View Full Version : [Poetry] The Unknown Journey

Ferc Kast
01-26-2009, 10:43 PM
Author's note: I just finished this poem tonight. I tried to keep it free to interpretation, but still have one intended meaning while writing it.


The Unknown Journey

There he stood, alone and lonely.
Though, not as before, yet just as sad.
He saw that face, that beautiful face,
Everywhere as he wandered now.
‘Twas his most trusted friend.

In dreams, he saw the error,
He knew what he had to say.
For he clearly saw his mistake now,
His mistake from many moons ago.

Could things ever be as before?
Nay; for ne’er do things end as they start.
Then, he knew the hidden words
From the past. In the spoken, he erred.
In the unspoken, he had not known what he said.

He wanders still, but never lost.
For, he sees her face still
Like a light in the darkness of the world;
Ne’er alone, he braves the unknown…