View Full Version : [WIP] Bastila's Darkness

Rtas Vadum
01-30-2009, 10:14 AM
Now, i know there have been other mods that change Bastila's darkside appearance, plus giving her other items. But i think one i would do, has a different kind of spin on it.

Such as:

(Oh great, she just had to blink....)

Now, i just have to implement that robe as a new robe, and not her default clothing as it is now.

Though i think this will be the first mod i release to use 2da edits, and would likely be incompatible with any other mods that do the same, as i haven't got the hang of the patcher yet.

01-30-2009, 11:02 AM
2DA edits via TSLPatcher are relatively straight forward once you get the hang of it. There's a tutorial that covers it over at KOTOR Files - http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/info/TSLpatchercharacter You only need elements of it, but it illustrates the basic procedure.