nazi forces knew that Russia wouldn''t fall for a long time.

Years past, and Japanese forces had conquered nearly all of Asia and had destroyed the U.S. fleet there. President Roosevelt tried his best to fight against the Japanese fleet, but without British support and the immeadiate fall of Pearl Harbor in January of 1942, was forced into a peace treaty with Japan. The Russians had gained back a little ground, but found itself fighting on two fronts to its dissatisfaction. On April 17, 1945, President Roosevelt died. And due to the lack of victory in the World War, the Atomic weapons Manhattan Project didn't take place.

In 1948, Truman was defeated by Thomas Dewey and America remained nuetral watching the world being conquered. After Winston Churchill's death in 1945, a former commando named William Japur took over as Prime Minister and strongly encouraged America to help. Unfortunatley, American President Dewey didn't budge. The Resistance forces in Europe continued to harass German Forces and Russia, holding on for dear life, recaptured Moscow, but German forces stayed supreme. Japan took Alaska, but Emperor Hirohito forbade any further action, much to General Hideki Tojo's distaste.

The year is now 1957 and Hitler is in his late sixties, but still out conquering countries. Everything in Asia, minus the Soviet Union, is an Axis state, and so is Africa. South America sides itself with Germany and keeps what little liberty it had. Canada still holds on, and William Japur continues to encourage American involvement. Dewey surprisingly is still President and remains firm on nuetrality. The world is a much darker place.

But that may soon change...

End of Prologue

Chapter 1:Feldsturm is coming soon!

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An interesting premise, Commander. I find it odd that only Canada and Russia remain fighting. I should think that the British would have been able to help the Australians, or ever remain in India.

Also, in the first sentence you should write the sentence "one year" (minus the 's') as opposed to "one years." Other than that, it was pretty good. I look forward to the next chapter.

11-08-2008, 07:06 PM
Thanks Litofsky! I'll make the corrections right away. Unfortunately, Japan and Germany conquered the remaining British influenced areas like India and Australia {minus Canada}. Greenland and Iceland are bases for recon, though. You'll see what happens soon.

11-09-2008, 02:19 AM
We gotsa conquered!!!??? :(:(:(:(:(

Bugger. :lol:

Nice start, Commander. Interested as to where you decide to take this path of history.

11-09-2008, 04:23 AM
Yes, very interesting. Looking forward to more...

11-12-2008, 01:22 PM
Berlin, Germany
January 7, 1957

"Herr Himmler will see you now," said the blond secretary.

Fieldmarshal Kurt Von Streyvlitz nodded and stood from his chair. Streyvlitz was tall, about 6 foot 9 in height, muscular, and with blond hair. To top it off, he had dark blue eyes. He was the ideal Nazi, with a military record to match.

Streyvlitz started walking down the marble hallway that led to Himmler's office. Himmler, or his full name Heinrich Himmler, was the commander of Germany's SS police force. They were better known as the Gestapo. He had also been given command of Germany's armed forces while Hitler left for a vacation at his Berg Hof {Eagle's Nest} in Berchtesgaden, northern Germany. He had called Streyvlitz to Berlin from the middle of an operation on the Eastern Front, against Russia. To be called away like this wasn't normal, military tradition demanded completing your mission before leaving. Obviously, this was important, without having to look at the Top Priorty Tag given to Streyvlitz.

Streyvlitz's footsteps echoed as he walked. Nervousness waited in the bac of his mind as he got closer to Himmler's office. To be called to the Reichstag could either be good, or horribly bad.

Two SS Elite soldiers stood in their black uniforms holding their standard issue G50 semiautomatic rifles, with a bayonet attached. Everything they wore was polished to a bright sheen, and their uniforms were of the utmost cleanliness. Streyvlitz approached them, and neither acknowledged him. Suddenly, the door opened and Heinrich Himmler himself stared out.

"Kommen Sie," he said crisply.

Streyvlitz saluted and walked in. Himmler walked to his bright oak desk and took out a manila envelope. He turned to face Streyvlitz.

"So, you are Fieldmarshal Streyvlitz, yes? Commander of the Seventh Army of SS volunteers? Also with a medal count of all Iron Cross awards and Knights Cross Awards?"

Streyvlitz smiled and responded, "Jawohl, Mein Herr!" {Yes sir}

Himmler nodded and handed him the envelope.

"This envelope contains top secret files on your orders, read it, and then commence your orders. Your codeword for commencement is Berg Krieg.

Streyvlitz smiled again and said, "Finally sir! We're commencing Berg Krieg!"

Himmler nodded and adjusted his small square mustache, "Yes, and do not speak to anyone outside of your staff circle about this. Lest you be branded as a traitor and executed, dismissed."

Himmler sat down at his desk and waved his hand dismissively and the two SS gaurds escorted Streyvlitz back to his car outside.

Finally, thought Streyvlitz, The Final Battle!

London, Occupied Great Britain
Safe House 17
January 12, 1957

William Japur looked out the window of his two story flat at the German troops patrolling outside.

"Hey Doyle, how many men do you count on your side?"

Another man in a dark brown commando uniform looked out his window on the other side of the flat.

"I count 7, You?"

"5, we've got close to a platoon around here."

Japur took a puff on his cigarette. Japur, was short at 4 foot 5, but was extremely sturdy and packed a punch. He too stood in a dark brown commando uniform with a black beret. He also had his Sten MK11 slung over a casually over a shoulder.

"Bert, do you have anything on that Kraut radio?"

Bert, in civilian garb, sat at a desk with a large black radio.

"Nothing yet, Prime Minister."

Japur coughed out a laugh, "Leave my political rank in Canada, Sergeant. Here, I'm a commando, not a strange politician."

The other two men chuckled a bit. Suddenly, Bert started getting static on the radio.

"Sir, I've got something!"

Japur stubbed out his cigarette and walked over to Bert. Bert started tuning in a better frequency. Through a lot of static, he managed to find a secure channel.

"Here we are, sir."

The radio crackeled to life, "Achtung....shhhhh.....Bod Koller.....shhhh....und Berg Krieg.....shhhh....commence..shhh."

Japur pressed the shutoff button and sighed, "We got something, Berg Krieg is what I heard. Berg Krieg means something like "Eagle War." What is Jerry up to?"

The 3 men sat quietly, thinking. Japur spoke first.

"We just caught a new military operation!"

Doyle stepped over, "What do you mean?"

Japur got out a cigarette pack and lit one as he walked to the window.

"They used a similar code when they launched the invasion of Britain. This was a commence signal, in case you didn't hear the last word."

Doyle coughed and prepped his sten, "We've got what we came for, we better leave. Jerry might sniff us out if we stay any longer."

Japur nodded, "We'll think more in Canada. Come on"

He walked to the window to see what the Germans outside were doing. Surprisingly, all but one had left. But that one gaurd, was gaurding their only way out, the front door.

"Oy, the entrance is covered, "said Japur.

Bert chuckled and grabbed the radio and walked over to the window.

"I'll handle that," he said, trying to keep from laughing.

He opened the window and raised the radio above his head. The German was directly under him, guarding the doorway. He then dropped the radio.

"HELLO JERRY!" he shouted as the radio plummeted toward the guard.

The guard looked up just in time to see the radio falling.

Klunk was the sound, and the German soldier crumpled to the ground, unconscious.

"Well, first story cleared, Canada, here we come." Japur said happily.

There they began their journey back to the only free land under British control.

End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 soon to follow

11-13-2008, 05:41 PM
The White House
Washington D.C.
February 1, 1957

President Thomas Dewey sat quietly staring out the window of the Oval Office. There were two other men with him, Military Adviser General Dwight D. Eisenhower and General George S. Patton Jr. chatted quietly nearby. Suddenly, the door opened and the President's Diplomatic Adviser, Louis Bergman, walked in. He held a small letter that had large dark letters on it.

"Mr President, this just came in, it's from Berlin."

Dewey took a breath and returned from his thoughts to the real world.

"Thanks, Lou," he said.

Bergman handed him the letter and walked out of the room and back into his own office. Dewey opened the letter and began to read silently. Eisenhower and Patton stopped chatting and walked to the President's desk.

Eisenhower cleared his throat, "Mr. President, the Diplomatic Adviser said that was from Berlin, what does it say?"

Patton nodded as well, curious to know what it said. Dewey's face registered happiness and achievement.

"Ike, George, I think our nuetrality is beginning to pay off. This message is from Adolf Hitler himself, giving terms of peace and alliance on certain terms."

Patton grunted in disbelief and slight anger.

Eisenhower spoke again, "Mr. President, with all due respect, we shouldn't compromise to these National Socialists, they've been known to back-stab their allies. Sir, personally, this would be a poor decision to ally with Germany."

Dewey sighed, "I don't know, Ike, but these terms are pretty good, I'd think you'd agree."

He then handed the letter to Eisenhower. Ike took it and spread it out so both he and Patton could read.

The letter said this:

President John Dewey:

I realize that our two countries have often been at odds due to decisions made on both of our parts. Perhaps we could make the world a better place if our two countries set aside their differences and united in an alliance which I will gaurantee will last for thousands of years. I ask you if you would wish to have an alliance with the Glorious Third Reich and ensure peace, prosperity and ultimate security for our two fair countries. I hope that you will accept the gift of supplies that the German people send you. If you accept this alliance, we ask of you one thing, to make the alliance pure we ask that you pay for the fuel of the supplies we send you, free from the German people.

Adolf Hitler

Eisenhower sighed,"Hitler sure wrote a quick letter, and I think he needs help in his diplomacy skills. Mr. President, we shouldn't trust him."

Dewey shook his head,"I believe that this man is legit about his claims, prehaps we should bring about this alliance."

Patton shook his head, "Unintelligent Son-of-a-"

Eisenhower raised a hand to cut off the rest of Patton's words.

"Mr. President, look at Germany's past with alliances. There are none, other than Japan, and that alliance is going down the drains! Look, can you not see, Hitler is trying to trick the American people!"

Patton shook his head, "Frankly Mr. President, if you do approve this alliance, then you'll see the fruit of your actions, and don't be surprised if the fruit is rotten."

Eisenhower nodded in agreement. Dewey smiled, "Peace is my policy, George. I'm going to approve of this alliance. I'll even make you guys feel better, how 'bout a budget increase?"

Eisenhower sighed loudly, "Mr. President, I think you've made your decision. If I may be excused, I have more pressing matters to attend to."

Ike saluted and began walking out the door. Dewey saluted back, smiling happily due to his new triumph.

"Come on, George," said Ike, "There's something I need to speak to you about."

Patton nodded and walked out the door without saluting.

He turned quickly and said,"Mr. President, you are one dumb bas-"

"GEORGE!" Shouted Ike. They then both left the room.

Eisenhower and Patton then decided to take a walk in the White House's garden area. There was no security there, therefore the best area for a talk that may be slightly illegal. He and Patton started the walk.

"George, Dewey doesn't know what he's getting in to. I'm going to need your help in the coming storm."

Patton nodded, "Well, sir, I can't say I wouldn't help you in this decision."

Ike smiled, "Well, George, what I need you to do is simple. Spread our troops out in a defensive screen outside of all the major ports on the Eastern Seaboard."

Patton smiled this time," Sure Ike, do you suspect the Germans?"

"Do you?"

Patton was silent in his thinking, "Don't you think we should start training civilians in guerilla warfare?"

Ike nodded, "Yeah, start 'em out. We're gonna need to be ready if the Krauts pull a fast one."

Patton nodded and noticed a security guard starting his patrol near them.

"Well, I better get about doing these things, I'll see ya, Ike!"

Patton clapped Ike on the shoulder and began walking to his car in the driveway. He waved and saluted halfway there and gave a V for Victory sign. Eisenhower returned the movement and looked at the flowerbeds. A white flower sprout out among the red roses. Eisenhower picked it up.

"It looks like German Edelweiss," Eisenhower said to himself.

He put it in his pocket, "May it never grow here."

Eisenhower then began the walk back to his staff car.

Ship Harbor 456
Cherbourg, Occupied France
February 5, 1957

Hans Bleighoffer stubbed out his cigarette and rubbed it into the wooden dock with his boot. He had been on patrol guarding these huge black barges in the harbor. What the contents of the barges were, Hans didn't know, perhaps nothing. But lately there had been a large build up of troops and tanks ranging from small light panzer to the Super Heavy-class panzer, the P. 1000 RATTE. They had been gathering lately together, as if they were going to be loaded or something. Then it struck Hans.

Loaded, we're loading these tanks and troops! thought Hans.

He felt immensely proud of himself for figuring out this "difficult" task. He adjusted his STG-64 Assault Rifle and resumed his patrol.

20 minutes later his patrol ended and he sat in the radio command center, where the new messages and signals were sent and distributed. It was bustling with activity and filled with the noise of a busy office. Suddenly, an SS colonel, judging by his black uniform and bright red arm band, stood on a small chair and held up a newspaper.

He then announced, "An alliance has been founded with the Americans! There will be peace!"

Some of the high ranking officers chuckled, for what reason, Hans didn't know.

The colonel then stepped down off the chair and saluted to someone entering the bunker. A Fieldmarshal by the name of Streyvlitz, entered.

The room was silent.

Streyvlitz stood taller than everyone in the room. His height was increased when he stood on the small chair.

He spoke, his voice echoing through the room, "Radio to all commands within the Cherbourg area, COMMENCE BERGKRIEG!"

Everyone saluted and acknowledged. Then the radios went to work and not 10 minutes later, Hans heard the sound of massive Panzers entering the black barges that he had gaurded.

Then, suddenly, Hans knew.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 soon to come...

Bee Hoon
11-14-2008, 12:35 PM
What if they didn't stop, though.Try asking it as an outright rheotical question? As it is, it doesn't have enough oomph, but I can see the potential for it.

America remained silent in its isolationism and had concluded not to fight Axis forces.Concluded is a little out of place there. Suggest:...and stuck to its decision to not engage the Axis forces.

Gaurd-> Guard
Japanease-> Japanese
immeadiate-> immediate
freguency-> frequency
Diplomacy Adviser-> Diplomatic Adviser
gaurantee-> guarantee

He was the ideal Nazi, With a military record to match.You don't have to capitalize 'with'. Besides that, his physical appearance qualifies him as the ideal Nazi? :p The military record may match, but it's kinda implied that his looks and physique take precedence!

with a bayonet attachment.If I'm not mistaken, this isn't strictly wrong, but it sounds a tad awkward. Suggest:...with a bayonet attached.

Himmler nodded and adjusted his small square mustache,How do you adjust a mustache? This makes me imagine it sliding up and down his face :lol: I think this sentence should end with a period.

"Yes, and do not speak to anyone outside of your staff circle about this. Lest you be branded as a traitor and executed, dismissed."Staff circle is awkward. Are all of his staff privy to this information? Or is it to be restricted to a circle of trusted associates? There are also some problems with punctuation here. Try: "Yes, and do not speak to anyone outside of your staff about this, lest you be branded traitor and executed. Dismissed."

Japur pressed the shutoff button and sighed, "We got something, Ber Krieg is what I heard. Berg Krieg means something like "Eagle War." What is Jerry up to?"Could use polishing, but I am lazy to elaborate ;o Points to note: shutoff, typo Ber Krieg, some grammar, punctuation, who is Jerry??

"The used a similar code*They

"Whelp, first story cleared, Canada, here we come." Japur said happily.Why do I keep seeing people all over the intart00b using 'whelp' in the place of 'well'? *is old and grumpy* You kids!

Dewey's face registered happiness and achievement.Suggest: triumph

...will last for thouasands of years.He sure is laying it on thick ;p

There was no security there,Why not?

He put it in his pocket, "May it never grow here."Edelweiss, edelweiss, may you never groooow here!

But lately there had been a large build up of troops and tanks ranging from small light panzer to the Super Heavy-class panzer, the P. 1000 RATTE.Panzer? RATTE? Moo!

...where the new messages and signals were sent and commenced. Commenced?

Some of the high ranking officers chuckled, for what reason, Hans didn't know.So much for secrecy! :p

Streyvlitz stood taller than everyone in the room. His height was increased when he stood on the small bucket. Why a bucket? Why not a chair?

All in all, it seems pretty interesting, and Dewey is indeed a moron:/ I can't wait to see what he does when he gets stabbed in the back. The edelweiss was a nice touch, although now you've made me feel all Sound of Musicy. As always, read, reread and polish.

11-14-2008, 01:08 PM
Oh, Jerry is another term for Germans, Jerries Germans, eh.

Well, I'll definately make these corrections immediatley.

Man, now that you mentioned The Sound of Music, I can't help getting the song stuck in my head! Ahh!

11-15-2008, 10:13 PM
An interesting chapter, Commander. As Bee pointed out, there were quite a few grammatical errors, but the chapter had a nice plot. However, one technical aspect that I'd like to point out is that, after nearly twenty years of war, the US Army would've already begun to train civilians in guerrilla warfare. My two cents.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :)

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11-22-2008, 02:27 PM
4 miles out of New York Harbour
Bridge of the battleship Bismarck
February 15, 1957

"Herr Fieldmarshal! The package is in delivery!" shouted Admiral Lindemann, commander and captain of the Bismarck strike force.

Fieldmarshal Kurt Von Streyvlitz stared out of the windows of the bridge at the deploying German fleet. He nodded at Lindemann's announcement and walked over to the nearby radio station on port side of the bridge. The plan was simple, the package, or the fleet of transports carrying "goods" in a sign of good will toward the Americans. This small fleet would dock in the port of New York and unleash its terrifying arsenal of men and machines. These advanced troops would move quickly to destroy any communications that would allow the rest of the United States become aware of the situation.
Also, while the troops, tanks, and other machines made their way through the city, modified HO-229 heavy wing-bombers would fly over the city carrying static weaponry, this static weaponry would force all communications not destroyed to shut down due to radio static. To the people outside the city, it would be registered as an electrical black out.

The American people will be caught completely off gaurd, thought Streyvlitz.

He then looked again at Admiral Lindemann," Admiral, commence phase A of Operation Berg Krieg."

Admiral Lindemann saluted and walked to the radio stations. He took one of the phones and dialed in the ships.

"To all ships, prepare and execute codeword Berg Krieg, phase A."

At that moment, Streyvlitz heard the sound of thousands of heavy ship's horns sound off in acknowledgement.

New York
Port Loading Customs Agency Building

Bill Kendrick walked into the large gray office building that held the offices of all the port authorities. He had just recieved a report from Washington D.C. that German transports carrying goods that would help the American people would be arriving today.

Kendrick walked past the secretary and into the Head Authorities room where the main authority, George Kendrick, Bill's brother, led New Yorks shipping and loading buisness.

"How you doing, George?" asked Bill as he walked out the door. A heavier man in a gray buisness suit and a cigar in his mouth stood up from behind his desk.

"Bill, what news do you have for me? Oh, by the way, I'm doing well, how's mother?"

Bill took a seat in front of his brother and helped himself to his brother's cigar case, "Oh, she's tolerable, as always."

George chuckled, "Well, that's Mom for ya, now, let's cut to the chase, what is it?"

Bill took a small telegram from his work coat and handed it to his brother, "Just came in this morning."

George took the telegram and sat down in his chair.

"Well, well, we got something coming from the Nazi's, eh? Well, as long as the President knows what he's doing, I guess we can unload this new cargo. It's pretty vague about these so called "goods," eh Bill. Do you know anything on it."

Bill shrugged and took a puff of his cigar, "Nah, George, the guy who gave it to me just said to give it to ya."

George stood again and put the telegram in one of his file cabinets. He then looked out his window at the Statue of Liberty and saw several small black cargo ships making their way into the harbor.

"Well, I guess you better get over there and start up buisness, eh? See ya at lunch, Bill."

Bill nodded and walked out of the room.

George pressed the intercom and said to his seceretary, "Hey Sally, could you get me all of the port loader leaders over here for a meeting in about two hours?"

Sally responded, "Yes, Mr. Kendricks, I'll contact them right away."

George shut off the intercom and looked out the window again at the black ships coming into the harbor. And he couldn't help but feel in his large gut that something bad was going to happen.

New York Harbour
Loading Port 9

The black ship steadily made it's way into the loading dock. Bill Kendricks thought it strange that none of the German sailors aboard hadn't come out to greet the unloaders yet.

Bill stood with his unloading crew of about 15 men. They all stood quietly as the first black ship pulled in. The other ships had docked in the other loading ports and were probably just beginning their haul. Bill suddenly decided that he should contact his brother about the strange feeling he had about unloading these ships. He was sure the feeling was nothing, though. He decided to call his brother anyway.

"Hey, Joe, I gotta do something really quick. Once the ship pulls in, start lodaing without me," said Bill.

Joe nodded and stood still like the rest of the crew. Bill walked over to the nearby telephone booth and dialed his brother's number. It rang three times, and then his brother's secretary answered.

"Bill Kendricks to speak to my brother."

"On moment, Mr. Kendricks."

Bill waited a few minutes and looked at his crew as they opened the ship's unusually large lodaing doors. The doors opened, and everything in the ship was covered in darkness. Joe and the crew stood still longer as they stared into the dark hull of the ship. Suddenly, George got on the line.

"Hey, Bill! What's new?"

"Oh, I just gotta.."

Suddenly, Bill heard what sounded like jets flying over. He looked up and saw several squadrons of...wings, flying wings, going over the noise of New York City.

"Bill what is it, BI...." and the phoneline went to static.

Bill looked up again at the bombers and suddenly the numerous radios and telephones in the area went static, too.

Then, out of the hull came a sound of clanking metal. Bill ran over to his crew and looked in. A small spider-like robot stepped out, and everyone's faces registered surprise. Then suddenly, Bill heard gunfire and screams coming from the other ports. He looked again at the small droid, and he took a small step forward to look at it closer.

"What in the...."

The droid's "eyes" zeroed in on Bill and it got suddenly lower.

Then it leaped toward Bill with it's razer sharp legs.

It would be the last thing Bill and his crew would ever see. And they didn't even get a chance to scream. The invasion of the United States had begun.

12-01-2008, 02:51 PM
New York City
Q's Donut Shop 1 mile from the nearby Ranger Military base
February 15, 1957
0900 hours

"I'll have the frosty one, you know, with the sprinkles," said Joseph Philips to the heavier man on the other side of the donut counter.

The "donut guy" slipped a hand under the counter and produced a small donut with frosting and sprinkles.

"Would you like coffee with that, trooper?" asked the Donut guy.

Joe nodded, "Yeah, just black, though."

The man quickly got a cup of java and handed it to Joe.

"Buck seventy-five for that one."

"Sure thing, oh, by the way, I'm not a trooper, I'm a ranger."

The man nodded and smiled and went to the next customer. Joseph balanced the donuts he got for his buddies in one hand, and the coffee in another. Suddenly, Joe spilled his coffee on his green dress uniform.

"Ahh, man..."

His friends immediatley cracked up.

"You had to do that, Philips, you just had to spill the coffee." One of Joe's two friends present said.

Joseph sighed and said, "Oh shut up, Ben, it's not like you haven't done anything like this."

Joe slowly walked to the table as Ben shrugged. Joe distributed the donuts and kept his coffee as he sat down.

"The Lieutenant is gonna be mad at you during afternoon inspection, Joe."

"Well, this thing looks temporary, maybe I can rub it out somehow, any ideas, Willy?"

Willy shook his head, "You're on your own, bud."

The three Airbourne Rangers began eating and drinking. They were dressed in their dark green dress uniforms, complete with their rewards and campaign insignias, from which there weren't many due to America's nuetrality. Their patches bore the insignia of the 1st Ranger battalion, which had been recently moved to the base here in New York, for what reason? Nobody except the high brass knew that.

Ben spoke first, "Well, Sarge, what's up for today?"

Joe sighed again, "I have no idea, Ben, there's just inspection for now, most everyone is on leave."

Willy, in his thick country accent, announced, "Well, folks, it ain't gonna matter, we're just here for now, no war, no nothing going on."

"Willy, it's isn't, not ain't," said Ben.

Willy rolled his eyes, "Just be quiet, English teacher of our battalion."

Suddenly the radio turned on, and all the soldiers and civilians in the shop were silent.

A low voice spoke, "Today, President Dewey will be assembling with Congress to ratify the newly suggested alliance with the German Empire. No further comments were said on the matter besides the Presidents saying of, "Peace is my policy, this will help." Further reports will be coming soon and we will inform you of the progress of this sitting. Now, for your entertainment, we present the long running song, "Lollipop." This is NYB reporting on 33.1."

Murmurs rose in the crowd as the song began playing.

"Ben, can you believe this? The President wants an alliance with those goons in Berlin, what's this country coming too?"

Ben shook his head, "I don't know, what happens happens, I just handle the problems people like the President start."

Willy looked at his two friends, "I can't help but notice, but you fella's aren't asking my opinion."

Joe responded, "For good reason, we know you to well. Well, we better get back to the base, or..."

Suddenly, the sound of jet engines filled the air, and the radio went static. Every radio seemed to go into static.

"What the..." Ben said as he stroked his small mustache in wonder.

The 3 Rangers ran outside and elbowed their way through the crowds to get a good look at the sky. It was filled with...black wings. Jets obviously, but their design was new, and intimidating. Suddenly, the men heard huge booms and small cracks of machine-gun fire. There were also paratroopers descending in their black parachutes. Another airplane, more recognizable as an old German Heinkel 11 bomber had huge speakers placed on it.

"People of New York!" It said, "We have come to liberate you from your corrupt government and oppression. The German people will welcome you with open arms should you not oppose us, the Liberators. Lay down your weapons and you will be treated well by the German Army!"

Joseph shuddered as he listened to the propaganda. He knew that there would be no alliance.

"Ben, get back to the base and warn command, see if you can get any support!"

Ben nodded and began running towards the base through the crowds of panicking civilians. German paratroopers began landing on the roofs of buildings and many different alleys. The sound of pop pop pop could be heard everywhere.

Joe looked at Willy, "See if you can get the armory open and prepare for a massive rearmanent, I'll see if I can get a squad together."

Willy nodded as well and ran towards the armory that was a mile away. Joe started grabbing as many able-bodied men as he could, preparing for the inevitable.

"FALLSHCIRMJEAGER {paratroopers}! Prepare for the green light!" shouted Oberleutnant Fritz Lugerstraus. The paratroopers, in their black uniforms and helmets, stood up and attached their parachute rings to the long pipe running from the front to the end of the jet craft.

Fritz adjust his FG-67 paratrooper heavy machine gun and took his place as the first jumper. He stared out at the chaotic city below. The harbor was filled with German battleships and landing craft, and the massive P. 1000 Ratte panzers were making their way through the city. They were crushing everything in their path. The famed Statue of Liberty stood serene near the chaos, but even Lady Liberty herself will not be safe soon.

"Gas masks on!" ordered Fritz. The whole group slipped on their black three-nozzled gas masks. There would be no danger of gas, but these masks provided night-vision and to top it off, the eye lenses glowed red, inciting fear in the enemy.

Suddenly, the green light showed above the jump shaft. Fritz took a breath and leaped forward out of the airplane, staring down at the raging battle below. He felt the air rush past his masked face. It was a glorious feeling. He then pulled the pin of his chute and felt a sharp jerking, telling him that the chute came out alright. He looked up at his black parachute and noticed the small Nazi Swastika on the very top in the center of the white circle that was the center of the chute.

He made the slow descent to the city of New York, and he landed right into the open window of an apartment. He crashed into numerous pots and pots and crashed the sink. The apartment just happened to belong to one of the soldiers posted at the nearby base. A man in an American combat uniform stepped out with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Fritz dove underneath the nearby kitchen table and adjusted his machine gun from semi-auto to fully-automatic. The soldier fred the shotgun and blew a hole through the table, and nearly took off Fritz's foot.

Fritz jumped from his position and thrust the butt of his rifle into the face of the American soldier. The man fell backward from the blow, but quickly kicked Fritz from his laying position.

Fritz coughed from the blow, but quickly took out his combat knife and pinned the soldier down. He was about to plunge the knife into the soldiers chest, but was met with a punch to the face. Fritz fell backward, and resorted to an easier mean of winning. He adjusted his machine gun towards the American and pulled the trigger, the impact threw the soldier across the room into a glass cabinet.

Fritz stood and ran to the window to scan the battle below. The Americans were setting up barricades outside, and were putting up a surprisingly good fight.

Fritz chuckled slightly and took out his hand radio, "Command, this is Parachute 1, bring up the Panzers..."