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Chapter VIII: Mind, Body and Soul

"What do you mean?" Becca asked Bastila Shan. "What work must we do?"

"This Force presence," replied the Jedi Master, "centers around three Echani women called the Three Dark Sisters. They fancy themselves Sith, and like to call themselves that, but the Sith we all know and love have not accepted them into their ranks. This rejection has only fueled their rage and hatred. As payment for being forsaken by both their Jedi mistress and those who fought to see her rebuilt Jedi Order destroyed, the Sisters have turned their efforts to conquering the galaxy. They are assassins, seeking out Force Sensitve prey, especially Jedi. When the Jedi are dead, then the galaxy is theirs, and the Sith will bow to their power. Revan and I have kept close watch around the Temple for signs of the three Echani, but they have not dared to show their faces. It is your task, comrades of mine, to locate these women and subdue them." Bastila's gaze was stern and stonelike, without emotion.

"What are their names?" asked Galon. "Do you know them, Master Shan?"

"The first Dark Sister, and perhaps the mastermind, is known as Uma. That word means mind in several galactic languages, including obscure dialects of Twi'lek and Trandoshan. Uma's intelligence is known to be far higher than that of any known sentient in the galaxy. She is a specialist in traps and defenses, and also military strategy. Uma has a passion for archaeology, and that is why Jedi droid intelligence has positioned her at a remote dig site on Corellia. Seeing as how she aspires to become a Sith, it is quite possible that she is trying to find buried relics upon that world." Bastila shook her head. "A foolish expedition, in my opinion. If she wants to locate Sith artifacts, Uma would have better luck on Korriban." She frowned. "That said, Corellia is where the droids have placed her, so venture to that planet."

Jedi Master Mira raised a skeptical eyebrow. "We will if we have time. What about the other two Echani women, Master Shan? What are their names?"

Bastila seemed to sense that Mira did not trust her, and this caused a bit of irritation to creep into her voice. After all, she was the leader of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, not some serving droid who'd come to distribute snacks! "The second Sister," replied the Jedi, "is known as Tela, or body. Back when she served her mistress upon the planet of Telos, Tela was known only by the title of Handmaiden, but 'the first of many'. It was she who was reported to be the most advanced in Echani stances and combat techniques. While Uma and her other sister, Dusha, are reported to live for the hunt, Tela is known to live for the kill. We have heard substantiated comm and holovid reports about Force Sensitives being beaten to death."

Becca Solis shuddered. "Is that how she kills them? Tela, I mean?"

Bastila Shan nodded. "She kills, but without spilling a single drop of blood."

This made even the stoic Zakal look queasy. Galon Klivian, however, stiffened.

"I'll kill her," he growled, his voice fierce. "I'll hunt her, and take her down."

"Be mindful of your feelings!" chided Bastila, her face suddenly flushed. "Jedi do not take revenge, nor do they seek to kill suspects or their prisoners. Rather, they seek to redeem and reform those who have fallen to the Dark Side of the Force, whether that person realizes they have done so or not. I want Uma, Tela and Dusha captured and brought to me alive, and without a scratch on any one of them. Otherwise, I will be quite displeased."

"What if we have to kill one of them?" asked Zakal. "What if they leave us no choice? Sometimes suspects don't surrender, and we have to fight to the death." She hated to sound disrespectful, but that possibility did exist.

"That is an unfortunate reality we Jedi must accept," replied Bastila. "If any one of the Three Dark Sisters fights you and refuses to stand down once you have defeated her, then you have my permission to continue the fight until one or the other of you is slain. Hopefully, it will be the former and not the latter." She sat back, her eyes set into a grim expression of determination.

Zakal was doubtful. Something didn't feel quite right. "What about Dusha?"

"The third sister is perhaps the most dangerous," Bastila said. "Yes, Revan?"

Jedi Master Revan turned to Bastila and nodded, but he spoke nary a word.

"Dusha is the youngest of the Sisters, and the only Force Sensitive. She, when she served her mistress as a Handmaiden, was forbidden to learn the ways of the Jedi or to open herself up to the Force that sustains all life in this galaxy. However, once her mistress died, she did not continue to remain a faithful and vigilant servant of the Order. Instead, she sought to learn the way of the Sith and the mysteries of the Dark Side of the Force. Dusha may mean soul, but she herself has none. She is a complete apostate, without mercy, love, or any form of compassion. It is from Dusha that Tela learned her cruelty and Uma her cunning, not the other way around. She is rumored to have immersed herself in the Sith way of life upon Mustafar."

"What?" Becca's jaw dropped. "That almost-molten planet? Impossible!"

"Not to one who has fallen as far as she has," replied Bastila. "The Dark Side has gifted her with golden eyes and reddened skin. She is used to the heat."

"How are we supposed to go there?" asked Zakal. "The Ebon Hawk would melt as soon as it tried to land anywhere upon its surface, Master!"

"There are places where one can land," said Bastila. "Dusha has a vessel."

"She does?" asked Jedi Master Mira. "Interesting. Do you know its name?"

"No," answered Master Shan. "That is, perhaps, for you to discover. I have only heard reports of a ship, and Dusha along with it, upon Mustafar." She stood, taking Master Revan's hand. "You have your mission. Go now, and may the Force be with you." She turned to leave, but then Bastila stopped herself just in time. "One more thing. The Three Dark Sisters were originally servants and Handmaidens of a Jedi Master known as Atris. She was the only living member of the Jedi Council, until she was mercilessly slain in cold blood."

"Who was Atris' killer?" asked Galon. "Should we search for her as well?"

"Indeed," said Bastila. "Bring me a middle-aged exile named Tysyacha Dvyx."

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I like this idea of a lightside Revan and darkside Exile. This establishes an interesting conflict, but leaves the reader with only an idea of what is to be expected. Grammar and writing style were excellent as they were dynamic when you wanted to portray an event or character's state of mind.

Really liked the mind,body,soul symbolism you used for the Handmaiden and sisters. This is an original plot from my perspective and look forward to the next update.

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I am truly honored to have you read this series, Yuthura, and I must say your own fix are quite excellent in and of themselves. :) Unexpected twists are sure to come...;)

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Very great...I love the progress...keep it up!

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