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The Betrayer
02-01-2009, 05:28 AM
I have decided to repeat the Sabotage. This remake aims to make the sabotage more in-depth and realistic. The story and most elements of the original story will remain the same. So, without further ado, the Sabotage:

This RP will follow the "NEUROPA" map for the territories of Germany.
See it here (http://www.imageurlhost.com/images/vae27pmbu3dn6w41o07u.png). Number of troops in the USA is about 7 million. Germany has about 12 million. Other technicalities will be decided as the RP is ongoing (not only by me, but by other players as well) RTR has 20 HQs spread over Neuropa and has a troop count of 20,000.

The Story:

Character Sheet Format:
Role in the Rekonstrukteur:

Important parts:
-RTR Generals
-Regular RTR grunts
-SS inside man (supplies info, munitions etc. to Rekonstrukteur)
Post format:
You are required to state the location and date in your post. Out-of-character comments are to be begun with "///".

I'll post my Char sheet tomorrow. Happy RP'ing!

The Betrayer
02-01-2009, 05:43 AM
Name:Alexander Krag




Weapons:MP44, Binoculars, Luger Pistol

Skills:Alexander is an excellent strategist. He can plan flawless attacks. His aiming is mediocre. His most common tactic is having a squad lay heavy fire on the enemy and then having another squad flank around the enemy.

Biography:Alexander Krag is a former German Mundiger. He fought in World War I and became one of the greatest generals of the Third Reich. One thing superiors didn't like about Alexander is deep camaraderie with men. Alexander will not follow orders if it means endangering the welfate of his men.

One reason Alexander started the Rekonstrukteur is because his wife Zofia Krag was imprisoned in one of the Nazi concentration camps. There, she died at December 9, 1945. Alexander founded the RTR at Stettin, along with a few of his closest friends.

Role in the Rekonstrukteur:Leader, strategist.

02-02-2009, 04:03 PM
here goes round two...
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 23
the one holding the BAR
Gender: Male
Weapons: An M1 Carbine, a Colt M1911A1, 3 M2 frag grenades at any time, a trench knife, and at some times, a Thompson.
Skills: Is a good mechanic, and a good shot, but not the best at lifting heavy objects.
Biography: Was born into a farm family, his job being to protect the cattle from wild coyotes and repair the tractor when it broke down. He got good at these over time. Signed up for the army after Pearl Harbor, and was sent to Europe, then got left behind one day when they pulled out with out him. Unbeknownst to them, he is being paid by the O.S.S. to help the RTR.
Role in RTR: was a partial helper in building it, is mainly a grunt, but will do some higher end General work when asked. Or told

02-05-2009, 01:39 AM
Name: Fritz Frehir Von Olbricht

{Add-on} Rank: Oberfeldwebel {The equivelant of an American 1st Sergeant or a British Company Sergeant Major}

Age: 30

Appearance: Fritz wears the uniform of that of the Elite SS Stormtrooper Battalions, otherwords, a camoflage battle uniform. His rank and insignia's are openly displayed, along with his Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves Medal. He has black hair with brown eyes with a rigid, firm, sharp featured face. He is also clean-shaven with a short military haircut from that period. He easily blends in to any military situation due to his rigorous elite training and easily recognizeable uniform.

Gender: Male

Weapons: Fritz has a standard MP44 submachine gun, complete with long-range sights. He also packs a small Walther P38 in a small black holster on his left bandoleer that is attached to his belt. He also packs a small standard German Combat knife, something that has been with him for an extremely long time, so much so he gave it the name,"Greta." Besides these weapons, he also has a grenade in each boot, one frag, one smoke. He also has a small commando knife tucked into the sole of his shoe, and another knife hidden in a sheath under his right arm's shirt sleeve.

Skills: Fritz is an excellent combat soldier, preferring the massive attack approach instead of the hit-and-run tactics often associated with resistance units. He is a skilled shot and is known to stubbornly hold his ground against near-impossible odds, and has prevailed more than once. He is also a natural leader, inspiring the best from any man under his command.

Biography: Fritz was born to the wealthy Von Olbricht family in Prussia, 1914, soon after the beginning of WW1. The late Oberst Krahl Von Olbricht stayed as long as he could with the newborn Fritz, but soon left for Germany's advancing forces, only to be killed at the Battle of Verdun. This broke the young Fritz's heart and later on he vowed to join the German army and honor his brave Father's name. Somehow, though, the Olbricht maintained some of its fortune during the dark years of Germany's depression. Through this, Fritz's mother, Freda Olbricht, managed to send Fritz to several of England's finest colleges and miltary schools. Fritz stayed in London for a time, but remembered his vow to join the military and left for Germany as Adolf Hitler began his rise to power. When Hitler became Chancellor, Fritz joined the Elite SS stormtrooper wing of the German Wehrmacht. Fritz served and distinguished himself many times to his superiors, when he was then sent to the Eastern Front, and Russia, a frozen hell of a battlefield. There, Fritz witnessed the brutality of what Hitler's regime wanted as he watched thousands of innocent men, women, and children slaughtered for the sake of the Reich's policy. Fritz became disgruntled and eventually disobeyed an order from a High Ranking officer in the SS to eliminate a large convoy of refugees. Because of his career, Fritz was not executed for his offence, and instead was demoted to his current rank of Oberfeldwebel. Then Fritz made his decision, and deserted the German army, forming a rag tag group of French, Russian, Belgian, Yugoslavian, and Rumanian soldiers into a resistance group that was known as "Der Stille Tigers" or, The Silent Tigers." Fritz's group grew in number, until he received both good news and bad news from the resistance and intelligence groups he had arrayed.

The good news: a new group was created,"The Rekonstruekter."

The bad news: Fritz's brutal former commanding officer, Major Gunther Von Muller, had been personally commisioned to find and kill Fritz and his organization.

Role in the Resistance and Rekonstruekter: Possible combat officer, capable of leading any large missions or fighting and taking key positions on any battlefield, the footsoldier of the resistance.

The Betrayer
02-05-2009, 08:55 AM
NEUROPA map detailing all Rekonstrukteur HQs (11)

02-05-2009, 10:33 AM
Very cool map, Darth Betrayal!!! I have one more character, this one is a bad guy...a very bad guy:D

Name: Gunther Von Muller

{Add-on}Rank: Major

Age: 41

Appearance: Gunther usually wears a black SS uniform, often with a leather overcoat. He also wears an SS officer's cap nearly all the time, never minding the fact that a sniper could easily find him. It is a demonstration of his arrogance and power as well. His physical appearance is nearly perfect with Adolf Hitler's ideal Aryan. He is 6 ft. 3, and has a strong build and is quite intimidating. His face is strongly featured with high cheekbones and an almost Imperialistic look about his eyes. He has graying-blond hair and is clean-shaven also with a short haircut. However, he is not without his scars, early in the war, he was struck by a bullet across the eye, hence, an eye-patch. His left arm is also very stiff due to Russia's winter, and he is missing 2 fingers on his left hand.


Weapons: Gunther always has a Luger P08 in a holster on his belt, complete with enough ammo to last a while. He also has a small dagger in his uniform, along with a combat knife in his left boot. While going into a heavily fortified battlefield or any large engagement, Gunther is armed with a standard MP40/35 Maschinenpistole, he also has maye two grenades under his officer's coat.

Skills: Gunther is an excellent, but brutal soldier. He is feared by both the enemy and his men, motivating them into better fighting condition. He also has a keen sense of forensics, making him an excellent investigator. He is cold and calculating, though, and does not care how many men die before the objective is taken, he does not care for his men if they are of no use to his ideals. He always gets his objective.

Biography: Gunther was born in Berlin in the morning of January 9, 1903 to a large and comparatively poor family. He spent many of his early years working to support the family, but the death of both his parents during WW1 mentally wrecked him. He had gone from a kind and loving child to a cold and nearly inhuman creature over a small period of time. He is quite selfish and brutal in his survivalism, eventually finding the Nazi party for support. He was a lesser-known member in the 1930s, but stuck along and supported long enough to land a commission in Hitler's Waffen SS. He began his war in Poland, making fantastic progress and being promoted many times throughout the war. He began to have some of his older feelings of comradery with his unit of soldiers, but when he was sent to Russia, the true Gunther showed. He orchestrated hundreds of mass murders across the Russian steppes, firmly believing that he was doing his duty to his Fuhrer and country, but the men under him did not approve. Including a certain soldier by the name of Fritz Olbricht. Eventually, he began to have soldiers desert because of his brutal tactics, this did not phase the cold Gunther. He continued to 'burn' across the Russian front with the soldiers still loyal to him. He did this until he was transferred to the Home Front, and given command of a Gestapo and SA force. He had no idea why until he realized, an old colleague of his was causing trouble, and it was Gunther's duty to eliminate him. Gunther would do it with pleasure.

Role in the Rekonstruekter: Gunther is a sworn enemy of all resistance groups, and will stop at nothing to destroy the Rekonstruekter or any other resistance.

The Betrayer
02-06-2009, 05:18 AM
Name:John Ronald Finch
Appearance:John Ronald wears the standard issue U.S. Airborne uniform. He is 5'6 feet tall.
Weapons:John Ronald's weapon of choice is the M3 "Grease Gun". When required to be a marksman, however, he uses the M1 Garand. Aside from these, John Ronald has a lot of scavenged German explosives (like Stielhandgranates)
Skills:John Ronald was his squad's demolition man. He also excels in laying down suppressing fire, a trait admired by RTR leader Alexander Krag. Aside from these, John can read, write and speak German.
Biography:John Ronald was a member of the 101st Airborne. He is of German descent. Once evacuation commenced, John Ronald's plane was shot down. It was a miracle he survived (he paradropped to the ground.) Once a German patrol inspected the remains of the plane, he was captured. He was brought to one of the German POW camps. Fortunately, this camp was attacked by the RTR. Using his German-speaking skills, John was able to secure a position in the RTR.
Role in the Rekonstrukteur:Grunt and Demolitions Expert

02-06-2009, 05:38 PM
Name: Arole Weizen-Kerher
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Appearance: Arole is your average German. Blonde, blue eyed, about 6'2 feet tall and always wearing a rugged German uniform. He is always in a firm posture, trying his best to be intimidating and oppressive.
Weapons: Maschinenpistole 44 (MP44) / Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) and a Walther P38 (Pistole 38)
Skills: Arole is a brilliant shot but he lacks the experience on the field. He shines best when you plant him on the front lines with a block of cover, as he finds direct combat a simple process, but cannot remain calm for long without cover, he constantly calculates and tries to foresee future developements, rather than go with the flow.
Biography: Arole was born 1921, May 2nd. He was born in France, on the Eastern Border and always sought the approval of his father, who never seemed to show interest in him.
When he was of age he signed up for the German Military immediately to show his father something to be proud of. But his father disclaimed any connection to him and said he'd never be a true German. Now old thoughts have risen to the surface, should he prove his father wrong, or embrace this new resistance?
Role in the Rekonstrukteur: Arole is rather conflicted about the Resistance and Germany. His future will unfold on the battlefield.