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02-01-2009, 01:12 AM
I've seen and tried the Bao Dur robe mod on filefront, but it isn't exactly what I would like. So, I've been trying to trick the game into letting Bao-Dur wear Jedi Master/Jedi Knight syle robes and heavy armor, and I'm really close to figuring it out.

So far:

-I've installed the Bao-Dur Wears Jedi Robes Mod

-I've changed Bao-Dur's basic appearance. He now spawns as one of the African-American male PC models.

-And I've changed Bao-Dur's subspecies type to None, so the game should recognise him as simply a Human.

But one problem remains...

After messing around with the character tags, I've realized that by these tags, the game knows who's who.

So, I tried changing the tag to disciple's tag, but that only caused problems in the game, so i had to change it back. So, the question is, how do I trick the game into both recognising Bao-Dur's character but also make the game forget to restrict Bao-Dur from equipping Jedi Master/Knight Robes & Heavy armor?

I do already know of one option, but it's not favorable to me. I read about a trick for turning bao-Dur into Atton and Atton into bao-Dur, but the problem with that is that if I did that, Bao Dur could equip anything, but Atton could no longer equip anything. I'd prefer to have my cake and eat it too.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I do have one theoretical idea: a new, modified bao-dur tag. Only questions about that idea are: is it possible, how would it be done, and how would it be made to work properly?

02-01-2009, 07:17 AM
If I remember correctly, if you just change Bao Dur's appearance to something else (like one of the PC models) with KSE or KOTORtools, you can equip him with armour and Jedi robes. You don't need the mod you've installed for this. I think Bao Dur's model restricts heavy armour and robes, just like Mandalore's model is locked in with his armour, (but if you change it over to an unused appearance, you can unmask him and change his armour).

I don't think there is a way of getting Bao Dur to wear Jedi robes without making some model alterations, although I do remember that there was a mod in development not too long ago that created an 'Iridonian' PC head (Bao Dur's race) that you could apply to Bao Dur.

02-01-2009, 06:49 PM
I beleive I may have found the secret! I jsut need confirmation if it would work.

In the baseitems.2da, there is a column named denysubrace. I think that this may be connected to Bao-Dur. Bao-Dur's default subrace is Zabrak, but this shows up as 0x00000000 and 0x00000002.

Thing is, I'm not sure.

If someone knows if there is a script that prevents Bao-Dur from equipping armor and robes, then that would be very helpful. Also, what language would I want to decompile scripts into? (I'm totally a noob about scripting)

Also, soemthing confusing I found is that in the droidorhuman column, there seem to be 4 variables: 0, 1, 2, and ****. Why are there 4 variables? What does each variable determine?

(Is it like a quadrinary boolean system or something?)

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02-01-2009, 07:03 PM
I don't think it is related to the denysubrace in baseitems.2da, as Bao-Dur can wear light and medium armor, and those armors also have the 0x00000002 flag. I think it is more to prevent droids from using them, as the you would enter 0x02 in one of the columns in the spells.2da file to prevent the spell from affecting them.

As for a script, no, I don't think that there is a script to prevent Bao-Dur from equipping armor. I mean, how would it work? Check if Bao-Dur is wearing a robe every second, and remove it if he is? Not practical and a complete waste of processing power.

The only way to meaningfully decompile scripts in TSL is with DeNCS, and even that program can't decompile all the scripts in the game. In any case, you'll get NWScript as the result, essentially a modified version of C.

This question is probably redundant, but you did give Bao-Dur the Heavy Armor Proficiency and Jedi Defense feats, right? Those are prerequisites to wearing heavy armor and robes.

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02-01-2009, 07:21 PM
Yes, I did give him those feats, but it still says 'cannot equip: Bao-dur'.


i've successfully gotten Bao-Dur to wear heavy armor. It's just the jedi robes that don't seem to be cooperating.

Edit 2:

in fact, no matter how I edit the properties of the robes so far (removing the 'user limitation: human' lines), it still says 'cannot equip: bao-dur'
I'm going to try one last thing.

I'm going to put in the properties of the jedi master robe a 'usable by: bao dur' line. I'm hoping that it will cancel out the 'cannot equip: bao-dur' thing.

I've done the same thing with lightside and darkside crystals. If i put hurrikaine and qixoni crystals in the same saber, the light/darkside restrictions cancel out.
I hope that this will work the same way.

Edit 3:

Well, it doesn't work. That stupid 'cannot equip: Bao-Dur' thing seems to essentially be hard coded. The only other option I can think of that could work is to change the two robe utcs from the 'Bao-Dur wears Jedi Robes' mod so that those two utcs have the robe appearance of the robes I'd like bao-Dur to be able to wear. It's another long shot though. I'm going to both try that and also change Bao-Dur's name.