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The Betrayer
02-20-2009, 11:46 PM
Lure and Conquer
[NOTE: In these fanfic, Revan won't go to the Unknown Regions to find the True Sith.]
================================================== =======

After the awarding of the Cross of Glory to Revan and his companions, a now General Revan must prepare the known galaxy for war against the True Sith.
Can Revan convince a non-believing and battle-weary universe?

Meanwhile, in the unknown regions of the world, a Sith is rising above the True Sith ranks. Praised by his superiors for his tactical abilities, the leader of the True Sith begins to consider making him Grand Leader of the True Sith invasion force.

Destinies will collide, the universe will be plunged into war. And all of these will be witnessed by you.
================================================== =======

I stand in the horizon, between Light and Dark. I stand where few others tread. Anger and love clash in my mind, in my heart and in my soul. I am gray.

"Is that what you believe, Revan?"
I flash back into reality, Darth Malak standing in front of me, saber drawn.
"Do you honestly think that I'll let you come marching here and take the Star Forge and all my power away from me, Revan? Then you are a fool."
Malak begins to advance slowly. Fear begins to grow in my heart.
"Turn back from the dark, Malak. It cares for nothing but its own existence."
Malak raises his saber in front of his face. I do the same. Malak jumps and strikes with his lightsaber on me. I parry his blow and push him with the Force. He lands on the ground unharmed.
"Power is useless, Malak, when you do not know how to use it. I say again, turn back from the dark."
"You never understood the Dark Side, Revan. You might have basked in it, you might have conquered it, but you never understood it."
With that, Malak raises his hand forward and lightning surges out. I block it with my lightsaber.
"And you really think you do, Malak? If so, you are more of a fool than I thought."
"I grow tired of this, Revan. Let us end this.
Malak begins to rush towards me. I run towards him, saber in the air. And then when my saber collided with his, it was all over.

"General Revan, are you alright?"
"Huh? Where am I?"
I open my eyes. I see an officer, a republic officer. Closer examination reveals it's a Republic admiral.
"Aboard the Republic cruiser Emissary, General. In case you've forgotten the year, it's-"
"That won't be necessary, Admiral Krat."
Krat laughed.
"More of those dreams again, General?"
"Unfortunately. How close are we to Onderon?"
"We're about to dock, General."
"Very good."

02-20-2009, 11:56 PM
That was great! I really liked it, but it was kinda short... It needs a bit more description too.

Other than that, good job!

The Betrayer
02-21-2009, 12:23 AM
Oops, forgot to add description. Added it now.

02-26-2009, 01:54 PM