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This is something I'm experimenting with. It switches between 1st and 3rd person perspectives, because it's a story being told, so that further chapters of this story will make sense. I don't know if this has ever been done, and I don't know how it's going to turn out. So, bare with me.

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The Unknown


Where could I go? What would I do if I arrived there? Questions, that were unanswerable swam in my head as I fled for my life from the mercenaries behind me. My ship had been destroyed upon landing leaving me stuck on Telos. It had not been my wish to come here, but my masters. Despite my annoyance at the very thought of traveling to Telos, I did what any other young Jedi would do, and listened to my master. Unfortunately, he would not be coming with me on my journey. Instead he had matters to attend to on Coruscant. So that’s pretty much how I ended up in this pickle of a situation I’m in. Except for this time, there may be no escape…

As I continued to run, and hide, I grew tired. I would have turned and fought but their numbers put the odds against me. They chased me into a narrow trench that looked as though it used to be a lake. I kept my cool but it was hard, knowing 25+ blood-thirsty mercenaries were chasing after me. blaster bolts hit the rocky wall creating a dust cloud the size of a small passenger ship. My eyes stung in pain. They began to tear up as suddenly, I was hit square on the back. I fell to the ground stunned. Looking behind me at the mercenaries, I notice one had a long rifle pointed my way. I’d been shot, but only by a stun gun, used for capturing animals. I felt myself slowly fall into a deep sleep which I fear never wakening from. I heard their voices as they crowded around me. “Easy men. She’s still a Jedi don’t forget.” I wanted to laughed for what they said was true. But alas, my training in the force and the art of wielding a lightsaber did me no good here as I lay in the dirt. This was truly, the end…

“So you see, I really did think I was dead at the moment. For days I slept in their camp. What ever was fired at me had a very strong stun.”

“Well go on then, Zula, tell the rest.”

“Calm down, I’ll get to that…”


The day I finally woke was with out a doubt the worst day of my life. They at first gave me fresh cloths, and a meal. Then they whipped me one hundred times trying to convince me to reveal the plan behind operation zero-tech. Assuming I was going to die anyway, I told them nothing. In his frustration, their leader threw me into the dungeon and ordered me executed the next day. When I awoke a hooded figure stood above my head. “Get up… Quickly, we haven’t much time before they arrive.” When I asked him who was coming he fell silent, then repeated his previous babbling. Who are you? . I replied. “No time. Please, hurry up!” He said with an ignorant tone. As we traveled along the halls the only things I could think of was breakfast, and that my life was spared, once again ( previous encounters had been even closer). I felt free, like a new baby taun-taun. But, knowing I wasn't out of it yet, I tried to stay focused.


“I never did quite understand who and what the purposes of the boy were. I wonder if he knew who I was… Silly me, why would he have rescued me if he hadn’t known my name…”

“Perhaps, he rescued you in the same situation you found yourself in in the first place. Is it not true I sent you with out any data on your mission?”

“Yes, master Cirrus. You are right… As usual.”

“Aw come on you two. Continue your story, Zula, it’s getting interesting.”

“Ah, yes. Where was I…?”

By the time we reached the end of the hall, smoke covered the air. The hangar was filled with mercenaries. And my companion’s (or so I hoped he was) ship was ablaze. “Blast! They blew up my ship…! I guess we’ll have to hijack another one, but how? With all those soldiers in there we’ll never get to one.” I took this moment to ask who he was again and why exactly was he helping me. So, who are you, and what are you doing here? I said. “Who I am isn’t important. Listen, you are more powerful than you realize. I must return you to the senate, and Jedi council.” Fine, I shrugged, Have it your way… We thought hard for several minutes until he (the boy) had an idea. “Why don’t we see If we can create a distraction. Do you think you could use the force to knock over those barrels on the far side of the room?” He said. I looked at him blankly. His lack of fate in my abilities annoyed me. I responded, I could, but it may work better if I use the force to confuse the soldiers. I can feel they are all, weak minded. He looked mad. “Why didn’t you mention that five minutes ago! What do they see in you?” Disgusted I began to focus on our plan, escaping. After I felt a strong enough grip on the mercenaries, I asked if he would like to go first and test it out. He mumbled under his breath but began slowly walking into the hangar. When I was around half way to the ship I noticed how easily I had confused all the soldiers, all 300 of them…


“300! Zula, are you stretching the truth to make it look better?”

“Honest, master, there truly was 300 soldiers, maybe even more.”

“Well, I’ll have to hear the rest of this story in order to believe you, continue on.”


I stopped. “What are you doing..? We need to go now, as in right this instance!” I looked him in the eyes and said, I had no clue there’s so many of them… The boy sighed in what seemed to be a little bit of relief. “Do you see now why you are so important to the republic, and Jedi council? Now come on!” As we reached the ship I felt my grip loosening on a group of soldiers at the far side of the corner. They were looking our way in a strange fashion. When the boy noticed, he hurried me even more. Upon reaching the ship’s loading ramp, blaster fire came soaring our way. One skimmed my head, cutting a lock of hair off. We hurried inside, closing the entrance behind us. The boy began starting it up, but seemed to have some trouble. I used the force without him knowing to help him concentrate. Thank the stars it worked…


“So… What happened next?”

“I don’t know… I only remember waking up in a bed.”

“Did you ever see the boy again?”

“No. Though I wish I could… I wish I could at least have known his name.”

“Have you asked the Senate, or council?”

“Yes, they all say they don’t recall that ever happening.”

“Oh. So what did you do after you woke up?”

“That is another story, for another day. I wish not to speak of it, anyway.”

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Mach, if you could still send me the proof-read version, that be great!

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read. I will proof read this and sent it later today hopefully.

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