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This, like most of what I've written here, is set in my alternate future. Here's a link to a basic timeline (http://lucasforums.com/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=55). This is how Komad got taken into Sith captivity for six months.

Jedi Council Chambers, Coruscant, 90.5 ABY
"Though the Sith have certainly weakened since Dar Bodonawieedo's capture, their presence remains strong on a number of Outer Rim Worlds. We've recently received a request for reinforcements from Commander Jor Doneeta on Dantooine, which seems reasonable enough, considering that our numbers there are dwindling, and it's a system we cannot afford to lose." Grand Master Hethra Iazoki informed the rest of the Jedi Council, pointing to areas on a holographic projection of the Outer Rim in the middle of the chamber. Komad Kaltas' lekku perked up at the mention of Jor. The two of them were very good friends, they had been more than that once, but that had ended on good terms, and if one of them needed help, the other would be there.

"I know Commander Doneeta well; he's an old friend of mine. With the exception of myself, he doesn't exactly trust Jedi. Perhaps I should go as well, in order to better the Republic's chances there." He suggested.

"I agree with Master Komad. There are no Jedi currently stationed there, and would certainly help troop morale." Codi Nalual, a Togruta Jedi Master commented, remembering his own unpleasant experience working with Jor.

"It's settled then. Komad will take a battalion of Republic Guardsmen to Dantooine." Hethra stated, motioning for the other Council members to leave.

Jedi Temple Hangar, Coruscant, 3 hours later
She was a Rodian, he was half-Human and half-Twi'lek. They were both Jedi, but she had been a smuggler before she met him. By anyone's standards, they were an unusual couple, but the feelings Komad and Greea had for one another were indistinguishable from those of a more typical married couple. Perhaps it was because of the differences in their species that she didn't know sooner, but now that she knew for sure, she'd have to tell him. Greea quickly spotted her husband about to board an ATT in the hangar.

"Before you go, there's something important that I need to tell you." She said, attempting to explain, but to no avail.

"It'll have to wait, dear. Give me something to look forward to, if it's good news." Komad replied, kissing her on the cheek.

"It is. May the Force be with you, my love." Greea said, and watched as her husband boarded the ATT, and left the Jedi Temple.

Republic Star Destroyer Guardian, in orbit above Dantooine, 12 hours later
In the ship's hangar, Komad spoke to the higher ranking Guardsmen about the plan before leaving for the planet. "I'll head down first and make contact with Commander Doneeta. Continue preparing the landing craft, and wait for my signal." He told them. "Yes, sir." One of the captains replied. Komad then stepped into his X-38, and veered out of the Star Destroyer's hangar.

Republic Base, Dantooine
Komad's fighter touched down safely at the Republic Base on Dantooine, and he quickly noticed how few Republic Guardsmen were there. However, that did not stop their Twi'lek Commander from greeting Komad warmly as he stepped out of the fighter.

"It's been a long time, Komad." Jor said to him, a smile on his face. "Far too long, my friend." Komad replied, hugging Jor. "You're weren't kidding about needing reinforcements." He then commented. "The Sith's forces were much larger than we had anticipated. We lost a lot of good men and women trying to take them down." Jor explained. Komad then pressed a button on his communicator, believing it would sent his signal back to the Guardian. "Reinforcements should be here shortly." Komad told him. He then saw a TIE Wraith fly over the base, followed by three more.

"We'd be slaughtered if we attempted a direct retaliation against them." Jor told him. "It would be best if we waited in the barracks for reinforcements. They're fortified enough to keep the Sith out."

"I agree. We can only hope they get here in time." Komad replied.

Republic Barracks, Dantooine, 3 hours later
"Reinforcements should have arrived by now." Komad commented, noticing the scared looks on the soldiers' faces.

"They're not coming at all." Jor told him, dreading the rest of what he would have to say.

"Excuse me? I sent the signal to the Guardian just after you explained the situation." Komad retorted.

"Yes, but I set up a jamming device around the base, blocking all communications and radar." Jor explained, revealing his betrayal.

"Why are you doing this?" Komad inquired, not sure what would motivate Jor to betray him like this.

"Darth Mortis offered me a fortune to bring you to her. I always loved you, Komad. I'm sorry." Jor replied, feeling some remorse for what he had done.

"Odd way to show it, and I'm sorry too." Komad responded, having trouble believing what he was hearing. Then, two Death Guards, Darth Mortis' Elite Stormtroopers, broke down the door, and upon seeing their black armour, Komad realised his situation was even more grim than he thought. Against Death Guards, even the best of the Jedi were powerless. One of them then pointed his DC-58 blaster rifle at Komad.

"Come with us, half-breed, if you want to live." He said in an emotionless and chilling voice. Having no other choice, Komad got up, and starting walking out, along with Jor. The other Death Guard then fired a number of explosives into the room, killing the rest of the Republic Guardsmen.

"I want my money." Jor told one of the two Death Guards. "Lady Mortis told me to tell you that dead men don't care about credits." The Death Guard explained to him. "What do you-" Jor tried to ask before the Death Guard shot him right between the eyes. He then rejoined the other in escorting Komad to a Sith Shuttle, taking them offworld and deeper into Sith Space.

Thus began the longest six months of the young Jedi's life.

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This is an excellent fic, Alkonium! I loved the tender scene between Komad and Greea. It reminded me of Han and Leia, or even Anakin and Padme Amidala, before Anakin turned to the dark side and became Vader. I was also heartbroken at Jor's betrayal of Komad, and I wasn't all that surprised when the Sith betrayed him. I think Jor should have known better than to trust a Sith's promise, but then again, "even the Sith prefer servants to corpses." Why did the Sith think Jor was valuable enough to bait the trap, but not valuable enough to stay in their service? I wonder...I also wonder how Greea will react!

Hopefully, she'll attempt a rescue. That's what I would do if I were her! :) 8.5/10

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About the Sith killing Jor, they lied about the money, which was being put toward something much more important. And about Greea trying to rescue Komad, I never said that she didn't, though it's unlikey for two reasons. One, most of the Republic believes Komad to be dead. Two, she wouldn't have the slightest idea where to look.

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Excellent work, Alkonium!! It definately expands the universe of the RP as well!! Good work, and I'm hoping for more!:D

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Nice piece o' work you got there. Post more soon!