View Full Version : Kotor II The Sith War

02-25-2009, 06:49 PM
Hello again people. I have currently droped my Kotor Unleashed mod for a short time. And I have started on a new project, I plan on doing something a bit smaller this time.

For one this is going to just be some new add in for kotor 2 it will still be the sam story line but, with a few tweaks. All I ask for are some moddelers that could help me with this mod. I can mannage the rest. All I really need is someone that can model bodies and that coul help out. I want to try and remake the movie tunics that were made for Kotor, and make them for kotor 2. I would like to see if a female version could be done as well.

I would reveal more about the mod but no spoilers, except maybe one. you might just get to meet up with a old Jedi Friend, who i will not say but i would really like to recruit or more modilers for this mod. So please post if you wish to help, you will be fully credited for the work you do.