View Full Version : Light Saber Combat Style Differentiation

12-15-2008, 06:48 AM
Hello! I just posted a thread before this one but I had this other idea. Maybe this could be part of the TOR wish list. What about different combat style animations? This would include not only different animation for the light saber blows, but also different fighting stance animation, different light saber grip animation (including reverse grip), and so on.

As must of us know (have read :D), each combat style gives different kinds of stats to the light saber wielder, such as +2 to bolt deflection, + 1 to melee damage, or +3 to defense, etc. This way, the player has the opportunity to chose and learn different styles during the TOR experience. You learn Sishio style (I think that's the right name), the basic one, when you become a padawan, and you learn the others styles as you progress into the game. Again, you cannot learn them all at the same time. There could be also different proficiency levels for each style, but these are just ideas popping into my mind as I write this... Only a Jedi Weapon Master or a Sith Assassin could master most of the combat styles, while other classes can master two or three styles only.

Please, consider making different combat animations for each combat style, and a lots of acrobatics (if possible) animations.This will make the combat experience more enjoyable. Thanks!

12-18-2008, 05:53 PM
ive always thought thats a *great* idea. id actually be disappointed if the devs *didnt* put this in TOR.

im hoping TOR will have so many animations, youll never see them all.
because imo, good animations makes the game more cinematic and epic.
seeing the same attack animations again and again gets boring pretty fast.