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01-01-2009, 01:40 PM
Hey guys,

First time poster here, and I just finished the Rogue Leader: History of Lucasarts book and I want to say that it is absolutely awesome not just for Lucasarts fans but for Videogame historians as well.

First off, It's just an absolute joy to read the stories behing classic game like Fate of Atlantis, Full Throttle, Monkey Island and so on and so forth. Adding to this is the expert research done by Rob Smith to get interviews with Gilbert, Schaefer, and Holland.

Also, Smith does a good job in not being overly biased with Lucasarts and sometimes finding fault with them, especially in the early 2000's when they read ther console era all wrong. It was hard, but refreshing to read the negative side of things.

Finally, the final positive and negative of the book is the sheer amount of concept art of cancelled games at Lucasarts while it is cool to see, it also pisses you off that you could not play these games. (KOTOR 3, Justice Unlimited, and Star Wars: Smuggler I'm looking at you.)

Overall, the book is great and a must have for any Lucasarts fan.