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Rtas Vadum
01-22-2009, 07:50 PM
Five years after the destruction of Malachor V, the Galaxy is still reeling from the devastation caused by both the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil War. Aside from the fact that the Republic has been given time to settle, it still is feeling the hurt. It seems that no matter the amount of effort, most agree that the collapse of the Republic is going to happen soon, and it is out of anyone's control.

Although the actions of the JEDI EXILE have been argued over intensely, it is common knowledge of why she did what she did. During her visit to the Peragus Mining Facility, a series of events lead to the stations destruction. On TELOS, she practically handed control of the restoration efforts to Czerka. On DANTOOINE, she helped a group of mercenaries working for the exchange take over the local governing body. On ONDERON, she helped overthrow the queen, which in turn placed into power a corrupt General. On NAR SHAADA, she made things worse for the refugees, as well as helping the Exchange get a better hold over them.

But even as the many within the Republic have ideas that both the Sith and Jedi are to become a figment of history, few know the truth. the truth, that even unbalanced, the force does not die. The Force does not fade, it only exists, with a will for someone to use it. And like all things to be used, there are things in the galaxy that have the wish to do so....

Part I - Search for The Dark Planet

In the skies of the Outer Rim world of Korriban, a large cruiser orbits the planet. From the underside of it, a small shuttle descends, unfolds its wings, and flies toward the surface. Inside, a darkly dressed human sits in a chair looking out the main viewport. Two pilots watch over the controls, each of them not fond of being under this persons command. They knew what had been done to their previous commander, and it wasn't a natural cause that killed him.

"Set the shuttle down in the Valley Of The Dark Lords." The robed human said, the voice heavy and unemotional.

After the shuttle's landing gear hit the ground, the robed human walked down the landing ramp as it extended down. As the human's boots hit the ground, its hands raised, lowering its hood. The human was female, with light skin, that had various scars on it. Her eyes were sliver, the retinas pure black. Most of her head was bare, aside from the patch of hair that was adorned by a ponytail. She parted the cape, revealing the black syth-leather bodysuit she wore underneath. Just as she was about to walk away from the shuttle, her apprentice walked down the ramp. While the young Twi'lek was indeed a fine choice, this sith did wonder if she really needed an apprentice.

As her apprentice caught up with her, she said "I don't know if it is still here, but it may be."

"What exactly are you looking for, Master?"

"Well, I'm not sure what is left of the planet, but I want anything that is left. Malachor V is what I'm looking for. Those republic fools i asked on Coruscant had nothing to say on the matter."

The robed Sith entered the academy, feeling the imprints of the many events that had since occurred here. She knew of those who had been here, and also knew that like other planets infested with the dark-side, the hold is always a strong one. In the main room of the academy, bones of long dead Sith students, soldiers, and others littered the ground.

"Of course. In the absence of the Sith presence, the Jedi chose to trespass upon hallowed ground, meant for Sith. And in doing so, the forfeit their lives to the force. As always, the Jedi act as if the force is their tool, their plaything only. But as the Sith know it, the force, like many other things in the galaxy, is there to be used, however those who wield it, desire"

Entering the library, she checked the few consoles. Most of them were beyond repair, with only one being reasonably functional. She accessed it, looking for any information about the location of Malachor V. While it was scanning, it gave her incomplete data on various other Sith strongholds that exist in galaxy, but whether they still stand, they could not know. The console pulled up its information about Malachor, listing its climate, resources, native creatures, and as she was looking for, coordinates for the planet itself. She downloaded them into her data-pad, along with the various other data, and left the library.

Her apprentice, Adrena Lyn, was in the hall that lead either to the Interrogation room, or the training room. Entering the training room, the Twi'lek found the console inoperable, and this could not per take in a training exercise. Instead, she searched the interrogation room, finding only a finely decorated lightsaber in a pressurized locker. The saber, she assumed, was one of those given to new Sith students upon succeeding in their final test here at the academy. She stowed the saber in her robes, planing on integrating the saber with her own later.

Leaving the Interrogation room, she found her master waiting for her at the entrance to the Valley.

"Did you find the data, master?"

"Yes. Now all we need do is find out what is left of it, if anything."

01-22-2009, 10:20 PM
Excellent job! You have me interested, let's see more. No corrections that I could see.

01-22-2009, 11:11 PM

Same words, but I noticed that you missed a possessive noun (this person's command). 'I' capitalized with 'I'll' in place of 'im'. Minor things, but it's decent.

Rtas Vadum
01-23-2009, 04:36 PM
Part II - Looking Back at the Past

Renae stood on the bridge of her ship, staring at the remains of Malachor V. It was as she saw it over twenty years ago, when she was a General in Revan's fleet. However, it was slightly different. The last she saw of it, the surface was mostly intact. Now, it looked like constant earthquakes and storms raged on its surface. Debris from various ships, of Mandalorian, Republic origin dotted the area around the planet.

"So much has changed since I made my first actual choice." She said, slowly walking away from the bridge window, lost in thoughts of her past.

She entered her quarters, and accessed the ships records of herself. A projection of her first meeting with Revan displayed. It showed Revan, a young, but strong female jedi, entering the Enclave on Dantooine, with Malak at her side. Entering the Council room, she stood where the Council usually did, and watched as many jedi gathered around her.

"As many of you may, or may not know, the Republic is in a state of War. Mandalorian forces have been openly attacking outer rim worlds, and while the Republic fleet is doing their best to keep them back, it will not last." She paused, looking around the room. "If it goes as is, the Republic may well lose this war. And the Mandalorians will take over." She stopped, watching some of the crowd gasp, others scoff, and others realizing what she is here to ask.

"What I wish to ask of you, my fellow Jedi, is one thing. To stand with the Republic in this time of war. To protect the Republic that the Jedi say they serve. Yet, as we all know, the Jedi Council wishes time to examine the threat, while people die, Mandalorian and Republic solider alike. Which of you will stand with me, with the Republic?"

Many of the surrounding Jedi acted as it seemed Revan expected them to. Some walked away, others took their place at Revan's side. Some tried to argue Revan's request.

"The Jedi at not soldiers. They do not exist to fight and end wars."

Various others spoke, but one broke the crossfire of words. A young female jedi, who had shiny silver eyes, a ponytail, and darkly colored robes. She walked up to Revan and bowed. "My name is Renae Kauvo. You ask Jedi, the so called 'Defenders of the Republic', to aid the Republic in their time of war", She paused, and turned. "Yet, all I see is these defenders, not standing up to serve their Republic, but standing back, waiting for their Masters to agree." She turned to Revan. "I however, believe you. I will defend the Republic alongside you" The girl took her place at Revan's side, as Revan smiled.

Renae switched the datafile, to one marked "BETRAYAL". As it played, just as it did when she first heard of it, her blood boiled.

A officer ran up to her, the young woman trying to catch her breath. "General Kauvo, I've received a message from Revan."

Renae, clad in Sith Ceremonial Robes, turned, and said, "Play the message, now"

A hologram of Revan appeared, now the armor and robes she was famous for. Removing the mask, she spoke. "As you may know, Malak has been my apprentice for some time. And you, Renae, may know that he is ambitious, possibly more than i'd like. It is likely that soon he will make a move to betray me. Not only that, the Jedi have struck against my fleet, and have a goal that right now, i am unsure of, but i have an idea as to what they plan to do. I do not know if my removal from commanding the Sith fleet would stray your loyalty to me, but i believe it won't. What i want to ask of you, is to keep your loyalty to me quiet. Even if you should hear of my death, know that Malak will want a show of loyalty. Do whatever you must do to gain his trust, no matter what it is. Above all, i ask that you keep loyal to me, should i return."

The hologram of Revan faded. And the young officer looked puzzled. "What do we do, General?"

"We do as she said. We disguise our loyalty to Lord Revan, and accept Malak's rule for a time."

"But what if Revan truly is dead? Does the Sith Empire die with her?"

"No. The Sith will live on, since Malak would take her place. But I think she will return. And when she does, I hope that my loyalty to her will be enough, when she returns."

The holorecord faded, and disappeared. Renae stood, and left her room. "When Revan left for the Unknown Regions, she asked me to stay strong. I have for this long. But what I am searching for is a goal. Something to attribute myself to, as she did."

Darth SINner
01-28-2009, 10:34 AM
great story so far. looking foward to more

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Rtas Vadum
01-30-2009, 06:57 PM
Chapter III - Hallowed Grounds

"Master Renae, from the data gathered, the planet has been seriously damaged since the battle. Not only is the surface mostly gone, is is mostly impossible to land anything on the remains of the surface."

Renae stood at the front of the bridge, looking at the planet. "The records on Korriban mentioned an Academy. Is there any trace of it still standing?"

"Yes, there is a area that looks to be its entrance. The academy's condition however, is unknown, since it seems to be embedded into the planet itself."

"I will take one of the shuttles. Using the force, I should be able to get it to the surface without problems."

As the shuttle left the docking bay, Renae concentrated on keeping the shuttle steady. She knew that if it slipped, even for mere seconds, the shuttle would likely crash into the planet, and give her more problems than she needed. When the shuttle entered the atmosphere, she felt the strong pull trying to bring the shuttle to rest on the jagged surface. She stood quickly, and pointed her arms out, and the shuttle evened out. While she wasn't straining, she knew that soon enough she may be.

Viewing the Academy entrance, she carefully set the shuttle down, and walked slowly down the ramp. As soon as her boots hit the ground, she felt the immense taint of the darkside, even stronger than on Korriban. But even though she knew she wasn't as strong as Revan, who had walked the surface of this planet before, she could keep her composure. Crossing the bridge, she noticed that it was flanked by a luminous green smoke. Passing this by, she stopped, and pulled her lightsaber from her belt. She could sense that she was not alone.

In front of her, in a flanking fashion, a row of black robed and masked humanoids phased into view, obviously using stealth generators, or so at first she thought. They formed a walkway extending from where she stood, to the door of the academy. They knelt once they were in their right positions. Keeping her lightsaber in her hand, she walked along their path, and into the Academy. While she had the mind to kill them all, she resisted, as it wasn't her goal at the moment. But she still knew that if any of them made a move, she would take them all out, with no remorse afterward.

As she entered the main hall, she was greeted by a black robed female, who, looked just as corrupt with the darkside as she herself did. The girl had black hair, with to metal clamps holding braids to the back and sides of her head, and the usual yellow and red eyes present on most sith. "My master wishes to see you. You are Renae Kauvo, are you not?" The robed apprentice said, in a dull, unemotional tone.

"Yes. Exactly who is your master?" Renae said, walking with the apprentice.

"My master was trained by one you would know as the Jedi Exile. The Exile herself came here, to settle her score with the late Darth Traya, known to her, and possibly you, as Kreia. The Exile won against Traya, and threw the old woman's body into the core of the planet. After that, she delegated one of her apprentices to oversee the Trayus Academy, while she went to the Unknown Regions to assist lady Revan."

"Ah, I see. So the Exile has been here, and has taken, in her own way, the path of the dark side. Interesting."

As the two entered the Trayus Core, Renae saw a darkly robed female meditating in the middle of the silver and black talons. As they approached her, the female stood. Renae wasn't sure exactly who this was, but from what she could tell, the female was young, strong in the force, and from the silver and black device around her "eyes", may be a Miraluka.

"Ah, Renae Kauvo. The famous general who, kept your loyalty to Revan, even when she was cast down by the Jedi. I am Visas, a Disciple of the Exile"

01-31-2009, 05:20 PM
A very interesting read Rtas Vadum! I like the idea of Revan having a loyal servant who still remains in the known galaxy. It seems like the kind of thing she would do. And now Visas is in the mix...I'm looking forward to more. :D


01-31-2009, 06:20 PM
Impressive. I am not one for non-canon stories, but this one has my attention. Don't know enough to make a judgment, but learning more with each chapter. Looking forward to what is going on in that Darkside brain of yours.

Rtas Vadum
02-10-2009, 03:56 PM

Renae's Twi'lek apprentice, sat in the main hall of Korriban, deep in meditation. She had been here for over three weeks, left here by her master. She was expected to return to the cruiser after four weeks, but she didn't know how much longer she wanted to meditate, train, and research the damaged archives of the Academy. Most of the archives she had poured throught many times over, and had, for the most part, memorized all of the working texts. But as it is, she, like many other sith, had a thirst for knowledge of anything to make them stronger.

She opened her eyes, and looked around. As it usually was, there was no one around. She rubbed her dark red skin, and stood. She left the Academy, walking out into the Valley. In addition to the Academy itself, she had also used the force to clear the blockages from the entrances to the tombs. Of the four, she had so far cleared three of them. Only two of which she had explored. Marka Ragnos's tomb held little, aside from the massive about of rusted droid parts. Adjunta Pall's tomb held only echoes of death, and nothing more. Tulak Hord's tomb was the one she had hoped held a holocron that her master spoke of, that held information about Tulak Hord's lightsaber styles. But upon her thorough inspection, it wasn't there. Her first guess was that it must have been taken by one of the students during the Jedi Civil War.

As she used the force to clear the blockage from the Tomb of Naga Sadow, she hoped to find something in here that was worth it. But as it its clearing these entrances wasn't the easy work that it seemed. Many of the stone blocks where heavy, and took her awhile to muster up the stamina to move them. But she knew that once it was cleared, she could find out what was in there, if anything.

Once she got the large blocks out of the way, she entered the tomb,. noticing the three paths. She took the left on first, and entered a large chamber, that as she first thought held nothing. But the second that she crossed the threshold, the door closed, and locked behind her. That was when she heard a massive growling sound. "This probably isn't good" she said, and turned.

In her face was a large creature, which looked like it could move, and it would swallow her whole. As this wasn't something she wanted, she ducked and rolled under it, grabbing her lightsaber off her belt as she stood. She jumped on top of its head, and held into the creature as it swung wildly, trying to throw her off.

"No you don't" she said, throwing her lightsaber in the air, flipping the blade, and catching it in her hand again.

She jammed the crimson blade into the creature's head. it fell, and she jumped off it, landing about a meter away. When she looked up at it, it burst into a cloud of green smoke, forcing her to hold her nose, knowing somehow that the smoke was posionous. Turning to her left, she noticed a lever. Pulling it down, she noticed the door she had used was open.

This time, she tried the north passage, and once she opened the next door, she saw a large pool of acid in the middle of the room. Rather than trying some stupid way around it, she used the force to jump right over it, making this little puzzle disgustingly easy. Opening the door which, as she knew by now, should be the sarcophagus, it did not. Instead, it contained a odd black metal ruin of some sort. The second she got closer, the thing split, and three arms folded down, and a sphere rose up, and began to spin rapidly. As far as she could tell, it was some sort of map. But what it pointed to, wasn't her concern. From behind it, a figure walked out, holding a lightsaber. It was dressed in brown robes, which looked like those of a Jedi.

"So, the Sith still inhabit Korriban. I shall be the one to purge the Sith, and end their threat, once and for all."

As soon as the "Jedi" spoke, the young Twi'lek ran back to the Valley, finally stopping to catch her breath once she got close to the shuttle. She turned around, wondering why the Jedi hadn't followed her. From what he'd said, it would seem like what he would do.

"Curious. A Jedi in a blocked Sith tomb. I wonder...."

For a time she did. But her 'wonderment' was stopped by a almost blinding pain. She turned, and saw one of her own lekku on the ground. Her legs buckled, and she fell to the ground. Shaking, she reached her hand up, and her right hand went to touch where it should be. In doing so, she confirmed what she was scared to admit to herself.

"It seems that you are not a Sith Lord I expected you to be. You are merely an apprentice. How pathetic"

"And you "seem" to have a thing for sneaking up on you opponents, rather than fighting them directly. How is it that a Jedi would stoop low enough to use a Sith tactic?"

"Simple. The Sith robbed me of the master I had during the Mandalorian wars. One of the few that actually wanted to fight. I wanted to go, but I was held back. A year later i heard that he was killed at Malachor. All because this "Revan" thought his loyalty was wavering." the Jedi said, keeping his lightsaber close to the Twi'lek's throat.

"You, like all Jedi, will never understand, will you? Never willing to realize that your idea of balance is not even the slightest bit close to what is truly right."

"That is what you think, young Sith. But I can assure you, that anything you might have to say to me, won't matter when I kill you, and end the Sith."

"Like I said, you don't get it. The Sith, the Jedi. They are parts of the force, and the force cannot be in balance without both of them. Kill me if you must, but it won't matter. You still will never understand the force, as I have."

Rather than speaking, the jedi looked angrily at the twi'lek, and cut off her other lekku. As she nearly wept with pain, he knelt next to her. "None of it matters. Nothing does. All you need to know, is that you are wrong, as all the Sith are." With the last word, he reached his saber around the girl's back, and ignited his saber. She fell to the ground.

"It is interesting.....when Jedi become Sith, their only choice is redemption, or death....nothing else...." The Twi'lek's last words fell on deaf ears, as by now the Jedi had taken the shuttle, and left. Closing her eyes for the final time, she had no regrets.

Rtas Vadum
02-13-2009, 11:20 PM

Renae stood on the sands of Korriban, a blinding rage coursing through her veins. While it wasn't regret that fueled her, she knew that what killed her apprentice was not a creature. The wounds were those of a lightsaber, and no concoction of the dark side would have used one. She picked up the twi'lek's fallen lightsaber, and clipped it to her belt, and walked back up the shuttle ramp.

Once she returned to the cruiser, she entered the bridge, and every one of the personnel turned to look at her. She had a look in her eyes that not one of the officer's liked her having. It was usually now that she would, at random, grab one of the officers with the force, and pull them back, into her ignited lightsaber, throw someone out the airlock. Anything that she saw fit to do, she would do it. However, this time, she simply turned to the Admiral.

"Admiral Zhen. Take me to Coruscant."

"Yes, of course Lady Kauvo. But might I ask exactly where?"

Renae turned. She looked the commander right in the eyes, and extended her hand upwards, and closed her palm. The Commander's throat began making squelching noises, as if he was being choked, but she did not have her hands on him.

"You know where you sniveling worm." She said, as she released her grip, and sat in the black metal chair. The commander turned to the pilots, and in a scared order, told both of them the orders. "You heard the master, now take us to the Jedi Temple".

Mere hours later the ship entered the atmosphere of Coruscant. A shuttle left the ship, and sped away from the ship, heading for the Jedi Temple. As it landed, she looked over the desecrated temple. She hadn't set foot in the place for over ten years. But this time, she wasn't going their for training, she wasn't going their for a trial, she was there to find something. Something that she knew she wanted in her possession.

As she entered the main hall of the temple, she saw that it was no longer in the state it was the last time she had seen it. Now the halls ran with a dark red smoke, symbolic of the blood of the dead Jedi. The Waters in the room of a thousand fountains stood as still as if they where now ice, and as she entered the council room, it too had a gloom hanging over it.

She sat in one of the still usable council chairs. A rush of power fell over her. She knew that unless the council was reformed, and she could have the redemption she didn't want, it would be possible for her to sit in one of these chairs as a real Jedi master. But that was, in truth, the last thing she wanted for herself. She knew that the Jedi code forbid the use of the force for personal pleasure. But even as a Jedi she could hardly agree with this. She wondered why a being wanted power, when its only goal was to only use that power under certain circumstances. While it may seem right to a jedi, to she had to disagree. She had found power beyond her wildest dreams during the Mandalorian Wars, and she would not willingly return to being the lowly Jedi she was before the war.

The problem that she knew most Jedi had, was that they thought that the power of the force was only tool, and not a thing to lean on when you had serious problems. But that is the problem with having power. When you have something, it is supposed to change you. It is supposed to make you different, make you more of an individual person, and not part of a whole. The Jedi code fights this view, thinking that succumbing to the lure of power can corrupt a person, make them evil. But with that logic, it could be said that any Admiral in the Republic army is evil, since they have the power to make their soldiers and ships kill the enemy on demand.

She stood, and took her lightsaber out. She stared at the saber, a marvel of saber design. It was her third saber, vastly similar to the first one she ever built as a Jedi. Her first saber was unlike any of the ones that she had ever seen, and it was one that not only did her master frown upon, it was one that not many thought she should wield. For despite being built by a Jedi, it had a dark look, and thus a dark arra surrounding it. When she joined in the war, she changed the blue crystal for a red one, at Revan's request. Malak also gave her a few tips on making the saber slightly more powerful than the average saber. She wasn't sure where she lost this one, since her current one is pretty much the same, she had no regrets in losing it.

"It seems fitting that you would come here, Renae"

02-14-2009, 02:18 AM
I really like how you compared evil and power to what they meant to individuals who wielded them. I like how this version of a dark jedi was not one of desire and anger, but rather that Renae just did what had to be done with little concern for what others thought.

In regards to your writing... try to state your ideas in as few words as possible.

For long, she did. but her "wonderment" was stopped by a almost blinding pain. A pain that she had not felt, ever. She turned, and saw one of her own lekku on the ground. She started shaking. She reached her hands up, and as her right hand went to touch where it should be, and only felt nothing. She fell to the ground, the pain to much for her.

She did for a time, but her 'wonderment' was stopped by an almost blinding pain. As she turned to see one of her own lekku on the ground, the young Twi'lek fell to the ground as it was too much for her. Shaking, she reached her hand to feel where it should have been only to confirm its absence.

I removed one sentence as it was essentially the same as the one before it. Try to combine others so you can avoid using pronouns multiple times. It becomes crisper and smoother. I know that I had this same problem when I started, but it takes practice. In the end, this really enhances the quality of one's work. This example took me a while to revise, but it might help to see where some rewording can allow you to write less for the same idea.

Story is interesting and looking forward to more.

Rtas Vadum
02-17-2009, 11:30 PM

Renae saw the shadow of a Jedi entering the Council room. The look of the robes was unmistakable. She turned to face the Jedi, wondering if this would be the same one who killed her former apprentice. She gripped her saber tightly.

"What would you expect? I know what you've done"

The Jedi entered, and indeed, the robes he wore made no mistake to tell of what he was. Nor did he hide the lightsaber that hung from his belt. He pulled his hood down, and she finally got a look at his face. Solid blue eyes, fair skin, and oddly, silvery white hair, which she knew wasn't due to age. He smiled.

"So you know, do you? I can't say i hadn't expected you to. After all, you must have been attached to the Twi'lek in some way. But that is no matter now. She is dead, like you will soon be."

Renae laughed. She could hardly contain herself after listening to this Jedi. "You think so, do you? While i do say that I admire your balant courage, it is a waste. There is no way I am going to be the one on the ground while you leave. I, unlike my former apprentice, do not anger easily. Not only that I think you will find that your tricks will not fool me, Salazar." She said, and held her saber with one hand, waiting for the Jedi to make a move.

"Even if you know my name, I hold the power of the light. And we both know how the shadows you hold hate the light." Salazar said, before he grabbed his saber off his belt, spun with this fingers, and ignited the blade. He held the blade behind him, like Renae, waiting for the first one to make a move.

Renae made the first. She jumped in the air, landing behind Salazar. She tried to slash at his back, but her attack was blocked by his reversed blade. His first move was to try making a wide swing at her right arm, with the obvious intent of slicing it off. She moved it just before, and their blades hit, each of them trying to force one of the blades into the others face.

Salazar broke the lock, and they where both thrown backwards. As they both got up, Salazar wiped a trickle of blood off his chin, and laughed. Renae didn't know exactly why he was laughing, but she laughed along with him.

"Maybe you are as good as you say you are. It is too bad that i have to kill you. You would have made a great Jedi."

"That is what you think. There are no great Jedi. And if there ever was, they have already faded into the light, overshadowed by others, which they too will in turn fade into the light."

Salazar scoffed. "Why do these fights always have the same pattern? Fight, stop, argue over sides, and fight again? Every time it is the same."

Renae said, nothing, instead she made to attack him. He blocked her strike, followed by her doing the same just after.

"I would suppose they work like this, to keep it interesting." She said, quickly running out of the council chambers, knowing that he would follow her.

She stopped when she entered the Sparring room. Turning, she watched him walk in behind her, his lightsaber inactive at his side. He didn't move to attack her, but merely tried his routine again.

"You think you can actually defeat me?"

"Of course. Why shouldn't I?"

He started walking closer, and she in turn backed up. This continued until they where both in the center of the circular room, the exit to their left and right respectively.

Renae looked around. She could sense someone around, that she knew wasn't Sal. The being was more powerful in the force than Sal was, and seemingly equal to herself in power. Renae turned, and saw a teenage boy in the doorway. She smiled. An idea crossed her mind, an it was one she couldn't help but want to pursue.

"I think this little contest is over." Renae said, as she ran towards Salazar.

He tried to block her strike, but this resulted in the emitter of his lightsaber being cut off. Quickly he tried to used the force to push her away, but just as he went to extend his hand, his arm was met with her crimson blade. He fell to the floor just as quickly as his arm did. She pointed her lightsaber at his throat. "Its over" she said, as she sliced her blade through his neck.

Turning to the boy, she now saw a active lightsaber in his hand. She smiled as he charged at her. She blocked the strike, and forced her way around his back, her blade at his neck.

"You can either die, or you can side with me. It is your choice, but I can assure you that the Jedi can hold nothing for you now."

"What do you mean?"

"Are you a fool, boy? Do you not know that there are virtually no Jedi left in this galaxy? And even if there were, they would be reluctant to train someone like you."

He freed himself from her grasp, but her blade sliced his saber in half before he could attack her. He turned to her.

Renae could sense he was considering her offer. "Exactly what could you offer me?"

"I would teach you to use the force as it is meant to be. To use it, for whatever end you wish. To recognize what power is, and to understand that power. In return, I ask only one thing of you. I want your unending loyalty to me. Do not forget that it will be me that makes you a Sith, no one else."

He looked straight into her eyes. "Yes......my Master" His eyes took the same shine as hers, and his retinas grayed out.

"One last thing. You have a name?"

"Call me...Radiv..."

Rtas Vadum
02-19-2009, 04:10 AM

"Keep your thoughts still. If you truly want something, only then will you have it."

Radiv stood next to a Sith fighter in the hangar, trying to use the force to throw it out into space. So far, the most that he could do, is lift it without straining. But every time he tried to throw it somewhere, he ended up dropping it. Once, however, he was able to throw it, but not close enough to the magnetic shield.

"Hmm, your concentration is off. Why?"

"I don't know. I want to do as you ask, but I can't." He said, sitting on the fighter.

"You can. With the force, it is all just a measure of how much you truly want something. Know you can, and know you want that fighter outside this ship in space, and know that you have the power to throw it where you want it."

Radiv stood. Extending his hands, he lifted the ship. He kept saying to himself that he wanted it in space, as his master requested. Quickly moving his hands so they pointed toward the shield, he saw the fighter go flying out into space. He looked to his master, and saw her with the same devious, insane smile that she always had when things went her way.

"Good, very good. Just know that the size of an object doesn't matter. All that matters is that you know where you want it, and that you can get it there. Now, we have something to discuss, that I think you are ready for. Follow me"

Renae lead him to a chamber just off her own quarters. Various parts laid around on tables, and the room was lit in a dark, blood red light.

"How much do you know about building a lightsaber?"

"Very little master. The saber I had before was one of those standard training ones."

Renae showed him her own saber, as well as allowing him to look at some of the plans for sabers she made, should she ever lose her current one. He was thrilled with this, and as she could tell, understood her.

"I will leave you to create your saber. Remember that this will be yours, and thus made it how you wish". As she left, the door sealed, and the red light cast on everything.

He looked around, and then back at the designs. He focused on one design. It was similar to the saber to his masters, only this one had a differently designed shell, and the grip was different. He looked back at the parts. Various parts began to float in the air, and flew towards him. They stopped and fell into his hands. He laid them down in front of himself, and picked up a red crystal, a power cell, and an emitter from a table. He set the items down with the rest, and concentrated on them. Again they floated up into the air, but this time, the parts began to connect, just as the design indicated.

Once it was in two pieces, the back section, containing the power cell, and the front, containing the emitter, as well as the lens he crafted, the crystal flew up between them, and started glowing. The two pieces connected, and sealed. The saber dropped into his waiting hand.

"Well, here is the moment of truth." He said, as he activated the saber. The blade was blood red, and felt great in his hands. He clipped the saber to his belt, and once he did the door opened, and Renae entered. She stared at the saber on his belt, and again had that insane grin.

"Ah. You have done well, my apprentice. Now, we must go to the bridge, the Admiral has received a very interesting message."

As they walked to the bridge, Radiv couldn't help but wonder what the message could be about.

"Master, what do you think its about?"

"Search your feelings. Remember what I told you of my history with Lady Revan. Know what I have done, and make your judgment from there."

"The True Sith?"

"Yes. All this time I've felt this massive power that I couldn't not place to a single person. Revan maybe, but this power, even feels threatening. What is coming will not be a war between good and evil, Jedi or Sith. It will be a war about extinction, and the wish of many who do not want the need to face it."

Darth SINner
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Awesome just simply awesome. Can't wait for the next chapter

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Click the link below for the prologue, character bio's, and more. I don't know what else I'll put on the page, but I'll still post new chapters here.


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You have something really impressive brewing here and I can see you put a lot of thought and effort into this. I really liked the page you have that describes the characters and where they came from. I am considering limiting my KOTOR characters to only four and making the rest original.

Although they are harder to get readers to bond with, OC's show that the galaxy isn't restricted to just a few dozen people. You have given readers a reason to be interested in your newer characters. Look forward to the next update.

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Radiv walked down the shuttle ramp, marveling at the sight of the Academy. Even if there was raging storms all around him, he only concentrated on the power he felt, bleeding from the planet like a hot spring. The power was oppressive, almost to the point where it felt like rain water soaking into his clothing and skin. As he entered the academy, he couldn't help but wonder what awaited him. He had been told that this is one of the oldest Sith Academy's in the Galaxy, and to train here was truly a mark of a strong Sith.

He was greeted by what he assumed to be one of the many apprentice's the academy had. The girl was young, likely a few years younger than his master. She had stark white hair, pale skin, and tattoo's on her face. She wore the shiny, black armor of a Sith Master, which made Radiv think that she was not the apprentice that he thought she was.

"Ah, Renae's new apprentice. A lucky one for sure, as the Jedi would never allow the teachings that I would. They, as you know, have told you that the dark side is something to be avoided at all costs, something that breeds only death, destruction, hate, and pain. But they would never tell you that the same things can wander into your life, even if you chose the path of the light." She paused, and bowed. "I am Aurora Silver."

His training with Aurora was difficult. While he learned much, she was not easy on him. In their various sparring sessions, she would not hold back, and therefore he received various scars on his arms, and body. As she told him, he was one of the best students that she had trained, and that he was very proficient with a lightsaber, very much on par with Aurora.

"I know that you are used to single blade combat, but how are you on dual or double blade combat?"

"Somewhat, but wouldn't it be better to stick with what i know?"

"That may be useful, but should you meet a opponent that uses dual blades or a double-bladed saber, you would be wise to know how to combat them."

A few weeks later, he found himself able to not only use his single blade against dual and double blades, but also able to use any saber type against another. Aurora remarked very well on his progress. When Renae returned to the Academy, she was also pleased with Radiv's progress. At this point, he had built a second lightsaber, almost identical to his first. Unfortunately, during his training, he had killed three apprentices. If he was still a Jedi, he would have fled the Academy. But being a Sith, he laughed as the three young fools tried to take him on. He viewed the apprentices as ones trying to kill him, and thus became stronger for killing them.

As he entered the Angel's bridge, several of the officer's looked up at him, and stared. He no longer looked like the scared little boy that he was when he first entered the ship. Stopping behind his master, he knelt, and she turned, grabbed, spun, and ignited her lightsaber. She hovered the saber over each of his shoulders.

"For your triumph, you are a Sith. Yet, you must still realize your power. The title you have earned, along with my respect." She said to him, the same insane grin on her face.

"Thank you, my master."

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"You think I didn't have any reason to chose Revan, over you, over your training? You think that my motivation was a sham, that my only reason for joining the War, was only to release my darker emotions? To finally kill someone with the lightsaber I had built under your instruction?"

"You know those aren't my words, nor would they ever be. That isn't what I would have said to you, if you had returned for my council after the wars. I, unlike most of the council, do not think that the only thing for a Sith or a dark Jedi to do, is turn or die. You know that." Jenni sat back down in her chair. "Even if you chose the dark side, I still think of you as the best force user I ever trained. The fact you where able to survive two wars and over a thousand troops, Mandalorian and Republic solider alike, proves that I taught you something right."

Renae turned. "Well, if that is the case, I'm touched. But you know that my actions in previous years, isn't the reason I sought you out. I do not wish to sway your will to the dark side, but I would like your help."

Jenni sipped at her glass of juma juice, then set her glass back down before she spoke. "Say I'm interested. What exactly do you need help with?"

"Have you heard of the True Sith?"

Jenni nearly spit out the liquid in her mouth. Wiping it off her lips, she said "Yes, but why exactly do you speak of them?"

"They are the reason for the Mandalorian War, and by extension, the Jedi Civil War. When Revan told me, I could hardly believe it myself. I would assume that whatever she has been doing since she left, has kept them back. But I've been, feeling this power. One that I've only felt when Revan and i stood in the same room. Weather it is just Revan returning to the Known galaxy, or if it is really the True Sith, I don't know. But if it is, i would rather you know that this War will be different than before. Not about Jedi or Sith, not about the Republic, but about the wish of an entity that wishes destruction on all it sees, and the wish of a galaxy to survive."

"Sounds like a noble cause. Sounds like something Revan would do"

"Revan is, as I believe, a part of it. But what I don't know is what she will do. If she plans to return to the known galaxy, and prepare it for the War, i don't know."

"What about the Exile?"

"I was told by her disciple, that she went to the Unknown Regions to find Revan, and possibly help in keeping the True Sith back. But as it seems, they may have succeeded, but not as well as they'd hoped. But I can say with certainty, that when they return to the galaxy, I will offer my support."

Jenni sipped at her juma juice again. "Did Revan request anything of you before she left?"

"Yes. You know of the Star Forge, correct? I was to use the Star Forge to manufacture a large fleet, and as soon as it was finished, i was to hide the fleet in various locations around the known galaxy. Many of the planets they are hidden on or around, are ones that the Republic has no claim on, nor would they ever search there. And as far as any ships scanners would tell, they would be seen as derelict, unusable ship."

"Hmm, I thought the Star Forge's system was marked forbidden by the Republic?"

"It might have been, but it think that my cause is above the trivial laws of the Republic. I've never been keen on rules that aren't mine, anyway."

"I would imagine that flagship of yours is a interdictor-class?"

"No, a Centurion. I chose that because of its possible companiment, as well as the scale of the ship. Thought I would look better standing on the swoop track sized bridge of them, rather than the apartment sized bridge of a interdictor"

"Interesting" Jenni again sipped at her juice. "So I suppose that all is left for you to do, is make your offer?"

Renae smiled. "I've made it. I ask you to join me in the fight against the True Sith. It doesn't matter to me that you are a Jedi, and i believe that isn't something that bothers you either."

"So you mean that a spattering of sentimentality still exists within you?" She laughed. "As is your ability for foresight. You are correct in the fact that i don't see you being a Sith, a problem. And i can see, that you have no reason to kill me, as you still think of me as a friend."

"Even if I would rather not admit it, if you already know, I have no reason not to admit it."

"Well, as a Jedi Master, I have a obligation to protect the Republic, and by extension, the galaxy. So, yes I will fight alongside you"

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter X - The Exile's Return

Renae and Jenni stood on the Tainted Angel's bridge. Jenni kept looking around, marveling at the size of it. While she had been on Republic Capitol ships, and the Interdictor class, this ship dwarfed them both, even just looking at the size of their bridges. The ship was in the Orbit of Coruscant.

"Impressive. You have class, even if you are a Sith."

"Thank you".

A stressed looking officer walked up behind Renae. She was young, with light blond hair, and green eyes. The girl wore the standard Sith Officer Uniform. Tapping Renae on the shoulder, she almost expected the worst.

Renae turned to face the officer. the female spoke when Renae turned. "My Lady, there is a message for you. It seems to come from the Captain of the Ebon Hawk, some one named "Lilith". Do you wish to speak with this person?"

"Lilith." Renae said, her mouth extending into that famous insane smile of hers. "Yes, relay the transmission to the bridge view screen."

A large red holo-screen appeared before Renae and Jenni, before it changed into an image of a purple haired woman, with dark violet veins on her face, as well as red and yellow eyes.

"Ah, so you aren't dead yet. If you don't already know, i am Lilith, or rather the Exile if you wish."

"Yes, i knew. I would suppose that you returning from the Unknown Regions makes my assumptions about the True Sith Correct?" Renae said.

"If your 'assumptions' include them moving to their intention of destruction, then yes. Revan requested me to find you, knowing that you would have felt it already. She also has asked me to ascertain the request that she made to you before she left."

"As she requested, i have a full fleet of ships waiting for a commander. Aside from the two ships i afforded myself."

"Very good. Revan has designated you as that Commander. She is returning to the galaxy very soon, which will coincide with the True Sith's arrival. When they strike, will will beat them back with their own power, multiplied thousand fold."

"Indeed we will." Renae said.

"I have one final request for you. I wish to come aboard. Does your ship posses mechanics?"

"Yes Lilith, some of the finest in the Galaxy." Renae turned to the officer who was working away on a nearby console. "Allow the Ebon Hawk to enter docking bay 9-4. Drop the mag-net shield until the ship has set down. As soon as that happens, i want a mech team in that bay immediately. I want the Hawk fixed as the Exile directs." Renae turned to Lilith. "Land the Hawk in bay 9-4"

"Thank you Lady Kauvo"

The holo-screen disappeared, and Renae nearly ran to the turbo-lift, with Jenni in tow. Once she entered the Hangar deck, she met the Exile as she came out of bay 9-4.

"Your mechanics are indeed very well trained. They're nearly finished with the hull-repairs." She paused. "I must also thank you for your hospitality."

"Your very welcome Lilith. I have had my staff prepare quarters for you, should you need them."

"Thank you for that, but i want to know where this fleet of yours is."

"Then follow me to the bridge." Renae said, and both Lilith and Jenni followed.

"The ships are laying dormant on various worlds that are either uninhabited or unused. From the Angel, i can remotely have them converge on one position in the galaxy."

"Where exactly did you hide them?"

"There is a few above a lava strewn planet called Mustafar, a few in the Hoth system, a few interdictor's over Chromium V, and a manufacturing plant on M4-78 has been reactivated, churning out battle droids, Fighters, and various other small arms."

"Of the ships that are orbiting the various worlds you mentioned, how do you know that some smuggler or trader didn't take any of them?"

"As i said, most of them have a dormant state, meaning that the ship would look severely damaged, unusable, or in some cases, unsafe to savage. It was Revan who came up with that. She asked me once, 'Where is the best place to hide something?'. I thought the answer was were no one would look. But she told me the best place to hide something is, 'Right in plain sight, where they find not what they are looking for, but only what they see'. I also have a transmitter set up, allowing me to check the status of each of them ships. Their distance from the Angel, their engine burn, and their planetary position."

"It seems that from this front, you have it as you were asked. But it is going to take a bit more than these ships to take them down. A few sacrifices will need to be made to send them to a hell they deserve." She paused, then turned to the turbolift. "I'll be in my quarters if i am needed."

Rtas Vadum
03-02-2009, 04:20 PM

Renae sat at her personal workbench, her saber in pieces. She had recently came back from a Crystal Cave on Russan. Her search of the caves wielded several crystals that once she had them analyzed, where very powerfull. One of the ones she found, a shiny red one, was being cut down by her personal droid, HK-48, which was a much appreciated gift from Revan.

"Statement: The crystal is finished, Master"

Renae took the crystal, and carefully inserted it into one of the focus mounts, as well as putting a shining black crystal into the other. Almost without thinking about it, the parts of her saber that were not connected flew up to her eye level, and locked together before her eyes. She snatched the saber out of the air, and ignited the saber. The blade was a deeper red in color, and it's glow outshone the red spec lights of the room.

"Hk, the training droids."

"Acknowledgment: Sending them out now" The droid said, his purple photoreceptors flashing as he spoke.

A few small sensor droids flew out of a small opening in the wall, and the lights dimmed to almost total darkness. To Renae, finding these droids was nothing. She knew were they where, but the droids didn't know where she was.

She turned, and slashed at something. "Thats one."

She ducked, and slashed at the air above her. Then again near her side. Hearing four audible "clunks" on the floor, she saw the lights brighten, along with three wrecked sensor droids on the floor. She checked their damage, noticing that they were not only unrepairable, the intensity of the blade had burned out both the power cell and the anti-grav generator. She turned, and laughed at the cleaning droids that swept away the droid wreckage. She slid her saber back onto her belt, just as HK walked back in.

As the droid walked up to her, the ship rocked several times. Her wristcom beeped, and she raised it to her mouth, and hit the button.

"What is going on?"

The voice of Lilith came over the com. "It seems one of their ships decided to make us their first target. Not only that, we have landing craft that docked in bays 3-2, 2-7 and 3-7. I'll send the available troops to assist you, as i know you want a bloodbath from these so-called "Sith". Think you'll be able to handle them?"

"I'll tear them limb from limb for entering my ship."

She left the room, and grabbed her saber off her belt. As it was, the fact that they had entered the ship wasn't what was getting to her. The fact that they were here, was. Even if she knew that she was ready for them, she had thought that they would be here when Revan was, not before. She knew she was a compitant and able commander, but this enemy was knew. Something that she hadn't yet faced. All this aside, she wasn't going to give them an easy fight.

As she entered the hangar deck, she saw that it was littered with these black armored soldiers. They all held weapons, ones that she had never seen before. Weather they were lightsabers or blasters, she wasn't going to give them the chance to show her. She lept from her cover, and raised her hand. Deep violet beams shot from her hand, and hit each of the soliders within her eye sight. They each fell to the ground, and disappeared into a dark red mist.

"Hmm, only person i knew did that was Nihilus. These might be force users, but it seems like they were never trained."

She entered Hangar 3-2. Again, it was littered with soldiers. To her, it was like the wars all over again. She just thought of these soldiers as another threat to her life, and this cut them down as they tried to take it. Some of them she choked to death, other she pushed them against a wall, and others she severed limbs from with her lightsaber. She did the same thing in both of the remaining bays.

"These must be the cannon fodder. They can't have been the main squeeze."

She entered the turbolift, and got off on the main deck. This level held crew quarters, the audience chamber, and a droid recharge bay. As she entered the Audience chamber, she was greeted with a laugh that almost seared her soul. Collapsing, feeling like it was all over.

"Wait, what am i doing?" She thought to herself. "There is no way i am going to give up now. After all, i don't care if this is a legion of Sith from eons ago, that doesn't mean i can't kill it like i did the Mandalorians and Jedi during the Wars."

She stood. Just as she did, she saw a shadowy figure walking toward her. Its gender seemed ambiguous, and its clothing seemed to pour off shadows strewn with dark power.

When it spoke, it's mouth moved, and only emitted a garbel of words, but Renae understood. Why she didn't she didn't know, but nor did she care. "You claim you are a Sith, but you have no claim to the galaxy. You don't strike fear into those you serve you, nor do you strike fear into the galaxy. You are, in the most gracious of terms, the worst Sith i have ever seen make the claim. You are not Sith"

Renae laughed. "And i would suppose that you are? You, who have hidden from the Galaxy for nearly a millenia. You, who cannot grasp your own teachings"

The creature laughed. It then pulled a lightsaber from its robes. As Renae expected, when it activated the blade, it was red, like hers. She grabbed her own, activating it just as it charged at her, the blades locking, each of them trying to overpower the other.

"As far as im concerned you are no better than the Jedi i use to kill years ago. I don't care what your claims are, the True Sith will take over and destroy the Galaxy, whether you like it or not!"

"Tell yourself that you will a million times, and i will stop you a million times."

Renae broke off the lock, and pointed her hand at the creature. Streams of Red lighting shot from her fingertips, and struck the creature. It shook violently from the pain.

"You say that you are a True Sith, yet you may just lose this."

"Lose? LOSE? NO, IT IS YOU WHO WILL LOSE!" It said, before it threw its lightsaber at Renae. She jumped, and the blade passed under her feet.

"This is why Sith like you fall. You go into these bouts of anger, not realizing that your opponent is ready for what your about to throw at them." Renae said, extending her hand again. This time, she simply clenched her fist, and the creature held its neck. She raised her hand, and it rose off it's feet.

"I could kill you now. But that wouldn't be very interesting, would it? I don't think so. Tell me, why is it that you think i am not a Sith?"

It spoke, strained from the choking. "You are not....because you.....unlike us....have no wish.....for the total obedience of the.....galaxy.......all......you have is a false......measure of.....influence to those who....serve and.....protect you."

"You think it is influence that keeps these officers on board this ship? You think it is out of a loyalty that some my soldiers are willing to serve me? No. Most of them know what would happen to them if they fail, or if they do not do as i ask. The same fate that would await them, is going to wait you. I will make certain of it." She flexed her elbow, and the creature's body jerked violently before falling to the ground.

Renae was rather unnerved that the fact that it stood up again seconds later. She held her saber tight. "Again? As you wish."

Rather than attacking her, it jumped behind her, and put its saber to her throat. It held her waist tight to his chest, not letting go. It also made her drop her saber.

"Now i will prove how weak you are"

She looked toward her saber. Pulling it into her hand, and then putting the emitter to her chest, she laughed.

It looked over her shoulder, and like her, laughed. "Let me ask this. What could you hate enough to kill me?"

She smirked, and activated her saber. The blade pierced her stomach, and the creature's. They both fell to the ground, Renae struggled, and turned herself over.

Mustering the strength, she yelled at the dying creature. "MYSELF!"

Even as she felt death's embrace, her only hope was that Revan, Lilith and Jenni would not fail. It could be said that she herself had not failed, but she knew that sacrifices had to be made. Unfortunately, it seemed to call for her life....

Rtas Vadum
04-06-2009, 03:14 PM

As the ship came out of hyperspace in the orbit of Chromion V, Radiv ordered the Mech Tech's to ready Renae for transportation to the surface. A message was sent to the Bio-Medical facility, explaining the nature of Renae's condition. As the shuttle descended to the surface, Radiv had the thoughts that all Sith apprentice's eventually have: Betrayal.

"The extent of the damage is centered in the wound from the lightsaber. As you very well know, a lightsaber to the chest usually kills instantly. But it appears that she was ready for it."

"What the sithspit do you mean?"

"I mean that she understood what she had to do. And since then, her body has been slowly repairing itself. Think if it as a subconscious use of healing with the force.. However, it is unusual that she is able to be in a comatose state, and still use her power to heal herself. Not only that, after I told the Magister exactly who was just admitted to the center, he was furious. He is coming here himself."


The MedTech laughed."You don't know? The Magister is Renae's father. Knowing him, he will want a full explanation as to why she is injured. You know, I would hate to be you or the other Jedi when he gets here. He doesn't take matters like these lightly, namely when it concerns his own flesh and blood."

As Radiv saw the Medtech leave the room, he thought of his master. While most Sith in his position would kill their master, he found himself unable to do so. He found no point in killing his master, unlike others. Even as he could look up at her comatose body, and look at his lightsaber, he found that while he had the thought, he could not bring himself to do it. Loyalty wasn't prevalent within the ranks of the Sith much, but the way he saw it, was that at this point, things were definite. Revan would arrive soon, hopefully his master would be healed soon, and then the True Sith could be beaten back into the darkness they came from.

It was then that the door slid open. A man with snow-white skin, slivery eyes, midnight black hair, and a dexl-leather jacket entered. Even if Radiv was a Sith, the imposing nature of this man still made Radiv uneasy. The man turned his gaze from Radiv to the Kolto tank that held Renae. His gaunt, cold expression changed to a mixture of sadness and anger.

"Would someone like to explain why my daughter is in this state?"

Radiv stood. "I mean no disrespect, but would you be the Magister?"

"Yes. And as I have said, my first interest is to know why she is like this!" He pointed at Renae at the word 'she'.

"Well, it wasn't someone else's doing. It was her own. The Medtech did tell me that she would recover soon, however."

"In that case, I want to know the moment that she wakes up. Should i be told any later, I will be more than displeased!" Yelling the word 'displeased, he left afterwards.

Radiv informed the MedTech's of the Magister's request upon his return, prefering not to meet with the man again when he was in such as mood.

The MedTech was fascinated at the rate that the girl was recovering. As it was, he had not heard of nearly any cases of a lightsaber being stabbed though a the chest cavity of any creature, and know that it lived, much less recovered in time. It would not be very long before she wakes up. The MedTech's estimate was less than a day. He checked the tank's kolto supply and the tank's monitors, making sure that they were reporting accurately. Once he was sure they were, he left the room. He wasn't fond of the fact that he had to return in a few hours, to assist the girl in the rehabilitation. He also knew that one single error between now and then, the Magister would have his head on a spec-light platter.

Aboard the Angel, Radiv entered the room where Renae took on the creature. Its body had been burned and the ashes thrown out the airlock. Its lightsaber was in the TechLab, being studied. While no findings had been reported yet, Radiv had only one care on his mind. The care that many Sith in his position didn't have. Over and over the thought ran around his skull. Various times he had the option to kill Renae, and the tradition of the Sith dictated. But just like before, looking from his lightsaber, to thinking about the kolto tank that held his master, he never touched it, no matter how much he thought about it. Even if some would say it was weakening him, he found that the loyalty he had for his master was stronger than the wish for power he had.

Rtas Vadum
06-05-2009, 03:56 AM
Chapter XIII - Resurrection P2

As Renae awoke, she sat up, with a look on her face that would have killed if such a thing was possible. And indeed, this was one of the times that she wished it was. As far as she knew, the amount of time that had past since she killed the creature by sticking herself with her lightsaber, was almost mere seconds. Although she could feel slight pains, it was nothing she wanted to think about. Banishing it from her thoughts, she got out of the bed she was in. Looking around, she knew that she was exactly were she expected to be.

"Sometimes, I wonder if my gift of strong foresight is to strong. But then again, its helped me many times over."

She looked at the clothing they had her in. To her slight distaste, it was a set of a black sleeveless top and shorts. As it was, the color was, at least, acceptable. Rubbing her eyes, she looked around for something that would have held her clothing, hoping that if she would find it, it would have been already fixed. When she couldn't find it, she gave up on it. Just as she sat on the bed, the door opened. The head Med-Tech stood there, with a smile on his face. He entered the room, and stopped when he got to the nearby terminal.

"Ah, your highness. If you don't mind, I would like to do a bio-scan. You father has, as you no doubt know, he wanted you to be perfectly healthy, which I'm sure lets you know he still cares for you."

"I know he does." She stood, and raised her arms. The Med-Tech grabbed one of the bio-scan units, and waved it around her body. A image of her skeletal, muscle and organ structure was displayed on the terminal screen. The tech turned to it, and let out a sigh of relief when he was able to tell her that all three were perfectly functional. He used the terminal to message the Magister about Renae, before he turned to leave the room. She stopped him.

"Where are my robes?"

"Your robes? I sent them to be fixed, as your apprentice ordered. You father also had a request, which I'm sure you will like. I will have them sent here as soon as I know they are ready." With that, he left the room.

Sometime later, when Renae was asleep on the Medical bed, her father entered the room. He smiled has he looked over the bio-scans, and over her sleeping figure. He sat down on the bed next to her. She awoke when she felt the touch of his hand on her head. Sitting up, she looked him in the eyes.

"I see you have not changed. You are truly my daughter. And from what I have gathered from your doings in the past, you have not only done as I have wished for you, but I believe that you have greatly surpassed them, thousand-fold."

"You don't care that I took the path of a Sith? That I tore the Republic to nearly nothing?"

"Why should I? You know I don't have the idealism of the Jedi. I never did. And you must not forget, that even though your acts can be considered horrible, murderous, and inhumane, they are, and forever will be, great. The choices you made were all yours, never anyone else's. Even though much of what you did can be attributed to Revan's orders, the fact that you believe and understand her reasoning for it, as well as carrying them out in your own chosen manner, makes the choices yours."

"Well, I can say I am glad of it. It still seems odd though, that you have no problems with it, due to the fact that you took so much of your time joining the Republic, only for your own daughter to destroy it. While I can say I would do it again if i had to, it does beg questions." Renae said, her father standing.

"I actually joined Revan's Sith Empire just before the end of the Manalorian War. One of the reasons why Revan never had to send a fleet here. But from what I have heard your officers and your apprentice talking of, there is some other war on the horizon. I know you have it in you to accomplish whatever goal you have, But also I feel I need to know what its about."

Renae stood. Just as she did, the Med-tech entered, carrying a case that held her robes. She went behind the holo-screen, and after removing the medical clothing, she slowly started putting her robes back on, each article of clothing one at a time. As she did this, she spoke.

"The opponent this time is, essentially, the Sith. Yes, I know. Sounds odd, but these are a different sort. These are the old Sith, the ones that built the Academy's on Malachor, and a few others. Their goal isn't the same as mine, even if, in a certain sense, we share the same sort of title. Their prize is total destruction. The reasoning for Revan's actions, and by extension, mine, during both the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil wars, was to unify the galaxy against them. And I'm sure you can understand, its easier to unify a galaxy by force, than it is by choice."

She walked out from behind the holo-screen, fixing the placement of the armored chest piece. "And soon, Revan is to return, along with them. At that, is when we will do exactly as Revan intended to do." She then took her lightsaber from the case, and held the hilt upwards, igniting the blade. She spun it around twice, de-activated the saber, and slipped it onto her belt. Her eyeballs bled black, and her eyes bled silver, and caught the shine of the room's lights, as she looked up. She raised her gloved hand, and closed it. "Crush them."

Darth SINner
06-07-2009, 07:10 PM
another awesome chapter

Rtas Vadum
07-24-2009, 01:59 AM
Chapter XIV - Arrival Of The Midian Fleet

When the enemy fleets arrived in the outer rim, it was destruction on a scale that surpassed all the events of the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil war. Their ships themselves reeked of death, of a long lost battle, and of a power chained to darkness and nothingness for millenia. While not all worlds were affected, the ones that were, saw drastic changes in their populace. The became...hungry, in many ways that people are made to fear. The kind of hunger that accepted types of food do not satisfy.

The first place Renae's fleet engaged them was over the remains of Taris. They had already infected the world, but Renae planned on using the battle to figure out their motives, not to defeat them. Even as she wanted to sent these creatures into oblivion, she wanted to know why they were here, and the truth about what they were after.

"Their ships look almost organic, like they are made from some sort of solidified liquid." Lilith said.

"I don't know what it would be, but I don't think the galaxy will like what it is." Renae was slightly worried. Even if her ships were overpowering theirs, it was what happened to their ships when they seemed to be destroyed that bothered her. Many of them would almost reform quickly, something that Renae had only wished was possible in the past. While she could clearly see that there were wreckage of their ships scattered around their operational ones, their commanding ships would take no damage from any ship she had.

"This is getting rather tiresome. Sent orders to all support ships to jump to their specified safe locations. Any other fully functional ship should do the same." Renae barked orders to her officers, knowing that at this point, the battle didn't mean as much as it was intended to.

"Lady Renae, a message from the enemy fleet. It is directed at you, should I display it?" Her communications officer yelled.

"Yes. I would love to see exactly who thinks that he can destroy a galaxy without anyone caring."

The image of a young, yet very pale man appeared on the screen. His eyes were deep red, his sclera's black. His hair was white, and styled in what looked like a meticulous manner. He smiled.

"I know you. I know more about you than you know me." Renae noticed that he barely opened his mouth when he spoke, like he was hiding something.

Renae laughed. "Do you? How about you tell me exactly what you think you know about me?"

"I know what species you are, what planet you came from, and I know what you can become. You can become something far greater than you are now, you can become....like me."

Renae lost her usually calm speech. "Like you? That is all you have? One thing you seem to not know about me is that I do not like workarounds. I prefer that if someone must tell me something, they tell me, and not give me loads of bantha dung."

"As you wish. I am a sort of Sith, like you. And like you, I was. But during my time in the eternal darkness of the prison that all like me were kept in, we were changed. We became something that knew we could do whatever we wanted. I wanted the galaxy's head on a plate, and what I became is going to allow me to do that. And you are a part of my plans."

"You used to be like me? What do you mean by that?"

"I have said enough here. To explain what we are requires that you see it in person, not over a view screen. The next we meet, I will explain my...gift. And possibly, give it to you" The image disappeared. Reane cursed, and turned to her Officers. "Send the order for all ships to retreat to Coruscant orbit." She turned on her heel and headed for the turbo-lift.

When she entered her quarters, she sealed the door behind her. Upon her entry, her HK unit kicked to life, and awaited an order.

"Hk, is there anything in Chromion's database about a group of exiles?"

"Searching public databases......No information is held there, however, the Magisterial Database may hold the information you seek. I will require a pass-code if you wish me to search these."


"Searching Private Royal History databases.....entry tag 'EXILE' found two matches. One referring to Lilith, the Jedi Exile, and the other mentioning a group of Exiled Chromians that left the planet to become Jedi, over one hundred years ago. These Chromian Jedi became part of a Sith war, one that is little known to people today. They were exiled past the outer rim by a previous Jedi Council, and they haven't been seen since. "

"Is there any information about who these 'exiles' were?"

"Negative, Master"

That night, visions plagued her sleep. Screams of innocent people, cries of helpless soldiers against a foe worse than the Mandalorians, and the losing battle that would come. What scared her, was the things that she saw herself doing. it was one single fleeting image that seemed to cause her physical pain to even think about, even in her slumber. It was of herself, kneeling on the ground, a woman held in her arms. The woman's neck was bleeding, and blood dripping down Renae's chin....

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter XV - Dark Evolution

As Renae awoke, she quickly noticed that she wasn't where she should be. A large chamber, lit by a raging fire. She wasn't tied down, but she couldn't move. The last thing she remembered was the battle on Naboo. They were wining, but the confusion mounted when a different sort of soldiers entered the fray. They weren't phased by blasters, and lightsabers merely pissed them off. Then there was what they did to anyone they got their hands on. It bore a eerie resemblance to what she remembered from her dream.

"Ah, your awake. I must say, your soldiers fought valiantly, but still retreated the second they saw you fall. Morale is an easy thing to manipulate, mainly when it centers around someone like you." The same person she'd seen on he view screen entered the room. He wore black robes which echoed hers, along with a silver necklace adoring his neck.

"Tell me, what exactly is it that you believe I can become? And why should I?"

He laughed. "You do understand that for these sorts of things, there is a sort of natural order that must be taken. Questions such as those are secondary to one single thing: Introductions. I already know your name, so I'll just give you mine. But as it is, I have been given many names, all of them of an off color sort. The one I've taken a liking to is my original name, Lazarus. While you may know at this point that I am indeed from the same planet that you are from, I can hardly be considered the same species at this point." He walked over to a stone table, which held a shining red crystal atop a silver statue. "To understand what you become, you must understand what I am." He took a large cup from the same table, and put the crystal over it. Crushing it with his hand, a thick red liqud poured into the cup.

"What is that?"

"The answer is as simple as looking to what you have already see draped around your own mouth. A vision of a possible future for yourself?" He put the cup to his mouth, and drank from it.

"That can't be...blood?"

Lazarus laughed. "Yes, the most precious liquid rubies that my kind can ever get their hands on. Worth more to us than credits or any sort of valuable object found in the galaxy. And as you now know, my kind drinks it."

"You can't expect me to ever-"

"You say that like a Jedi in defiance of ever using the dark side. Something you yourself has done, and loved doing it." He walked up to her, and rubbed his pale skinned hands against her pale face."If you want the gift, you will have to accept that one clause, and along with that acceptance, you will gain so much more."

"Say I'm interested. What exactly do I have to do for it?"

"For me to give you the gift? The only thing I require is for you to accept. Then I will give it to you. " He waved his hands, and she found herself able to move. She gave it some thought, before she finally said it.

"I want it." With this, she saw a dark look in his now red eyes. A smile etched across his face, which showed her that two of his teeth were longer than the rest: fangs. He grabbed her torso, a grip which she could not break. He forcibly pulled her head to one side, giving a clear shot at her neck. When she felt the bite, her blood felt like it was being set on fire. A feeling of raw anger pulsed through her body the longer he did not release her. When he did, she fell to her knees. It was here that her body shook, her eyes felt like they were going to explode, and every muscle in her body that could move, did so painfully.

"This is only the start. Relish the pain, take it in, understand it. Past the pain, you will find truth, one that you would never find otherwise."

As the pain stopped, she felt different. Wiping the sweat from her head, she noticed her reflection in her gauntlets. Her eyes were now deep red, and she had fangs like he did.

:"How do you feel?"

"Like I've been sliced to pieces with a million lightsabers, how else would you think?" She leaned against he stone table, she felt somewhat drained, even though all she had done was crawling around the floor.

"Soon enough, you will need to feed, just like me. The way the galaxy is, our poison of choice isn't the sort of widely available that people accept. But it is their, and ready to be taken. You don't have the craving for it now, but in a few hours, maybe a few days, you will."

"So where is it that we go from here? Do you still want this galaxy? If you do, Im not just going to stand back and give it to you!"

"I don't expect you to. But for now, I will let you get back to your ship. But in a week, I am going to launch an attack on the core. If you think you can stop me, do so." With that, he vanished into wisps of black smoke.

As Renae entered into a city square, she found herself being looked at, a little more than usual, but nothing that was alarming for her. As she wandered into and alleyway, she thought about the definitive choice she'd just made. She was now something entirely different, something that wasn't even close to human. A young woman came up to her, full of questions. Something about her seemed, in an odd way, drinkable. Renae pounced on the woman, using her new fangs to bite. Taste of the blood was odd at first, but within seconds, it became wonderful. Her senses raced, open to the sounds and sights of the galaxy then she'd ever been. She thought of it like an evolution of sorts. One that brought her power, a power that she was going to use.

"This feeling....I like it."

Rtas Vadum
05-12-2010, 07:41 AM
Chapter XVI - Accepting The Gift

The first time Renae entered the bridge after her capture, she brought a new wave of fear to those who served aboard the Angelic. Their looks begged questions, questions that their curiosity begged to ask, but they kept silent. As she neared the command consoles at the apex of the bridge, she was met by Radiv, Lilith and Jenni. All of them had similarity in their impeding questions, but only Lilith could pluck the courage to speak.

"What happened to you?" She asked, feeling that it needed to be known.

"It seems that the threat to the galaxy is far more a threat than I think even Revan thought. They are a odd species, one that came from my home planet one hundred years ago. They were changed in the darkness that exists past the outer rim, the same darkness that the "True Sith" wait in. These are Sith, indeed. But they have odd rituals, ones that at first, disgusted even me." Renae explained this in her usual tone, but their was something obvious that Jenni couldn't help but notice.

"Why are your eyes red? And what the...you have...fangs?"

Renae sighed. It was the moment that she was slightly dreading since she first set foot back aboard the ship. "You know I said they have odd rituals. Even one that can change other species into what they are, or at least something like them."

"You can't possibly be saying that you are now like those accursed soldiers that we saw on Naboo?" Jenni said, rather taken aback.

"Not exactly. Its something that I can't change. But my aims have not changed. I plan to use these powers they gave me to destroy them."

Renae stared into the blackness of space, thinking about what she now was. It was a point of no return for her, and she was miles past it. One thing was clear to her: She had to stop Lazarus from taking the galaxy with little to no effort. That she would make sure of. But what concerned her, was her powers. She still had her control over the force, the same strong connection she'd had for years. But it felt different, like she was a lake, and the force was a never-ending waterfall pouring into her.

She would not take this gift as a curse. She would use her new-found power to destroy the one she had been after for so long. The one who did this to her, the one who she'd felt for ages. It would not be easy, but she didn't want it to be. She wanted it to be the hardest fight of her life, so it would be something that could been etched in the minds of all who hear the stories, the rumors, and most of all, those who would help her do it.

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter XVII - Facing The Past...and The Truth

"There is something you must know. Something that vastly sets you apart from all those who followed Revan. The things you did, how you did it, are what is important."

Renae stood before Lazarus, who sat on a obsidian throne, surrounded by two of his Midian guards. Fanged structures encircled him and his guards. She wanted to attack him, to end him. But she knew how things work. Far from the Sith before her who fell, because they were to arrogant to notice that their foe knew what they would do. No, she would wait. Allow him to speak, and crush him when she wanted to. She hated herself for being captured on Korriban by them, but it wasn't the real problem.

"Then tell me. What is different about me?"

"It is simple. Many of the Jedi who joined Revan bonded themselves with her. Making their lives, and in some cases, their power over the force, tethered to Revan's life. This meant that at the time of her fall, when the Jedi attacked her, they lost their powers. As she regained them, as did they. But you are a different tale. You pledged your loyalty thousand-fold, yet your bond with her was different. When she fell to the weak Jedi, you didn't change." He stood. "You have a bond with her, one that didn't tie her life to yours, but did something else. It gave you many glimpses into her power. Into her force of will, into her being. You are a mirror image of her, but not her opposite. You are her equal. One who has no wish to betray her, only the wish to perform her will. And why did you keep faithful to her? Because she asked? NO!"

He walked toward her, and gently touched her soft white skin. "Your loyalty to her, was out of your bond. Out of what you truly became. You are a Sith, but your strong philosophy allows compassion and caring. Your compassion for Revan, for your former Jedi Master, for your own apprentice. Even he realized this, and would not move to destroy you when you were at your weakest point. He found himself realizing that with you, he was stronger than without. In his own way, he loves you. You, who took him from the broken Jedi, and gave him a immovable force, one that would standby him, rather than fight against him. You gave him a higher purpose. Just as Revan gave you a purpose beyond that of a Jedi serving a Republic that was breaking at the seams from the first minute of the Mandalorian wars."

He turned his back to her. "But why tell me all this? You think that I had no idea of what I was? Of what I'd become?"

Without turning, he spoke again. "Yes, you knew about much of what you were, and what you had become. But only I understood the extent of it. You are Revan's Siphon, her link to this plane. It was your wish, and your undying loyalty that brought her back to the galaxy. And as history has always proven, it is keen to prove itself, time and time again. Various events, War, Civil Wars, border disputes, all of these are events that happen again and again. Why? Because there are those who create a conflict, and those who end it. You and Revan, along with all the other Jedi that followed you, defeated the Mandalorians. Then you nearly unified the Galaxy, until the Jedi cast their hand upon Revan, and thus Malak was left to destroy all that Revan built. Rather than taking worlds, forcing their populace to surrender upon the death of their leaders or government, Malak chose to decimate worlds without remorse. Without the tactical plans that made him a legend in the Mandalore Wars. Revan trusted you enough to contact you, and you alone before she was betrayed. To tell you to keep your faith in her, and she would
return. The rest beyond that, is, as they say, history."

"How do you know all this?" Reane asked, drawing her lightsaber.

"Please. I command the force, just as you do. That, and the powers I gained within my exile in darkness, I see every thought, every word, you've ever spoken. Such as, your wish to show your father that you are something he could be proud of. He has said that you have proven yourself already, but why not show him again?" From behind the chair, the guards brought Renae's father, of whom was freely bleeding, the obvious bite marks on his neck. "He was strangely cooperative. He did resist somewhat, but he had faith in you to arrive here. As did I."

Renae scowled. From the depths of her body, deep snarls and growls emitted, along with her eyes turning red, amidst black, shining pools. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! YOU WILL SUFFER FOR ALL THOSE YOU'VE HARMED! FOR ALL THOSE I CARE FOR!!"

"So I see I will. But rather than talking about it, enact the revenge I see in your new eyes....AND KILL ME!!!" He withdrew his hand from his robes, drawing a lightsaber. He spun it in his hands, and ignited it, the blade pointed towards the ground. Even as she took notice of this, she made no effort to care, as she ran towards him, forcing their blades to lock.

Outside the Temple, Radiv walked in slow steps down the ramp of the shuttle. He didn't care what Renae said, she wouldn't be able to do it alone. That, and some thought his intentions had changed when he ordered the crew to prepare a shuttle for him. They thought the worse of him, it that didn't matter. No matter what he called himself, or what he 'was', he knew one solid fact. He was loyal, and was not going to sit by while his Master was slaughtered by Lazarus. He took the lightsaber from his belt, and held it firmly as he walked up the stone steps.

Lazarus broke the hold, and backed away from Renae. He similes as she raised her hand. Several bolts of the familiar blue-white lighting shot from her hands into his body, as he smirked. “Is that the best you have? Surely you can do better?”

She smiled, then raised her other hand, forcing more bolts to shoot into his body. Tensing her arms, the lightning changed to a red-white color, causing a genuine look of pain in Lazarus. Reane laughed as she watched him lowering himself to the ground, the pain to much for him to take. “How much more of this do you want? Or would you prefer if I ended this now?” Lowering her hands, she deactivated her saber.

“I wouldn't want this to end too quickly...” Lazarus said, as he quickly stood, and placed the emitter of his saber to her chest, causing her to grin angrily. Just as he went to slide his finger on the activation plate, a single stream of red light hit him in the back, causing him to fall to the ground, his lightsaber falling from his hand. Renae looked up, seeing nothing but blackness from the Temple entrance. Even Lazarus painfully turned to look. As he turned, a lightsaber flew from the entrance of the temple, cleanly severing Lazarus' right arm.

“I see I was right about this. Tell me, Lazarus. How long do you think you could've gone avoiding me, if you had killed my Master?” Radiv said, casually walking into the Temple.

“Ah yes. I seem to have forgotten you. But it is no matter now. This story is nearing its conclusion, and only one thing remains. The true explanation. I owe you that much, Renae.” Lazarus crawled back into his throne, leaving his lightsaber were it fell.

“So then, what exactly is it?” Reane replaced her lightsaber back on her belt, and waited.

“We are not the 'True Sith'. As you might understand, preventing their return is impossible. We tried to do so, and failed. Over one hundred years ago, I was like you were, Reane. I was a Jedi, and proud of it. Me and many others were sent to investigate problems in the outer rim. It lead us beyond the known galaxy, father than any had ever been. That is were we found, them. They saw each of us as pawns in their game, knowing that breaking us to their will would create, for them, a way to warn the galaxy about them, when they became something of legend, something that isn't as feared. As you know it worked. Soon, they will return, and the galaxy will fall, even farther than it already has. Far worse than any time before.”

“What about Revan?” Radiv asked.

“Ah. She is still alive, as you know. The strongest user of the force I'd ever seen, which isn't to discount each of you. But she had nothing to do with them. All she found on the borders of this galaxy were the things they left behind. She knew that traveling father would mean meeting them in person, like we had. I would not call that a weakness, but something far greater. Where we failed, because of our lust for power, you will triumph for the same reason. The main difference being that you already have your power, where we were grasping for it.”

“He is right, unfortunately.” They both heard a voice from the Temple entrance.


05-15-2010, 10:45 AM
I think what you're writing here is well thought out and put together. I caught some minor spelling errors as I was reading, nothing that couldn't be fixed with some minor editing. I like your dialog, and I think you do a good job of putting the reader in the moment.

I don't particularly care for the vampire angle, but that is merely a personal preference and doesn't mean that it isn't a good idea in the sense that if that is what you want to include in your story than you should include it :)

I'm not sure how I missed this story up until now, but I will keep an eye out for up dates and keep reading.

Rtas Vadum
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Chapter XVIII – Vanguard

The sight of her was, imposing. While it was obvious that she wasn't here for a fight, she still inspired the same emotions that she had a decade ago. Not much about her had changed, even her armor, which was only a quarter of what made her famous, was still the same. Upon removing her mask, it was the same story. Aside from the obvious signs of the dark side, the pale skin, her black hair, the glowing red eyes, she was mostly the same.

“So your here. Just as you said you would be.” Lazarus coughed. “You play a dangerous game at every turn, Revan. But every time, you always act as the puppet-master, never the puppet, no matter how much ferocity is directed towards you. Even Malak failed to understand what he could've been, had he followed Renae's example. But that is nothing compared to, other matters.”

Renae blinked. “Where do we go from here?”

Pulling her hood down, Revan sighed. “The next few years will decide whether or not this galaxy will ever thrive again. The Republic's fall, matters little, even though many believe otherwise. Most of the don't understand why it fell in first place. They only see it crumbling after the war, and think that is the direct cause. This, along with other factors, matter little in the years to come. Restoring it will be a simple task, but one for later.”

Renae turned to Lazarus. “This...condition. How can I rid myself of it?”

Smiling, he said “Unlike me, it isn't permanent. With you, a sort of evolution has occurred, and therefore, you are not entirely like me. If you wish, the one unfortunate requirement can be brushed off, and all that will remain is the enhanced strength, senses, and the like. You are the perfection of what I wanted to create, and you surpassed what I believed you capable of.”

“What exactly is...or are you anyway?” Radiv said, replacing his lightsaber on his belt.

Smiling, Lazarus sighed. “Beyond giving it the name 'Midian', we don't know what it is. Perhaps it might be some sort of disease, or something related to the force itself, possibly the dark-side, a form of Sith Alchemy. But we, unlike Renae, aren't perfect. We need living blood, from human or near-human species to survive. As I understand it, only every few months, which is something that Renae doesn't share.” He turned to her. “You don't need it, though it does much more for you than us. Makes you stronger. Though if you wish to rid yourself of that, it will be of no consequence to yourself, or rather you will not suffer for it. You might still be a Midian, but you will also be Chromian, like you were before. A prefect combination of the species, lacking only the weaknesses of Midians.”

“What are you going to do?” Renae asked.

“I've been living on borrowed time. I could've done so much with it, that I had no desire to do. I could've destroyed every single world in the Galaxy, took one single world for my own, or various other things. But I chose to take the time to find someone like you. And now that I've done that, and it is quite obvious that there is a vanguard to combat the black-hearted Sith-Spawn that lie in wait beyond the outer rim, I can rest. If you care about me, which I don't imagine that you do, if at all. Don't. I've spent enough time waiting in that darkness, and enough effort in the past months, that I don't want it anymore.” He stood, walking slowly over to Renae.

“You want death? Not much of a surprise, given that you weren't really fighting me, just biding time. Not that I'm going to complain about that.”

Smirking, Lazarus stopped. “You are no stranger to having blood on your hands, even if it is just metaphorical.” He grabbed Renae's lightsaber from her belt, and held it up before her. “It is rather unnerving, to hold the weapon that is going to end your life before it does. All you need do is compete yourself, and you know just how to do that.” Placing the saber back into her hands, with the emitter touching his bare chest, he waited.

“As you wish.” Renae ignited the saber, the white-hot blade searing through his body. He fell limp quickly enough, and would've fallen to the ground, if it weren't for the fact that Renae had bit him on the neck, drawing the dying blood from his veins.

“Um, what in the hell are you doing?” Radiv asked.

Turning, she dropped Lazarus' body to the ground, and replaced her saber. Her chin was red, stained with blood, but nothing had changed. “Doing exactly what he said.” She dropped to her knees when she finished, and writhed. To her, it seemed that fire invaded her veins, muscles, and organs, tearing them to shreds, though her body was still intact.

Radiv watched this in horror. It was almost like watching her in the Medical Bay again. “Are you...”

Standing, she moved her entire body periodically, ending with her eyes and mouth opening. Her eyes were the same shiny red, and the fangs still existed in her mouth. “I feel better than ever. In fact, I think I can say for sure that he wasn't lying.”

While the two men that had previously stood next to Lazarus' throne made no effort to suggest they had problems with what was going on, it became somewhat apparent that watching Renae kill their master, wasn't something they would just let go. Radiv saw them, and moved to warn Renae, but she simply stood there, even when she could clearly hear the two advancing behind her with lightsabers.

“MASTER!” Radiv yelled, causing her to draw her saber and drop to the floor in one motion. In her next, she sliced her blade through the legs of one, and across the waist of another. One dropped to the floor in pain, the other dead. She stood over the one that was still alive.

“Clearly, you are a fool. If you wanted to kill me, you should've never tried. Only because for someone like yourself to do so, is next to impossible. And before you say anything, I can understand your position. But throwing your life away for a dead man, is as foolish as it can get. However, realize that I don't mean to spare you. There really is no point. I'm not a hero, after all.” She drew her saber across his neck, severing it. She turned to her father, once again placing her saber on her belt. Helping him up, she waited.

“This is why I understood so many years ago, that you are the ideal daughter, even if you grew up far from your home. I don't care what you've become, only that you still know who you are. Truthfully, I never wanted you to please me, only yourself. If you are content with being, whatever you call yourself, then I can't say anything against that. It doesn't matter to me who you might've killed, or what horrible acts that you've committed. You are still my daughter, and the loyalty that comes with that, is above all, unbreakable.”

She was almost to the point of tears, but she held them back. “I thank you...father.” She took a Med-Kit from her belt, and handed it to him.

Revan walked up to them. “The True Sith are far off, but there are things that must be done in the meantime. However, I think it is best to discuss this elsewhere, and leave this temple to crumble to the ages.”

Returning to the shuttle, and to the Angelic, Renae and Revan latter stood on its bridge, silent as space itself. It almost seemed like nothing had happened, though the memories were there, making it all to obvious that none of it was just a dream.

“Did you meet them?”

Revan turned. “I only wish I had. All I found of them, like the Star Forge, was what they had left behind. I searched as far as I could, but I couldn't find them. Perhaps where they are is somewhere else, somewhere that is much harder to get to.”

An officer brought them drinks, and Renae sat in the Commander's chair, while Revan stood. “This might be a somewhat stupid question, but are you scared of them?”

Revan turned, laughing.”Not in the least. There is only one thing in this galaxy that I am scared of, and that, is something I think you share. No matter how long it takes, we will crush them, just like you said.”

Finishing her drink, Renae nodded, agreeing with Revan. Nodding to the ship's Captain, Renae turned to the front view-port, and smiled.

“Dark and Light, Sith and Jedi. Both of them are needed to keep a balance. Sometimes one rises to a decree of prominence, and the other to the shadows of the galaxy. When this happens, the equation is unbalanced, and that must always change. But soon, it will tip in only the favor of one. Soon, the Darkness will Rise, and the ones to quell this darkness with be disciples of the light and darkness, and in the end, the victor will decide the fate of the galaxy. However, I've never liked losing, namely when it is my own, and the lives I care about, are at stake.”

Just as she finished, the ship jumped into hyperspace, to a destination that didn't matter. The only thing that matters is the journey, as that is where you will begin to understand what you see at the end.

05-17-2010, 01:27 PM
Very well done chapter...again some minor editing required to correct simple spelling errors. I like the philosophical perspective that your Revan takes as it always seemed to me the Revan's perspective on galactic events exceeded that of others involved.