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12-07-2008, 04:40 AM
Ok, I just got an Xbox 360 for my bday and the Force Unleashed with it. This game is incredible. I know alot of people are saying how they play it and it gets boring after the first few levels, but that's not the case at all for me. I was used to the PSP version, which was basically the PS2 and Wii version in a handheld. That game was good, you felt pretty powerful, but in the Xbox version and the PS3 you just feel like a complete badass. I hope I can get to connect to the internet to be able to get the DLC when I get a hard drive(I got the 360 Arcade, so yeah)

Tell me your guy's opinions on the game and the comparison between 360/ps3 and Wii/ps2

12-07-2008, 01:20 PM
I have the game for Wii, and I have played the demo and one other level for Xbox 360. I would say both do some things better but I am guessing the Xbox/PS3 version is better. From what I hear it is longer, the graphics are much better and overall I like the controls better. The force controls for Wii like force push were cool, but waggling the Wii remote all over the place to swing your lightsaber got old fast. And the multiplayer on Wii is nothing special, I have only played it once. You 360/PS3 owners are not missing much.

12-07-2008, 02:34 PM
I got the PS3 version and rented the PS2 version. The PS3 version was amazing!!!!!!!!! The graphics were incredible, and destruction has never been so fun! :xp:

The PS2 version, on the other hand, had graphics that, IMO, looked like they were from the early PS2/PS1 versions. The cutscenes were...disappointing. The facial expressions were non-existent. Juno blinked a couple times. Other than that, she had a clay face. The apprentice moved his eyebrows a couple times, but--I'm sorry. Rubber eyebrows bouncing up and down while he's screaming this line out just doesn't fit. :lol:

And the Maris Brood scenes are a lot better in the PS3 (mainly because her fingers aren't a bright, vivid red). Shaak Ti's outfit is messed up in the PS2, and she's far too buxom. And, in the PS2, you have to play through the whole game to get to a single level.

To be fair, there are three things I miss about the PS2 version. I did enjoy picking out my lightsaber hilt, the costume selection screen was pretty good, and I really enjoyed playing as Aayla Secura, Mara Jade, Darth Phobus, and Asajj Ventress. However, there are skin packs coming out now for the PS3/360. One of them is already out, and more skins/costumes come with the Temple level they just released for the 360. (The PS3 is supposed to come out Monday)

Gargoyle King
12-08-2008, 06:26 AM
Personally, i found it dissapointing; but that is not to say that the game is rubbish - it most clearly is not.

The PS3 version is breathtaking (graphics wise) but i also tried the PSP version. Not bad for a handheld version - has it's own little charm about it, the extra modes are quite fun! :)