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02-14-2009, 02:42 AM
Hey guys. This completely off Star Wars Galaxies, but from your soon to be sister game, SWTOR. One of the guilds, Champions of the Force is recruiting.
Also, If you do choose to apply, please do me a favor and say that Artemis referred you =)
This was taken directly from our wiki site.

Brief Introduction

Champions of the Force is a Republic guild. We believe in the good of things and that the Sith must be defeated in order for peace to be achieved. Champions of the Force will be a Republic guild focused on PVP and Raiding while promoting Role Playing and guild interaction. We are recruiting all Republic players regardless of Light or Dark side. CotF is NOT a Jedi only guild.

Do You Want to be a Champion?

We are currently recruiting mature and smart players. We also encourage our members to join in on PVP and Raiding as we realize that it is a major part of an MMO. We are also a role-playing guild, and that means that you will have to role-play at least a little bit. We are a very diverse community with people from all over the world, but unfortunately we can only allow English speaking players due to inconvenience for other players. We require all members to be active and contribute to the guild in any way they can. A microphone and Ventrillo is recommended but not required.

Here are some reasons to join us!

* We have a Ventrillo Server (for raiding etc)
* We have a large and mature community (who doesn't want that?)
* Our Forums are active every day (If you need help etc)
* We will focus on building an in-game city or space station if its possible
* We already have a very active guild participating in role plays you could join
* Our seasonal newsletter keeps players reminded and informed
* We support all play styles
* As the guilds main purpose is preparing for launch if you join you can be assured CotF will be with you at launch.

The CotF Hierarchy

We have three main divisions that we take pride in. These are : The Navy, The Marine Corps and Lastly, the Jedi Order. Each of these three composes of a very detailed ranking system that will be Listed Below.

The Navy

Admiral: Commander of the fleet. Planner for upcoming battles. Issues in-game orders to Captains.

Vice-Admiral: 2nd in charge of the fleet. Planner for upcoming battles. Issues in-game orders to Captains. Head of the Admiral's advisers.

Captains: Squadron Commander. Planner for upcoming battles. Member of the Admiral's Advisers.

Ensign: Proven pilots and gunners.

Flight Crew: Fleet trainees.

There of course are additional ranks but they are ranks that you are not expected to earn. If we think that you have done something memorable you will receive one of these ranks. But do not go around asking for one or you will never see and officer position.

No rank is permanent. Anyone can lose their position if they do not continue to work hard.

The Marine Corps

Commandant - Maven General - Position is Open Official Recruiter - Davidbowiefan Captains - Position is Open LTís - Position is Open SGT. Major - Position is Open Gunny SGT. - Position is Open SGT. - Davidbowiefan Corporal - Position is Open Private

Gallandro darthhamos AresMars Tel'mec helljumper51 MajorTyranus Jastor Ordonus

Jedi Order

"Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age"

Hail and Well Met fellow Jedi, I'm glad you are interested in our order. As we all know being a Jedi is about more than a fancy sword it is a religion, It is a code, it's a privilege. Jedi are held to a higher standard then normal people and the members of this order will be as well. I expect the Jedi of this guild to show there commitment by helping other members, being active in guild business and activities and participating whenever you can.

Joining the order is simple but moving up in the ranks is not. If you are a dedicated member who is willing to help the guild or take on some responsibility please read bellow, if not I suggest you exit this thread now.


Jedi Padawans: New to the Jedi enclave the Padawan's job is to train and learn the ways of our order. Expected to be respectful to Jedi Masters and Jedi Knights.

Jedi Knights: Expected to help Jedi Padawans and newer members. In-game these will be our combat leaders and officers. We won't be able to PvP or Raid with all Jedi so sometimes we won't all be able to go. Knights have priority over Padawans.

Jedi Masters: In and out of game leaders. They will be taxed with helping run the jedi enclave and vote/participate in Jedi related discussions and polls. As long as the Jedi is of level and geared they will be the first choice for Raids and PvP groups.

There is also a Crafter's Union that is still being formed.

Additional Information

Our guild website if located in the infobox and if you wish to apply, please sign up for our forum's and create thread in the proper format for your application. http://cotf.ipbfree.com/index.php?showforum=4