View Full Version : How to land a spaceship on a planet?

12-11-2008, 10:15 AM
Hi to all

I had a freaky question. Is it possible to mod a ship for example an Imperial Star Destroyer that it can Land on a planet.

I want that you can for example

build a ship in the Galactic Campain
than you attack a planet and fight a spacebattle the ship spawn fighter fighter sqadrouns that it had load
after you have win the spacebattle you can bring the ship (imperial Star Destroyer) down to the planet surface, the ship is in the air and spawn troops like Stormtrooper squads or At-Ats that it had load.

The question is, is that possible to modify an Star Destroyer or an other spaceship so that it can this.

Greetings to all your Lord of the Ems