View Full Version : Post-Pazaak Dialog Problems

Ferc Kast
02-02-2009, 06:40 PM
I am trying to get this script to run after having the PC playing Pazaak, I want it to run a dialog (which I added special nodes with conditionals pointing to the 2 different integers for winning and losing). But, after Pazaak, it only takes away or adds the amount of the wager.

void main()

string Pazaak = "307_SlaverPazaak";
object PC = GetFirstPC();
string Dialog = "307_slaver";

//If lost
if ( ( GetLastPazaakResult() == 0)) {
SetGlobalNumber(Pazaak, 20);
ActionStartConversation(PC, Dialog);
//If won
else if ( ( GetLastPazaakResult() == 1)) {
SetGlobalNumber(Pazaak, 21);
ActionStartConversation(PC, Dialog);


So, where did I go wrong in this script?