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01-19-2009, 02:51 AM
Night Walkers

The 4 main clan's on the world are the Kenish Clan, the Arkan Clan, the Cesc Clan and the Garc clan. Vampires have been living in secrecy for thousands of years, the 4 main clan's have always have maintaing their neutrality from one another but since the death of the main elder of the Arkan clan has died by a unknown assasin many problems with clans have occurd,his creation a vampire called Nabad has taken over and he has begun a hunt for this killer, this hunt has disturb the other clans and this problems within the clans have created a underground war involving the Arkan Clan, the Kenish Clan and the Garc clan, vampire warriors have been send to fight one anothers and the clan leaders can't seem to have an agreement.

Info: You may choose a Clan, the Cesc Clan is the only clan neutral. So if you wish,any Cesc Clan member can be a mercenary.
I will beging as soon as 3 members have join.
Time line: The present.

Rules: No one will be a vampire elder.
Only 2 characters per member.

Character format:

Weapond of Choice:

Name: Federigo Aquino
Age: 910


Clan: Garc Clan
History:Federigo was born on Italy, he was a Knight and a crusader. He became a vampire on Hungary thru his way to Jerusalem, he was created by a vampire named Alexios who on his human life was a roman citicen. Federigo became a vampire and soon rised as a warrior, his 910 years had made him a strong vampire and very skillfull. He has been assigned as a vampire lord and one of the "Secret Hands" of the elder of the Garc's, his main duty is to be the commander of the Garc forces.
Weapond of Choice: He carries multiple firearms weaponds.

01-20-2009, 08:24 AM
You know, after watching abit of Hellsing, I'm actually in the mood for vampires...

Name: Alucard (no relation :p)
Age: 421
Appearance: - Shoulder Length Black Hair
- Blood-red eyes
- Wears a long black coat, over a black shirt and red tie.
Clan: Cesc Clan
History: Alucard was born as a vampire in the late 16th century. He was raised and trained by the Cesc Clan, and achieved the rank of a Vampire Agent working under the Cesc Elder.
Weapons: Wields a Katana-like Gunblade, which fires .45mm Lead Bullets filled with Silver Nitrate.

03-07-2009, 03:02 PM
I know their is a few vampire fans in this forum, for some the idea might not be a good one but I know there has to be a few of you that like it. Please join the rp. I really wish to make this one.

03-08-2009, 07:22 AM
Name: Elcardo Montoya of the Cesc Clan.
Age: 300

-Blood Red Eyes
-Royal Blue Attire
-Shoulder Length Dark Hair

History: Born in Prussia, under the reign of Frederick the First, Elcardo was destined for great thing's. He began innocently enough, as a simple peasant farmer along the southern border. Time's changed and the family of Montoya was all but extinct, save for Elcardo. Incursion's along the border had killed off his family and many other's slowly, but surely.

In retaliation Elcardo joined the Military, swearing he would do away the enemies of Prussia. After rising to the rank of General, Elcardo went missing on a campaign in Saxony after which he was never heard from again.

Weapon of Choice: Two Flintlock Pistol's.
Ammunition: Small ball's of lead, covered in a small coat of garlic-soaked silver.

03-08-2009, 10:18 AM
Name: Sam Tote
Age: 600
Appearence: a mane of blond hair being tied up in the back, blue eyes, tal build and muscular.
Clan: Arkan
History: Sam was born in Germany, and grew up knowing back breaking work. One night though, a vampire found his house just a little too irresistable and made Sam a Noble Dead. Turned at a young age, he never gets any older looking, and is stuck looking like he was.
Weapons of choice: A Silver bladed sword, and dual pistols, one Desert Eagle and another Colt 1911A1, both ammo's being dipped in a holy water and garlic pulp mince.

03-08-2009, 12:31 PM
Name: Paul Inoni
Age: 442
Appearance: Well built man, tall (6'1) ,strong. He has Brown eyes (Yellowish sometimes, since vampire) and he has a good personality.
Clan: Kenish Clan
History: Paul was a slave brought from africa to the Caribbean, a night his owner was found killed so was the owners wife and children, when Paul went to the house he saw this creature drinking blood out of the neck of his owner, the creature turned and attacked Paul, but the creature dint kill Paul, he only bate him and left in a blink of an eye. Paul turned to a vampire 3 nights later, his creator meet him that day again, a Kenish Clan vampire turned him into one of them.
Weapond of Choice: Paul's favorite weapon are two Beretta 3032 Tomcat, he carries multiple knifes and other guns.

03-08-2009, 04:18 PM
Name: Celeste Hurst

Age: 418

- Long Brown Hair
- Red Eyes
- Pale skin
- Wears a Black Stretchy Lace-Up Gothic Corset Jersey Top, black skirt, and Gothic Skull Boot Covers.

Clan: Cesc Clan

History: Somewhere in the 1490's, Celeste Hurst was born in London, England, raised by her mother and father. Her father was a food seller, while her mother was a maid to clean houses for wealthy families. As for Celeste, she sometimes stayed home to fix dinner and watch the house.

One night, as her parents were out doing their work, a vampire attacked the young woman, while she sat under her favorite tree looking at the stars. When the vampire left, her parents finally came home and saw that their daughter was bitten. They did all sorts of medicines, but nothing worked. Celeste, however, ran away, knowing that she didn't want to give her parents this "disease".

Now, in the present, Celeste stays with the Cesc Clan, becoming a mercenary. Unlike any other vampires she encounterd, she still has a good and understanding spirit. But when it comes to her opponents, she can be formidable.

Weapons of Choice: Two silver daggers and Desert Eagle pistol with Silver bullets.