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02-06-2009, 06:15 PM
By: HK42
Force Cages
What you need:
Kotor Tool
K-GFF(if you enter into a git file)
Script Editor(if you enter into a script) there is one in ktool.

I had some problems with force cages getting them to work. The problem was when ever I spawned one I could run through the Force Field. This is because it was just a visible effect. It turns out the answer was right in front of me, in Davik's Placeable list when I first built the module I saw a place able: Large Cage- Impassable, I didn't know what this was so I left it out. Later when making a slave area I realized what this was. The cage blocker...

Step One: Spawn the Cage of course. This is covered in other tuts but heres the basics:
Get Whereami and Bearing(whereami cheat, and Star Admirals Great Armband Mod for K1 or D333 Armband with tsl) Type them in either in your script or .git file.Make the placeable. Save. Get into game.

NOTE: For the sake of the tutorial my cage name is a_torture8.utp

Now notice in the game you can run through the placeables field.

Step Two:Now make a new placeable in KTOOL, might as well just edit the placeable you just made.


Change the tag and resref to a_torture8b. Then change the appearence to ImpassableLargeCage.

NOTE: I think TSL is ForceCageBlocker the above is K1.

Step 3: Now get this one in game using the EXACT same whereami and bearing as before. Save.


Now the placeable should be impassable.


If I left out something tell me and I'll edit this, I think thats everything. It is pretty easy for me that is, especially once you know how ;)

NOTE: If you want to open a cage in dialog this might help you havnt tested it myself: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=190045&highlight=force+cage